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Bagawatha Purana - Part XII

Updated on December 30, 2011

Sun god hand over food vessel, Krishna eats one leaf.

Sage Durvasa visits the forest!

Parikshit was not content with the few events in the life of his grandfathers and their connection to Lord Krishna. He wanted to hear more and more stories about them and Krishna. Hence he prodded Sage Suka to assuage his thirst by narrating more stories of Krishna. The sage told him that there are millions of events. Yet I will try to narrate some important events in which Krishna helped them. He started his beautiful narration. None were aware of Time!

Sage Suka told them, "Once your grandfathers , Droaupathi and mother Kunti were living in the forests due to the conditions of dice game. The wicked Kauravas, especially the eldest brother Duryodhana always plotted against the Pandava brothers. He knew that they were living in the forests eating fruits and tubers and living a life of mendicant. Yet he want to give them more sufferings. Hence he was awaiting for a great opportunity. Once the sage Durvasa came to Hasthinapura with his ten thousand followers. For full four months, the Kauravas played host to the sage and his retinue. They almost soaked him with their service and hospitality. Hence while departing, the sage was pleased immensely. He told Duryodhana, "I am quite impressed and pleased with your hospitality. You have attended to my needs and comforts all through the four months. Now ask me any thing, I will grant your wish! Duryodhana was happy. He thought "Here is a great chance to hurt the Pandavas. The sage Durvasa is short tempered. He would curse anybody who defy him. He politely told the sage, Oh Maharishi! We are blessed with every thing and hence we are in no need of riches or wealth. Kindly fulfill my simple wish!

He said, "You have given me the opportunity to serve you but my brothers Pandavas at the forest had no such chance to serve you. Hence go to their habitat at the forest along with your ten thousand followers. Let my brother Dharmaraja gets the opportunity to feed all of you and enjoy the great merit. But he emphasized, "Please go there after Draupathi finish her meal! There is a particular reason for this specific request. Pandava brothers were living in forest frugal lives. Due to their austerities and merit, one day the Sun God granted them a vessel which is of Divine nature. They will get sumptuous supply of food items from it once a day to cater to the needs of any number of people. But once Draupadhi took her meals and clean it, it will become ineffective to bring supplies of food items for the particular day. Hence Duryodhana requested the sage to go there after Draupadi finishes her meals and cleans it.

The sage saw the stratagem behind Duryodhana's request. Hence he acceded to his request. Hence one afternoon, the sage along with ten thousand followers went to the hermitage where Pandavas lived. The sage was welcomed there with due respects and he was seated. He said, I am going to the river to take bath and do noon rituals. I am quite hungry due to travel. Make ready food for me and my followers. Dharmaraja said, Yes, we are really blessed. Please finish your bath and rituals and we will make everything ready. Draupadi was shell shocked. She just completed eating her meals from the vessel and she has cleaned it thoroughly and kept in the altar. She was devastated. She shed tears and prayed aloud to Lord Krishna, "Why you are piling more and more sorrows on us. I have completed my eating and the vessel is cleaned. How we can entertain the guests today. She prayed piteously saying "You are our only refuge. It is your bother!

All were astonished to hear some foot steps near the entrance. They thought that the sage has returned. But it was their Krishna! But he was having a strange request. Oh sister! I am quite hungry! Give me something to eat! Saying this he was extending his palm to Draupadi. She could not contain her tears. "Why you are testing us like this Krishna? You know that I have finished eating and cleaned the vessel. How I can feed you? How unfortunate I am today? she was wailing actually. Krishna was astonished. "No, Bring me the vessel, I will myself check if any thing is left? Draupadi brought the vessel. The Lord was searching for even a small particle on the inner sides. Fortunately he found a small leaf left. Draupadi said, I have cleaned it neatly. How can you find a leaf? Krishna showed it to Draupadi and put it on his tongue and swallowed it.

At the very moment, all the followers of the sage found they had the feeling of eating a sumptuous meal and there is no space left for further eating. They brought it to the notice of sage. The sage too was feeling that he had a full meal and he could not eat even a single rice. Meanwhile Krishna asked Bhima to bring the guests! But the sage escaped with his retinue thorugh a different route. But Bhima pursued them and requested them to come for supper. They all pleaded their inability and blessed him profusely. That is how Krishna rescued your grandparents and Draupadi on the fateful day! Rest in next part!


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