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A Guide for Banishing and Expelling Unwanted Spirits and Evil Energies

Updated on November 14, 2012

Banishing Evil or Unwanted Energies

Is your home or some other domicile in which you are active giving you an ominous feeling? Have you experienced any strange sensations like hearing your name being called or been witness to odd occurrences such as shadowy movements out of the corner of your eye? Are there out of place objects and phantom sounds like heavy walking or the sound of furniture being moved? Do you feel as though you are being watched or even stared closely at, have you ever smelled a foul odor such as the smell of decay? Have you felt an isolated spot of heat or of cold move down your arm or linger around your head? Has anyone been touched or physically attacked by an unseen aggressor?

If any of the things above describe what you have experienced then you have come to the right place. Here you can learn to rid yourself of these energies and repel them back to whence they came. You will learn to cleanse the place with positive energy and intention and push back the darkness with feelings of happiness, peace, and love. Darkness cannot exist without light; it is after all only the absence for light, so we must learn to fill our lives with good and peaceful ideals, morals, principles, and practices.

A Possitive Clean and Peacful Environment

Environmental Recordings and Psychic Sensitivity (Residual Haunting Phenomena):

Our environment can hold residual energies which play back powerful emotional human experiences that once took place in the past. It is as if the very fabric of matter can hold psychic echoes or imprints that our minds can be sensitive to. Often we may be re-experiencing someone else past experience that has just been recorded into the quantum fabric of the environment.

  • A: Smudge the dwelling using white sage or have a release of the dead ceremony or a crossing over ceremony with a spiritual practitioner or member of a religious organization present.

Keeping Your Home Spiritually Clean:
Every time someone gets emotionally over-charged they are radiating powerful feelings of intention into the environment. These emotions can create energy storms within the quantum fluctuations of the matter existing around the living person. These imprints vibrate with a residual energy wave.

Smudging is a Native American ceremonial art done to banish negative energy. A shell, a feather, and a stick of white sage.
Smudging is a Native American ceremonial art done to banish negative energy. A shell, a feather, and a stick of white sage.

Smudging and Cleansing

  • A Bundle of White Sage Grass tied together into a stick for burning. Hemp string, kite or hobby string is ideal to bundle your sage if you cut and dry your own.
  • Optional but traditional is the use of an abalone shell to hold the smudge stick as it burns, a bowl can be used or a plate just as easy. If using a plate find one that is deeper set.
  • Optional but traditional is the use of a feather to waft the smoke into the room as you chant your expulsion mantra. You can use your hand to do this as well.
  • You walk into a room and announce your intentions to cleanse the area and fill and seal it as a place of permanent love peace and light for only good can exist therein.
  • A Bag of Sea Salt is then used on the windowsills and at any point of entrance.

Different Ways to Cleanse Negative Energies

A Feng Shui Remedy:

  • Optional extra is to place a bowl of distilled water with sea salt in the northeast corner of the room to capture any residual dark energies remaining in the dwelling.


Other Ways of Protection:

  • Protect your home by planting Sempervivum or Houseleeks. The latin work Semper- Forever Vivum- Living or the Forever Living plant. This plant is so versatile it will try to survive in any environment and it has spiritual powers in its ability to stay alive.
  • After the death of a family member cover the mirrors in your home. Mirrors can create portals between our world and the spirit world.
  • Having a bonfire keeps spirits away.
  • Light candles and keep them burning all night.
  • Hanging a Sage Bundle, Saint Johns Wart, and Rowan in your doorway keeps away spirits.
  • Wearing or carrying lodestone keeps energy at bay.
  • Wear a medicine bag with a sea shell and rosemary bound by red thread.
  • Jimson weed, angelica and nettle can be dried and worn in a medicine bag to repel evil.
  • Hexagrams with the letter AGLA in the center will repel all evil spirits.

Black Salt used by voodoo cultist. Sea Salt crushed with the ashes of purifying herbs and then spread in the windows, doors, and corners of a home to keep negative energies away.  A very powerful and permanent barrier is created to ward off evil.
Black Salt used by voodoo cultist. Sea Salt crushed with the ashes of purifying herbs and then spread in the windows, doors, and corners of a home to keep negative energies away. A very powerful and permanent barrier is created to ward off evil.

How to Make Black Salt a Permanent Seal to a Dwelling (Traditionally Voo Doo)

Black salt is sea salt blended together in a pestle with coal the ash of herbs (White Sage, Rosemary, and Lavendar) and the burned intentions (Written on small pieces of paper) of ridding yourself of evil energies. Once this is done use a banishing intention that seals the place from any energy from ever entering.

  • Spread the mixture around your home or in a large circle outside your home.
  • Use a sealing mantra stating that no unseen or phantom energies can cross the barrier.

Sea Salt, Black Salt, Crystals, Holy or Blessed Water, Incense and Herbs, and Mirrors

Incense an Herbs for Cleansing:
The practice of using herbs to expel evil and oppressed energies has been around for many thousands of years. Used by medicine men either through the inhalation of smoke or the consumption of steeped teas; herbs and spices are used promote spiritual communication. Used as an incense the herbs can be burned with resin and then used to purify through the act of smudging.

Cleansing the Spirit

  • Sandalwood
  • Aloeswood
  • Galangal
  • Calamus
  • Spikenard

Purifying a Space

  • Gold Copal
  • Rosemary
  • White Sage
  • Lavender

These herbs can be crushed and steeped in potions, pulp mixtures for topical applications, teas, and of course dried and then burned.

Mirror Barriers:

Once a location has been cleansed of negative energies burn a white candle under every mirror in the location. Once this is done place or hang small round mirrors in the windows of the location. This will keep any non-physical energies from entering the home.

Blessed Water Barrier:

Placing blessed water vessels around your location can also help to clean a space of negative energy. Water is a cleansing medium being fluid and clear it speaks clean and of purity. Its cool nature and malleability makes water a super natural medium.


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      5 years ago from America

      Guess I will give my friend this informtion she needs it for her house. Voted Up.


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