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Basic and classic astrological archetypes

Updated on July 30, 2015




It has become quotidian now to talk, read or hear about spiritual topics, astrological charts and different ways to find our divine inner nature, but how all that can really affect our reality?

The archetypes were a brilliant idea that Jung had to try to explain how we have collective unconscious memories and how they can affect our life and the way we manifest in the universe.

Mythology and legends had been the main source for new points of view about our deep psychological structure.

Astrology is more known and it’s a beautiful, deep spiritual path, that can help us to understand our nature and also to transcend in our behavior patterns. The traditional astrology develops some information about the way we react and face our life experiences.

Every planet has a psychological impact in our personality. The classic planets are the main structure, while the new asteroids develop different archetypes according to the collective awakens.

The planets

The sun represents how we see our own body, and everything that is familiar to us. The way we see ourselves, the essence of our father figure and our inner strength. The concept we have about masculinity and how we interact with it.

The moon is our emotions, the way we react deep in ourselves. Represents our mother figure and our perception of femininity.

Mercury represents our communication skills, our mental ideas and structure. Literally is the way we talk and how effectively we do it.

Venus is a feminine powerful and beautiful archetype, represents the art skills, beauty and the way we see life and the way we love. It can represent our wife or the wife role we do in life. Venus is a loving goddess that can help you to explore your sensuality and freedom.

Mars is our ego, our instincts, the bravery we face life with, the violence and the ability to create, to survive and how we approach our goals in life. It also represents our sexual impulses. It’s a powerful masculine archetype that can lead us to determinate our character.

Jupiter is a benevolent expansive energy. It´s a huge planet that has an important influence in our intellectual believes. The fortune planet that stimulates and renew our self-confidence. Jupiter is very generous and everything he gives, he gives it in abundance.

Saturn is the time God, administrate our karma and helps us evolve through hard tasks and experiences, he is a strict spiritual master, but without doubt, one of the most significate in our astrological chart. This energy can lead us to approach our personal aims, no in an easy way but with a lot of wisdom.

Uranus is and hermaphrodite planet that governs all the unexpected or unplanned circumstances, the inventions, the technology, internet and everything related to new developments. Creativity and some inspiration could be found with this energy.

Neptune the god of the sea, very emotional and inspired. He can lead your poetry and your spiritual believes. This energy stimulates compassion, clairvoyance, telequinesis, healer and metaphysic skills. He can manifest through dreams, visions or feelings.

Pluto is a very interesting energy, is dark, underground, represents the regeneration, deep transformation, black magic, death and heritage. When Pluto tries to teach you a lesson is a deep experience that can really change your life or your point of view in a drastic way.

So as we can see, the planets energies are very important in our personality and can also help us to strengthen our virtues and solve our weak points. The modern astrology includes asteroids and stars with different archetypes that evolve at the same time the society does. So, it´s time to open our heart to the light and to our spiritual awakens. If we follow our heart, we will always find the way, we just have to try; to silence our thoughts and start listening our soul.


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