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BOW, WOW; HOW can MAN be so DUMB?

Updated on October 29, 2015

Dogs lose faith in man

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BOW, WOW; HOW can MAN be so DUMB?

Normally, no sane person would sip an intoxicant with a dog, but since having an intoxicant itself is not a fully sane act, it makes not difference to your sanity whether you sip the stuff with jimmy your dog or Jim your neighbor. That's why I lay on the lawn with Jimmy, sipping that crude drink I brewed illicitly.

“Bow, Wow!” muttered Jimmy, “You are all just the same." "Who said we're not rational? say you folks are rational; .... you have brains, you can brew drinks, you can send a man to the moon, .... but can you name just one rational act of mankind after you left the forest?”

“Ha! We made the wheel,” I said with a sneer, sipping my drink.

“What's so rational about a wheel?" asked Jimmy. “The wheel takes you places, but do you go anywhere? It only displaces your center of gravity for a while, just like this drink, but soon you return to equilibrium.”

What was that? I didn’t understand Jimmy's logic.

Normally Jimmy is a sulking animal, like those African tigers, but today Jimmy sipped too heavily and was apparently drunk. Moreover, something was disturbing him.

“Well,” I smiled to Jimmy, “there’s rationality in every little thing we humans do. You wouldn’t understand because you are just an irrational dog. See our sciences, our democracies, our marriage vows, our banking systems, our nuclear energy, our universities—you just name it, everything we do is so sensible and rational.”

“Sense, my foot!" Jimmy seems irritated. "You said science? You humans will never ever understand,” screams Jimmy in irritation. “I heard your TV the other day blare about your trip to the moon. Do destroyed my pleasure of the moon. My friend Jack has never seen a TV show and doesn’t know moon is just icy rock; she still enjoys moonlight!” he sighs.

True, I thought to myself, this dog has real sense.

“Democracy? You say you choose your rulers? Slaves will never ever have sense."

Your marriage vows? Yes, your Supreme Court now agrees our views are OK; who wants your acts?

Banking? You create want where there is no want, finance where there is no finance, and misery where there is no misery. Your banks are sponsored cheats.

Universities? You sell knowledge like ready-to-fry fish. Even our South Indian dogs know that knowledge is dimensionless—not your university-packed stuff.

Religion? You burn your brothers, rape reverend sisters under state protection, slaughter brothers to save cows, and you call it religion.”

When Jimmy spoke about gods and religion, I thought it was too much. I was really angry. “Shut up,” I shouted, “What d’you know about gods?”

Normally I never shout at dogs, because dogs are just dogs. But this was getting too far.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Jimmy was in no mood to oblige. “When you go wrong it really hurts. That’s why I’m so angry today. Everything about you is wrong!”

“Do you know something?” asks Jimmy after a deep silence. “There’s only one God. You have a god and I have a god and both our gods are one and the same. Man is my god—and my god is going all wrong while your god is doing all right.......and yet there is only one god.”

This was getting too far. Why does soulless Jimmy need a god?

“The creator god, the defender god, and the spiritual god are three expressions of the true God. Your creator god is Brahma, the Father, Allah; your defender god is Krishna or Christ—both violently hanged to death on wooden structures while fighting for you. But alas! you are my god but there is only one god. When you burn your brothers to appease abstractions of gods, you burn yourself. You crucify yourself with Jesus Christ. You kill yourself with Lord Krishna; and you continue to kill, burn and rape yourselves to appease your godsakes. And you’re my god—This is very confusing, very depressing.”

Boy! This dog has stuff, I thought.

“There is no difference between my god and your god. You are my god. Man is an expression of Almighty God. The Universe is a larger expression. The moon you call a piece of rock is an atomic expression of Almighty God.

So you are my god; you are the expression of Brahma the Father through your brain; you are Shiva the Holy Spirit of life through the love generated in your heart; and you express Christ through your fight for life. You are the living father, the living son, the living spirit. Your brain expresses Brahma the Father whose breath created life as we know it, your spirit expresses Shiva the spirit through the emotions of your heart, and Jesus is a fighter for life, the defender, an expression of heavenly sacrifice epitomized in the sacrifice of the human uterus. That’s why I expect so much from you—Man, but alas!



WOW? .....

Is this real? How many pegs did I gulp down? Did I really hear my dog say something? But do I have a dog? i hate dogs.....Is this brew killing me?

O God, if ever I come out alive from this brew, I promise to live up to my dog's expectations and never ever have liquor...............................

Sensible dog
Sensible dog


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