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BP should be held responsible in more than one way

Updated on May 22, 2010

Four things BP should be responsible for

Clean up- First and foremost BP should be responsible for the entire clean up which so far they are doing a good job at it but BP should be kept under pressure by the world because this is a very serious matter that should be taken very seriously.

Fishermen's pay- The car industry had a bailout and so did the banking industry and now the fishing industry should receive a bailout at the expense of BP. This may sound stupid but the fishing industry had nothing to do with this mess and now they will lose their livelihoods as well as a boat load of cash and BP should make sure that all fishermen who are impacted by this are taken care.

Wildlife sanctuary- BP has killed off many animals or will kill off many sea creatures due to their accident so what should be done about this? It is simple, BP needs to fork over the cash and a whole lot of it at that. BP should build a sanctuary and gather up some of the sea life that will be endangered and send them off to the sanctuary. BP should also pay for workers to run the place

Tourist industry- The tourist industry will probably suffer because of this, well the tourist industry up and down the east coast thanks too the crisis that BP has caused. A lot of people will probably be cancelling vacations to the beach and a lot of small business owners who depend on tourist will suffer and it is only fair that BP be held accountable in this area too and shell out cash to the industry for ruining their business or setting them back.

Why BP should be held accountable

There are many people reading this thinking that BP shouldn’t be responsible for aiding and helping with the four things listed above but the truth is that BP made this mess and they caused it so they need to be held responsible. BP's responsibility should go far beyond just paying cleanup costs because much more is lost than the ocean such as the ocean's sea life ( a lot of animals are going or have died ), fishermen losing their livelihood and the tourist industry in some areas are going to take a big hit. It was not any of these people fault but BP's and they should be forced to pay cash out.

Gas prices going up, is it a possibilty

With all the money that BP is shelling out just for the clean up the likely hood of them doing anything else is probably very slim. With the amount of money BP is spending one has to wonder if they are going to raise gas prices and oil by a lot which many agree that BP will do just that in the future and how is this fair to anybody? If they raise oil and gas prices than BP should definitely help out in all the four areas listed throughout this article. BP has caused a major disaster and needs to be held accountable and not just receive a slap on the wrist.


Should BP pay far more than just costs of clean-up

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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 7 years ago from America

      Ok we need to stop listening to media and get the truth, BP has allready paid out tons to fisherman, then a week after recieving their first checks we see video of them fishing and hear they were trying to get an emergency law passed to allow a longer fishing season so they could make enough money to get through the next year in case the waters were closed. I call bullshit on all of this! I say the EPA should bear part of the responsibility, its their job and they should have the knowledge to take care of this. Therefore the EPA being the govt should bail out the fisherman since they can't do their job and the government should bail out BP to save thousands of jobs just like they do every other major company that gets in a bind!!!!

    • crazybeanrider profile image

      Boo McCourt 7 years ago from Washington MI

      You raise some valid questions here. This last oil spill is heart breaking to watch. It has killed many resources that may not be able to be recovered, and I wonder who and how they intend to repair the damage they have caused. All the people out of work, all the sea life that have lost their lives, not to mention lost income to the economy. I truly hope the damage can be fixed and hope BP does the right thing.