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Visions: Blessings & Belief & Victory!

Updated on March 21, 2016

I am Blessed Because I Believe!

December 23, 2015 @ 9:00 pm

I was sitting alone on a park bench at the Lake this evening. No wind could be felt and the trees around me were still and showing no movement. I put on my music, closed my eyes and I began to pray. Gusts of wind came from out of nowhere and this strong breeze blew very hard on my face. I assumed it was natural wind coming from the lake until it came even harder against my face. It felt strangely as if I was standing in a long ago hurricane wind from long ago. The force seemed to feel unnatural to my senses. I opened my eyes and raised my focus towards the trees. They were not moving, yet still this powerful, great wind was blowing in my face and swirling around my head. I said "God this is you" as I closed my eyes smiling and continued to pray.

What was I praying, as I spoke my words out loud before this great wind showed up? I was asking the Lord to shut the mouths of all the liars and fakers who speak from the delusions of their own minds because I have tried my very best to tell my awesome testimony of THE KING, YESHUA for seven long years and have gone unheard by others.

"Then said he to me, Prophesy to the wind, prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind, Thus said the Lord GOD; Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe on these slain, that they may live."

I cried and spoke to him out loud. 'Please Father God, through your beautiful Son Yeshua! Please! I have given you seven years walking alone with you, and though I am so weak and torn down and broken spirited at times over this, I have never stopped speaking your name and never stopped believing on you. May I please! PLEASE! please! May I please have my testimony to give to the world who so badly needs you?"

He WILL show His Glory

I believe that He is going to show His Glory and His miracles and He is going to shine favor on my face just as He has promised me long ago. He is going to finish filling me with this amazing fullness of his Power and light and vibration of such good and He is preparing me to give my testimony of YESHUA THE MESSIAH to all of you.

Oh, I wish I could share all of these amazing things and show you that I am just like you. I have done nothing to earn this mercy and these gifts from Yeshua. I do not know why He chose me. I am not anybody to have had these gifts bestowed on me. I can hardly understand it myself.

How do I explain to others when I do not have a full explanation of our GLORIOUS KING JESUS and all the things that He does. I am no better than anyone, and I am full of such happiness and pure joy over these things. I want so badly to meet people in person and tell them my testimony of Jesus so that they may have this great hope in Him as well. He is surely alive! I know it is Him! My mind does not have the capacity to understand His ways but they are HIS ways and I will accept that His ways are on His time and not my own.

His ways are spectacular! Fabulous! AMAZING! Oh so mysterious and supernatural.

Victory & My Pure White Car

"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean."

I had a prophetic dream on September 15, 2015 of my convertible and it was no longer silver but brought out from a garage and it was PURE WHITE! The interpretation of the car is representing me; now painted white, pure and shiny and it was being taken out of garage, from a very long garaged and hidden resting place. I am 'anew' and prepared for victory! I had also received the information of the words "whitewashed' and this is interpreted as false IDOLS and people's whitewashed beliefs.

This vision has surely told me again that I am going to claim my VICTORY!


This prophetic vision may seem to be short and silly to some, especially the naysayers who say that this is not God and they do not understand what I experience in the spiritual. But I have to say that this short vision was so POWERFUL to me that I thought I would reveal it in this hub of VICTORY visions! For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear the words of God, this vision is of huge importance to that one special church, only one.

Prophetic Vision of The One Specific Church
December 19, 2015

I could hear a voice but I was not allowed to see anything. Thus my concentration be focused on only the conversation that was taking place. This great voice was the voice of an Angel of God's and He was speaking in regards to only one church down here! This Angel was speaking of the goodness of this one particular church. The Angel was rejoicing over this one particular church, and how they were very good in the eyes of the Lord. The church of Philadelphia!
End of Vision

The "Church of Philadelphia" I believe to be the 144,000. Who are the 144,000? The FIRST FRUITS! They are New Jerusalem with The Bride & Bridegroom. Not the church, as many seem to want to falsely teach and believe. Are they the elect? Yes.

What do we know of the elect? They are predestined from the beginning. They are the "chosen" to do God's will.

They are sealed by an angel of God...
They are specially selected from the tribes of Israel.... They stand on Mount Zion with "a Lamb"...They Have the Father's name written on their foreheads...They sing a new song no one else can sing...They are redeemed from the earth...They are called "virgins" and they are not defiled with women.

This does not mean SEXUAL VIRGINS! This means SPIRITUAL VIRGINS! They are not defiled by the corrupted churches, they are not defiled and following false prophets, they are not defiled by false teachings, they KNOW the Words of God and they are PURE

I found this to be very interesting because I do know that the church of Philadelphia is not within 4 walls. Are those from the church of Philadelphia the elect? I have so many questions that still have not been answered.

Are you one of the victorious 144,000?

Victory of God Shalom Sinai

3/14/11 VISION

I hear Jesus speak to me in prayer.

"I will call you. Shalom Sinai."

At first I thought it was one sentence but later realized that it is not. This was two specific sentences that were given to me. I was not good at history nor geographical things at the time that I had this vision.

Sinai? The region. Shalom? A person? A blessing? Peace? I just wait and see what Jesus is going to do with this all. Could this mean after 'peace in Sinai' has happened...I will be called? I am not sure. I only know what I heard!

It has been years since I had this vision, and today I do know what this means. These words are interpreted exactly as they were said to me long ago. Two very specific sentences.

"I will call you." This was interpreted as God will call me forward. It will not be of my power but of His power.

"Shalom Sinai." This was interpreted as the "Peace Treaty" of Israel being signed. The season and time is at that time. The 70th week of Daniel. Sinai is interpreted as the Mountain of Sinai. Moses mountain, the mountain of "transfiguration."

A Crown of Beauty & Victory

The Angel of God Who Showed Me My Victory

The Vision of Victory

June 24, 2011

I fell asleep after having a strong heaviness come over me. This often happens when I am given a vision from the Lord. An angel of God appeared to me on my right. I could not see this angel but I could feel him.

He showed me in what seemed to look to me as rocks floating in the air, atoms of information were placed in front of me. I could actually 'see' the knowledge and it was contained as if inside these strange atoms. The information was of a specific case that I had been on and dealing with. I was shown the start to the finish of this particular case, and I could understand all of the knowledge that was being shown to me and surprisingly all at once in this very important case.

I smiled as I looked at the fantastic ending of this case, and I acknowledged that it was great news, a huge thumbs up and I felt delighted and happy to see justice prevail. As soon as I had received this message of awesome news, it was swiftly concealed from me. The knowledge was taken away by this great presence next to me. These atoms of information were placed behind a barrier of a wall. I could not see the wall but I knew it was there.

I watched the hand of this angel messenger come out of nowhere and swipe his hand from left to right across the middle of the wall. As the angel's hand moved quickly to the right side of this wall, the information was closed off to me-completely sealed. I stood there staring at these floating rock-like atoms behind this barrier and wondering how he did that. The detailed information which was placed there for me to see and read was quickly snatched from me! Every juicy nugget of private information about this specific man, people and this case, years and years of information was gone!

I woke up from this vision in shock. What did I remember? Everything that I wrote above. No matter how much I tried to remember anything else it was futile, just as futile as it was standing in front of that invisible barrier wall. I thank the Lord for this angel messenger that He sent to me because little did I know that this case would last seven painful years. Each time I feel discouraged or beat down from the wickedness which tries to find a place in my house and tries to stick one foot in my door, this particular vision always gives me so much strength. I have been holding on to this vision, this beautiful message from God and it has helped me to continue marching in victory. Even when my worldly eyes do not see such promise, my spiritual eyes show me enough promise that I must believe. He says justice will be done and so I believe and wait for Him to fulfill the ending of His story. I have seen the ending and the Lord showed me that the Victory is mine through Him alone and I know that this victory is already won.

The Only Power

There is Power In The Blood!

Prophetic Vision of the Blood of Jesus on Me!
December 29, 2015

In a flash similar to the catapults that I feel when I have visions I was taken to an unknown place down here yet this one was quite unique. I was shocked to be observing myself outside of my body. The Lord was allowing me to watch myself and as this happened, I was reminded of a vision that I had from many years ago. In that vision I was allowed to see myself in a meadow with magnificent, jeweled Angel wings. The sky had opened up and the Lord's amazing Light had been shined on my face in favor.

He now has allowed me to see myself walking alone on a street in the late evening and it was raining. The rain is interpreted as the 'Latter rain' to me. The darkness was great and I saw a very dark hole in the ground. There were immense and very bad feelings from this hole in the ground. I interpreted this as the 'abyss' being opened.

As soon as I realized what this hole was, I quickly threw my hands up in the air, my arms shaped as a victory sign and I yelled out with great power and authority of Jesus inside me.


Yes! The blood of Jesus is most powerful! If I could share anything about this vision that is of the greatest importance it would be the "Blood of Jesus." Please remember that whatever happens down here, to firstly proclaim the blood of Jesus over yourself and your family. There is great power in the blood but you must use it, speak it out over the darkness and watch because your victory is there in that power. It is all of His power and none of our own but He has given us authority to squash the devil under our feet. The answer to how is in the Power of His blood only.

Shalom, JG


Matthew 9:20 "Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak."

My personal Journal entry on August 28, 2014

I had been hit so many times in the face, forehead and mouth due to these spiritual attacks that my bridge had gotten knocked out one evening at work. I had been guided to a wonderful dentist in Texas to perform this major dental work. I left the office after the surgery, completely numbed from a great amount of Novocaine. As it just began to wear off, I started to feel this excruciating pain from my oral surgery of multiple extractions, bone grafting inside my upper jaw and stitches.

I panicked because I realized that I would have a struggle with this pain if the Novocaine was just starting to disappear and I was already in this type of pain. I drove quickly back down to the pharmacy and picked up pain medication. I hate taking any pills but without a doubt I was going to have to make an exception on this one and I knew it!

As i stood at the kitchen sink running water into a cup and getting ready to take this pain pill when out of nowhere my pain mysteriously stopped abruptly. The pain did not linger away and dissipate but instead just mysteriously disappeared. It was as If a sword had sliced it away with one swipe. I stood at the kitchen sink in pure delight and amazement!

“Miss Daisy... pain is completely gone. Poof! Gone! I am pain free! How can this be? MY PAIN IS COMPLETELY GONE!" I screamed out! How can this be? I laughed hysterically, and I said, "I know how! Jesus!" I was mind blown and shaking from the Lord's amazing miracle and I was so thankful for not having to take this pill nor feeling this type of pain and I did not feel one little-itty-bitty bit of pain after that moment.

I stood silent in amazement and in awe thinking of Yeshua and his mighty hand on me! Miss Daisey reached over and touched my hand only to jump away quickly, yelling out and rubbing her body all over. “I touched your hand and something came out and went up my arm and then through me! I have ‘Hoozy-whatzies!” Miss Daisy was still jumping around in hysteria, as I explained that I had felt nothing of what she had felt nor any feeling of anything coming from my hand. I stared at her again in pure amazement.

I only know that the “Holy Spirit” which had been resting on me had taken away this very horrible pain and somehow it was transferred to her when she placed her hand on me. I thought of Yeshua walking through the crowds and a woman had touched him and His “Power” went out of him. Yeshua had asked who had touched him.That always makes me giggle because of course He is God, he already knew who touched him! I was thinking deeply about this scripture as I stood staring wide eyed at Miss Daisy with my mouth biting down on a bloody gauze.


As Jesus was on his way, the crowds almost crushed him. And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years, but no one could heal her. She came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak, and immediately her bleeding stopped.

“Who touched me?” Jesus asked.

When they all denied it, Peter said, “Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you.” But Jesus said, “Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.”Then the woman, seeing that she could not go unnoticed, came trembling and fell at his feet. In the presence of all the people, she told why she had touched him and how she had been instantly healed. Then he said to her,

“Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”



“All I have is blood seeping from my mouth but no pain whatsoever! This is so amazing!” She responded back speaking of the woman in the Bible with blood issues. "What did you just say Miss Daisey? How incredibly amazing Yeshua is because I was just thinking about this!" Again, I stood there in amazement of what Yeshua had just done. I have no other explanation but Him and I know it was Him! Yes, my faith is GREAT! Within an hour there was no blood either and I never used another piece of gauze. It completely stopped seeping and bleeding! Thank you Lord!

My post op checkup the next morning was just as shocking to the Doctor as she stared at me in amazement at what I was telling her. She was stunned at my vibrancy and restored health, as I happily told her, “I could have went out dancing last night!” The healing had begun in my mouth, and she said that she had never seen anything like this. She called her assistant in as well as she explained the procedures which were done on me. She stood with her hands over her mouth in shock. She commented that most people can not do nothing for almost a week because of the excruciating pain. As her hands came down from her mouth, her eyes were large and she said "God" in amazement. "Yes, Jesus!" I said. She had a strange look on her face as she told me that I didn't have to come back on Wednesday for another post op check up since I was already healing and that I was getting the okay to travel. Another miracle from the Lord! I see them, I experience them and he allows others to see them as well! Amazing! Our God is amazing!

I was laying in the sunshine on Saturday afternoon praying as I heard the Holy Spirit say ”GO! GO NOW!" What? I was planning to stay a few more weeks to earn some extra cash and I am not even packed. What? I closed my eyes as I heard Him again. This was more than a nudge, it was a clear shove…"GO NOW. BEFORE 6 pm.”

I literally said “Yeshua, I am so sorry to say this because I feel that this is you speaking loudly but I really do need a confirmation on this one.” I was baffled at the abrupt change in my plans and as quick as I asked for a confirmation-it came!

The outside radio went into the next song and as the words met my ears, my spirit heard it LOUD & CLEAR.

“It was early morning yesterday..I was up before the dawn. I really have enjoyed my stay but I must be moving on.”

I jumped up and went inside to start packing, and yes, I was gone before 6pm. I obeyed even if I didn't understand. The moral here is to always listen and obey God even if you do not understand. He knows it all and He will move you but you must listen and obey!


After driving from Grapevine Texas to Florida, I arrived home and walked through the door with my suitcase on September 1, 2014. I sat on my wedding bed speaking to my husband when his GPS sitting on the dresser-unplugged unexpectedly spoke!


I raised my arms in VICTORY! We laughed at the strangeness of the GPS words and more so how it could speak without even being plugged in! My husband was shocked by it! I was not because I know how! I see the Lord do amazing things! His miracles are everywhere! I believe and I have great faith!

About a week after this incident the Ebola virus was found in the very area, a five mile radius of where I was living in Texas. I thought that this was why He made me go quickly that day. Later we laughed and cried after my husband flipped over our divorce papers for our marriage license only to see that the very day I walked through the door "September 1, 2014" was the very day that the divorce was finalized "September 1, 2006. Amazing! All of these spiritual experiences that my husband has seen and experienced with me(much more than just this) has found him with Jesus and saved! Thank you Jesus! He is my King!

February 3, 2016


February 3, 2016

The Lord had spoken to me today after I was thanking Him for all of the revelation He has been giving me on scripture. He had told me something yesterday specifically and personally to watch for but I had gotten busy and I had forgotten. When He revealed it to me yesterday I was shocked and mortified that I had forgotten to 'watch for it.' "This is what you were telling me to watch for and I got busy and I didn't watch for it as you had asked me to...right Lord?" That was a big YES.

He spoke to me again today after I had prayed and I had asked Him a very personal question. He told me again to "watch for it" and that it would come tonight. He also told me not to forget this time. I promised I would not. I was out this evening and I received many blessings in the financial department. I was heading back to my vehicle when another vehicle pulled in right next to me. I laughed and said "This is what I was to watch for isn't it? I know it is! Oh thank you Lord! Thank you for this answer!" I took a picture of it because I was so excited by His answer! This is the "Pure White Convertible" that the Lord showed me coming out of my hidden garage. My testimony and my huge blessings are coming from the Lord! My VICTORY! My VICTORY in Christ Jesus!

"The Joy of the Lord is my strength!"

Another "Pure White Convertible showed up in the very exact spot in front of my car in March of 2016! I was delighted to see it and I knew what this meant! Two times from the King means prophecy is sealed! My blessings and Jesus's miracles are coming! How awesome is that!


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