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Babies Are the Coolest People On The Planet

Updated on January 14, 2016

Why Babies Are So Cool

Has anyone ever wondered why a new born infant smiles for seemingly no reason? I have a theory which I would like to share. As Christians we know our Creator created everything in the beginning because the Bible tells us so. This tells me that we were designed from the very beginning also. Our spirits were created along with the universe awaiting the precise moment when God would give us vessels in order to exist on this world. While awaiting these vessels; or bodies, our spirits dwelled with the Creator in his presence. I like to believe that during this time we were capable of traversing the universe since there is no recognition of time outside this world.

The beginning of everything goes back billions of years yet in the spirit time is irrelevant so imagine our spirits being able to witness the birth of stars, galaxies, and planets as well as their destruction. These are awesome sights to witness. Now think of how often our spirits witness these events. I believe that at some point it becomes a normal experience to see these awesome sights especially over eons.

The spirit of a new born has spent more “time” with the Creator than it ever will while here on Earth because of the “time” factor. We can only exist on this Earth for so long because we do so in bodies made of flesh and blood. So why do they smile shortly after birth when they aren’t even aware they have lips or any other part of an anatomy? I believe it’s because of the Angelic spirits which they can still see, and not necessarily with their eyes. They have just journeyed from a place where all they have ever known are spirits and they can recognize them in this realm of existence before recognizing anything or anyone else. Think about how every living person was able to do this as well. I believe spirits often stay in a baby’s presence for weeks, months, maybe even a year after their birth or up to the point when the child begins to recognize the world around them. This I believe is why they are so very curious about everything. Once they become curious, and you can tell when this happens because they want to touch things, the world around them becomes exciting just as traveling the universe would be for an adult. That’s when the spirit realm of which they were born out of begins to appear distant due to “time”. And as we age through time the distant becomes wider. But unknowingly to us we are slowly positioning ourselves for the return to the spiritual place of existence. Which is why we all should prepare to make the transition when the time comes.

Children see things from a simple point of view. It’s when we get older when we tend to complicate things. Babies are the coolest people on the planet and if they could talk from birth we would learn a lot about not only babies but ourselves and the way our Creator designed life to be.


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