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Bagawatam was a great epic on the episodes of Avatars of Maha Vishnu in the form of Krishna!

Updated on March 9, 2016

Sweet Little Krishna!

To get Bliss, recite the episodes of Krishna!

There is an insatiable hunger gnawing in each one, but man is unable to know the ways to satiate the deep hunger. It can not be satiated with food. This hunger is peculiar and it is to gain knowledge and wisdom about things unknown to the human mind. The mind is very efficient to seek secular knowledge. People pour over volumes of books on different subjects. The net too contains vast amount of information on every conceivable subject on earth.

Also, there is no dearth of resources on spirituality and religion on the net. You can access any book about any religion or about any sage or prophet. Only one must possess a deep desire to know things. This is the greatest advantage in the current information age.

In spite of easily available vast resources, man is utterly unhappy! Why this discontent brewing in one self? Yes, all the secular knowledge is quite incapable of granting peace or happiness in the minds of men. Also, I don’t vouch that by mere reading of spiritual texts or philosophical texts, one can become happy or peaceful. On the contrary, many doubts will start assail us. Then, what is the remedy for this discontent?

In this regard, I would like to narrate an episode from our ancient scriptures and purana. Every one here may be aware of the great sage “Vyasa”, who is the author of Mahabharata epic. It was really a monumental work by the sage. In spite of penning such holy epic, sage Vyasa was really discontent and he could not get any peace from his great work. Then, one day sage Narada happens to pass through the hermitage where Vyasa resided. He met Vyasa and enquired about his sadness. The sage openly admitted that he was not happy in spite of writing the great epic. Then Narada suggested to the sage to write the “Bagawatham” which will narrate about the various Avatars of God including that of Sri Krishna episodes. Vyasa agreed and started writing the beautiful stories of the Avatars of Lord Mahavishnu, with special emphasize on the incarnation of Krishna. Only after writing the great Bagawatham, Vyasa was content and he enjoyed an inner peace. It is due to the recitation of the leelas of Lord Mahavishnu during his many incarnations.

The above episode implies that reciting the various acts of incarnations is a great spiritual undertaking. Hence, people who followed those traditions start singing the Bagawatham and the episodes of Krishna. Even now in India, the recitation is organized in many temples and gathering at frequent intervals. Also, the films depicting those episodes are legend here. Indian culture flourishes on this great foundation. Bhajan singing has gained importance after the advent of Sri Krishna. His sacred birth and subsequent childhood in Gokulam is really the holiest period, granting much joy to his foster parents as well as to the cow maids of Gokulam. Even while selling milk, curd and butter on the streets, they forgot to name their wares. They were selling milk, shouting Krishna Krishna! Yes, their love is beyond physical level. The child Krishna was hardly five years old. Yet, without seeing him for a moment, the cow maids suffered the panging of love. It is pure love towards the Lord of creation, assumed a human form on earth. Krishna was very charming and attractive child. None could part with him, once he crosses the way. Hence the cow maids used to stand affixed on the streets without being aware of the pots on their head.

But, Krishna is the most mischievous child. He hid himself behind the trees, aimed a sure stone to hit the pots on the head of the cow maids. Instantly, milk or curd will flow and the pot would become empty soon. They lost their wares, yet they could never get angry with the charming child. Thus the episodes of Krishna filled the pages of Bagawatham. His ever smiling face, whether in the midst of his relatives or in the war field is really baffling. He, being the lord of the entire creation could remain happy always and his inner Bliss was never disturbed at any time. He loved all and at the same time, effortlessly vanquished the wicked demons. One must read such charming episodes in order to remain ever in Bliss and escape from the dark jungle of earthly existence!

Recitation of Bagawatam!


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