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Bagavatha Purana-Part III.

Updated on December 16, 2011

The lifting of the hill Govardan by Krishna!

Now i will try to narrate the life of the inhabitants of village Gokulam. Most of the households in Gokulam possessed cows and calf. The cow maids are known as 'gopis'. They were simple, innocent and illiterates. They tended the cows and calf, milked the cows, fed them with grass and haystack. They bathed the cows regularly and in a way it is their wealth in the form of goddess Lakshmi(goddess for prosperity). Hence in a way, they worshiped their cows just like a deity and looked after their welfare. They sold the excess milk and converted them as butter milk and churned butter. They stored the butter in small earthen pots and tied them near the roof lest some mischievous cat may eat it. But they are not aware that the child Krishna now grown into a handsome boy is more mischievous! He stealthily entered their houses when they were away, stole the butter, ate it along with his friends. In that process, some butter spilled over the floor and the gopis came to know, it is the prank of the boy Krishna. They rushed to his mother Yashoda's house and made a serious complaint about the theft of butter. When Krishna was summoned in the presence of the gopis, his mother threatened him with a stick. But Krishna feigned ignorance of the theft stating he was all along playing inside the house and never stirred out! The gopis never stomached his utter lies but they were unable to catch him red-handed.

Likewise, he was teasing the gopis many number of times. Though he troubled them, they all developed a peculiar affection to the boy Krishna. It was not human love. It was some ethereal attraction of the Divine. When they gazed at Krishna's face, they could not take their eyes from his face. He was so charming and exuding a divine love to one and all. It can not be brought under the earthly terms. When he played Divine music in his flute, all were transfixed without being aware of their surroundings.

Yashoda's husband Nandagopan was the chief of the village. All obeyed him without question. He organized the village festivals, he protected the village from outsiders. His opinion was final in all disputes. Every year a great festival and worship to the chief of demigods Indra was performed by the villagers with prayers. But when Krishna has grown up, he asked the father the significance of the worship of Indra. When every body told him, that Indra being the chief of demigods he should be propitiated without fail. But Krishna told them that they should worship the hill "govardana" instead of Indra. All agreed to the proposal. Indra came to know about the worship being planned for the hill. He was furious. He asked the god of rain to submerge the entire village with torrential pouring for many days continuously. He also commanded the wind god to blow furiously during the rain. Krishna was aware of their plan and the impending rain.

As commanded by Indra, Varuna, the rain god poured heavily on the village. People and cattle were running halter skelter. Finally, they implored Krishna to come to their rescue. Krishna lifted the hill "Govardana" with his little finger and kept it like that for a full seven days. The entire inhabitants of Gokulam and the cattle came under the Divine protection having taking shelter under the hill. Indra become furious at the turn of events but realized the greatness of Krishna. He understood that Krishna is none other than an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. He sought pardon from Krishna for his acts. From that time, the worship was conducted only to the hill! Rest in Part IV.

Krishna lifting the hill to protect the people and cattle!


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