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Paranormal Appreciation @ Binarian connection

Updated on July 5, 2016

July 5th, 2001, 11:11 am. [070050020011111]

{Based on a True Story}

It was a wonderful day of that 5th of July, 2001. A typical hot summer, pre 911. Wife was doing the laundry at the nearest Laundromat -- barely two blocks away from home. I can smell the Clorox and the customers talking as I leave for an oil change. A shadow sits on top of me as I write these lines, huh?

That was her way out from home and an outlet for her pregnancy issues. She wasn't moody or expecting any "unpredictable event." Wish we could predict the future for horrible situations. But this is real life... and no happy endings like in the movies.

A few minutes later she calls home and, yes, yes... almost in tears tells me that..."she is ready!" She felt as though our baby was willing to see this world on this fifth of the month; kicking strongly for his LIFE and yes, meaning business!!

"Yes sweetheart! I think today is your day," I said. "He just missed the fireworks!" This future football player was ready to make the biggest touch down in his 8 1/2 months of life. "Oh God, no she didn't! Was this going to be the best day of my life?" I said to myself after I hanged up the phone, looking for my car keys and cell phone.


July 5th 2002 [0705002002]

Fast forward, 12 months later...

My older Son, who was seven, was on front yard, ready to let go a dozen of air balloons with the words, "happy birthday, Quentin!" I joined him immediately, just in time to wave goodbye to those eluding balloons, finding their way up. Balloons? What's happening here?

Fast forward 14 years later. [0511002016]

Is May 11, 2016. All of a sudden I see back in my mind sequential moments with vivid colors. All the changes that happened to our family: I'm in my room, alone, and writing about that experience. Words come and go... as I type.

My ex wife is 340 miles away now, with my older son who is 22. Unfortunately, we are divorced and living our separate lives. Financial distress made things worse. But, we are survivors above all.


JULY 5TH 2001 -- DELIVERY ROOM [070500111002001]


The doctor proceeds to wash up the feeble body. He looks tense though. He cleans his hands, leaves immediately. "Nurse, take over... apply lidocaine spray to the C-section..."

Waiting room

The specialist steps in. In plain English: the first words that the gynecologist said to me were, "so sorry Mr. De Cross, her placenta detached and... the abruption..." I interrupted him... I was shocking myself... and walked away toward the nearest window, pulling my hair out!

"What? No, no!!. This is a nightmare, please! please!! NOO!!"

"Yes sir, these things happen, Mr. De Cross. Remember that her blood pressure was a delicate issue for this critical 3rd trimester... On a positive note, your wife is safe. Though, she is still sleeping... and please understand, we will have to break the news to her somehow," finished the Doctor with his words slashing my hopes.

An echo of unforgivable death surrounded me. I felt like I was inside this cold crater in distant Pluto. This little thing was eight months and a half... and... and we thought, as any one of us, that he was kicking his way out, with honors, into his graduation... of life.

Are you there?


The Signs [1207002002]

December 7, 2002. My wife and myself tried one more time for another baby, and on a very memorable and infamous day, our next NEW baby decides to come into this world. It was a boy. In our own way, we had to patch hurting memories of despair. Yes, we were giving ourselves a second chance in life. She wanted so bad, so... so bad, a little girl; the one that she prayed for since she was a youngster.

The thing is, I never told my wife that I had 11 uncles and one aunt. As a common sense move, We named him after the baby we lost two years before. And you thought everything was okay right?. In the summer of 2003, Quentin was diagnosed with PDD (pervasive developmental disorder or aspergers). A non severe case of Autism.

Were we supposed to handle this extra bonus from life? How come did Quentin love to blow balloons and let them go into the open sky? How come today he knows so much about computers, perhaps better than any of us?.

The first words that he (Quentin) managed to say were: "daddy," and "talk to you later." When I went to see my kids on that fourth of July, 2011. Quentin was glad to see me as well. That day he pulled me to his computer to show me something. On the screen there were three numbers eleven, and curiously next to them their binary counterpart: '1011', which I recognized myself since I took Calculus in college, back in my early twenties.


"What about 2011? And yes, yes, you are absolutely right Quentin, eleven is one plus one... I see it son." Then he recites these words vigorously: "eleven, eleven, eleven. A warning from heaven."

My ex wife also got interested. "What was he saying, Joe?" she asked. Quentin showed up with three balloons already hand printed with the number eleven in each.

I said, "Janet? doesn't he have some kind of ESP or precognition abilities?" She brought the Bible and opened it on Mark 13.

"Probably he inherited some of my abilities too. I was reading this paragraph about, 'those great buildings that shall be thrown down', over and over the night before September 11, 2001. Do you remember?" I, kind of flabbergasted, agreed. He grabbed my right hand and pulled me again, and took me out to the front yard of our apartment.

Like a ritual which we know so well, he let the balloon fly up into the air. He smiled and applauded saying a 'Bravo!, yeah!' with the sweetest smile you could ever imagine. My older Son who was at the park returned on time to see us do our 'deliverance' and quietly, myself got emotional.



JUNE 2011


My stepson who was in Iraq, happened to send us an email telling us that his life was in danger the day before. He almost got killed by one of those 'infidel' snipers.

One of his comrades, who was in charge of looking for those dangerous snipers fell asleep, and almost sent my stepson to heavens for his imprudence.

My stepson's buddy, or comrade, begged him not to tell their Senior Division Commander to avoid one of those dishonorable discharges, and most likely a martial court hearing. What really surprised us is that my stepson told us that... a strong weird voice from nowhere told him to jump out of his convoy Humvee, saving his life and other 5 fellow soldiers.


At the end of his email he wrote: "P.D. I will be back home on November the eleventh, two thousand and eleven, on Veterans' Day.

How we could we explain this? Was this incident related to a warning from Heaven? The only thing left for us, was to pray for him, and pay attention to little Quentin who knew more that we thought. Speechless!

Update: Quentin is doing better and is 13.


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  • CMCastro profile image

    Christina M. Castro 18 months ago from Baltimore,MD USA

    Heroism is in the soul of this writer because all of these children have someone to look up to, even if they are far away. A father is a strong role you play, Lord De Cross, and your heart is deep. I am so glad that you offer hope to your family no matter what they have been through.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Hello there Hear me,

    Yes! You gotta be there and feel the moment. But what you read is 100% true. Is amazing how women react to this hub, especially when they are actual moms. Thanks again Hear me!


  • Hear Me profile image

    Hear Me 6 years ago from Somewhere in Florida

    Wow...I am touched by this piece. I can never imagine losing a child. Knowing that another child is facing such danger overseas could only be overwhelming and heavy to your heart. My your son return home safe and sound.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Hi there, truthfornow,

    Your comments are very appreciated and welcomed. There is not much to say..Is a true story and will never be forgotten. Thanks a lot!


  • truthfornow profile image

    truthfornow 6 years ago from New Orleans, LA

    Amazing story and love the picture. The picture is what drew me into reading this hub. And, I am glad to have stopped by and read your beautiful words.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Hi Victoria,

    was away from the hub. You know, this hub was written in July but was edited for friends that eventually became part of Lord's life. And you are an example. This hub, as you said is particular...real life ans real feelings. Thanks for your comments and..oh well, you said it better... Thanks again Victoria!


  • Victoria Lynn profile image

    Victoria Lynn 6 years ago from Arkansas, USA

    Lord--I'm writing from the homepage now. I can't get anything to work on the actual hub. I loved your hub. The depth, the sadness, and still the thread of hope that persisted. I hope your stepson returns safely on 11/11/11. And was the picture an actual one you took? with the footprint? Wow. The picture is what drew me to your hub. That's the gist of the comments I made, but I'm sorry the votes I gave you were lost, too. Very special hub.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for the "warning" but It never made it to this capsule. Other fellow hubbers told me the same thing...some even got their whole hub erased...luckly thei fellow hubber had a copy in Word. Anyways thanks for your words..!


  • Victoria Lynn profile image

    Victoria Lynn 6 years ago from Arkansas, USA

    I left feedback on this, Lord. Where did they go? This happened on another hub, as well. Do you see them on your hub?

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Thanks for your feedback Carol. Sometimes true stories can overcome reality.

  • profile image

    carol 6 years ago

    Is so deep about to cry ,I think is so important that we learn how to handle the situation. i like this true story.