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Still running behind the fake Gurus?

Updated on May 29, 2016

Statutory Warning

Let me be very that I am not an Atheist. I believe that there is some super power called God or the ultimate Creator. I love and respect all the religions and I am not against any particular religion. What I am against is blind faith. Blind faith on the self proclaimed spiritual leaders across the world who claim to have achieved the right to guide the people to the path of virtue.

My attempt here is to show the real face of these so called great souls. Let me also take the opportunity of clarifying that not all gurus or leaders can be measured in the same scale. There are some who are really great souls and do go out of their way to help others. And I eternally salute them and have greatest of regards towards them.

Why do we search for a Spiritual Leader?

It is become a trend to follow a spiritual leader and listen to their discourse. Nine out of ten people are followers of some spiritual leader. They are so submerged in the teachings and lectures that they forget themselves and devote their entire life towards the so called gurus. They feel that all the success that they have achieved in their lives are because of their spiritual leaders. Some even go to the extent of forgetting their duties towards their families.

What is it that attracts us to these leaders? Why do we not question their past? Why are we not ready to listen anything negative about them? In a nutshell what makes so possessive about them?The simple answer to all these questions is that they are able to show us that life is not as complex as we think it is. They are able to show us simple ways of attaining happiness. They are able to make us live life again.

Is that all they do? If that is what they help us do to get back our life in track then where are we going wrong? Let us look at the various ways in which we go wrong and what they do to help us get back in track.

Our daily routine- the root of the problem

Let us first understand the root of the problem. For that we need to take out some time, just five minutes, out of our so called busy schedule. We need to do some self introspection. Do you remember the old saying” Early to bed and Early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”? This was taught to us in school. How many of us follow it? Leave alone following it , how many of us reiterate it to our children? Frankly speaking the answer is “NO ONE”. We have forgotten the importance of having a healthy living. Our day starts late because we go to bed late, and why do we go to bed late that is because we don’t wake up early in the morning. It is all a retro affect. Waking up late ensures that we are not able to complete our work in time . Hence that results in extra hours being put to get our job completed. Which makes us stay late hours at night. When someone is told about it it is laughed off but when the same thing is told by a self proclaimed spiritual guru in a stylish way then it is followed by thousands as if a great secret has been unearthed by that person.

Eating Habits- The next biggest problem

Have we ever thought as to why we face problems like, Hypertension, Sugar, obesity and all the other diseases at a young age? All of these are related to our eating habits. We have stopped eating to live. Instead we have started living to eat. That means we are giving more importance to our taste buds. We are more inclined towards fast food than healthy food. The reason given is no time to sit and eat. But that is not a reason, instead an excuse. So when we suffer from all these unwanted problems we go to a spiritual leader to show us the way and he or she guides us towards a healthy living by showing us the importance of having a stapled balance diet.

Last but not the least- Pray to God

There was a time when we used to visit temples, church, mosques frequently. Our parents taught us the virtue of regular prayers. But without even our knowledge we started running after a fast paced life where we didn’t have time to do these so called old fashioned activities. Praying became old fashioned mundane activity. We started challenging the mere existence of God and started proving the scientific reason for everything existing around us. We started running behind artificial happiness. And as time flew we started realizing that we are running behind an abstract. We lost our happiness and our peace of mind. So we started searching for people who could guide us back to happiness and peaceful living. We found the spiritual leaders who showed us the importance of praying and the importance of simple living. Something which we already knew but forgot was taught to us again.

Time for a Change

It is high time we made those very basic but very important changes in our lives. Make our life and way of living simple. Listen to our elders. Love ourselves. Do no harm to others. And more importantly stop running the rat race. Once we start following these simple yet affective steps we will find that we won’t need such self proclaimed spiritual leaders to guide us to the path of a happy and satisfied life.

I know that we have made our life so complicated that it is hard to adopt simple changes in our life. It is high time we started unwinding or else we will be like the dear who runs behind the beautiful smell desperately searching for it all around the jungle without knowing the fact that it is coming from it's own belly.


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    • Siva222 profile imageAUTHOR

      Chandrashekhar Siva 

      3 years ago from Chennai

      Thanks Al

    • word55 profile image

      Al Wordlaw 

      3 years ago from Chicago

      Okay Siva, your point is better understood. Thank you!

    • Siva222 profile imageAUTHOR

      Chandrashekhar Siva 

      3 years ago from Chennai

      I never meant to say that one should be judged by his or her past. To err is human. The famous Epic in hindu culture called Ramayana was written by Valmiki who was once a Dacoit. So situations can change people. What i mean to say here is do we really need to follow spiritual gurus to learn the basics of life which our parents already taught us? Simple living peaceful living. Or are we just doing the so called "in thing" by trying to follow these spiritual leaders as that has become a fashion and end up screwing our lives.

    • word55 profile image

      Al Wordlaw 

      3 years ago from Chicago

      Hi Siva, it's not how many of them can be trusted but which ones can be. I admire your desire to get your messages out so keep writing what's on your mind. One thing though, checking out a person's past is not what matters as much as how that person is today. Some of the worst drug addicts have turned out to be excellent pastors, preachers or ministers. The Bible says, Matthew 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?


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