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Basic feng shui tips for main door of house

Updated on September 4, 2017
Luopan - Chinese compass
Luopan - Chinese compass | Source


Geomancy, better known as feng shui, is an ancient Chinese art of divining the future for good or ill fortune, based on the orientation, planning, construction, etc of the residence of the living or that of ancestral burial site.


Feng shui is closely related to the harmony of yin and yang – the negative and positive principles of universal life.  Good life is supposed to be achieved by man when he is in harmony with the flux of yin and yang. 


In a home, doors, bedrooms, and stove are the 3 most important aspects as far as fengshui is concerned..  As such, it is of utmost importance that they are in accordance with feng shui principles for the well-being of the household.


This hub deals mainly with some of the common problems relating to the main entrance door fengshui, as well as some simple solutions for them.

LuBan measuring tape - fengshui ruler
LuBan measuring tape - fengshui ruler | Source


External environment

(1) A long, straight road leading towards the main door

The ‘sha’ in this case is called ‘qiang sha’. The long straight road is equated to ‘qiang’, an ancient Chinese spear, aiming at the door. The household are more prone to health problems and injuries. The longer the road, the greater the impact of the ill-effect. (Note: “sha” means some negativity that can bring ill fortune.)

Solution: To add a door threshold of 3.6 inches high.

[Best to use LuBan measuring tape (fengshui ruler) to get the correct measurement. The red Chinese characters on the top row of the tape are auspicious dimensions for ‘yang dwellings” while the ones highlighted in bold black are the most unauspicious dimensions. Do not mix up with the Chinese characters in the lower row as they are for yin dwellings.]

(Note: Exception to this rule – if the door happens to be at a lucky location, this no longer constitutes a ‘sha’. It will in fact turn into good fengshui and the household will prosper.)

(2) Neighbour’s front door facing one’s main door

There is an ancient fengshui saying regarding this scenario: “One household prospers, then the other bad”. This means that if your household is doing very well, then your neighbour will most probably have ill luck, or vice-versa. Also, there tends to be frequent bickering over petty matters at home or at workplace.

Solution: To put some pots of plants or objects in-between the two doors, if space permits. This is to reduce the direct clash between the two.


(3) Lift directly in front of main door

The lift opens and closes frequently throughout the day. When the front door is directly facing the lift, it is known as “chong she”, literary means clashing, causing bad luck as far as money is concerned.

However, if the door is located on the west, this ‘sha’ is called “white tiger opens mouth”. The household may suffer physical injuries.


(a) Sha qi, a negative energy, can be deflected by a convex mirror above the door;

(b) To add the threshold of the front door higher;

(c) If space permits, place a panel screen at the entrance of the house.

(Note: Exception to this rule – if the door happens to be at a lucky location, this no longer constitutes a ‘sha’. It will in fact be good for the household.)

(4) Stairway in front of main door

(i) If the flight of steps are leading to the upper floors, the household might suffer physical injuries or health problems.

Solution: To add a 2-inch or 3-inch threshold to shield off the effect, plus putting a small luopan (fengshui compass) above the door. (If there is already a threshold, no need to re-construct another one.)

(Best to use the LuBan measuring tape, as earlier advised.)

(ii) If the staircase leads to the floors downstairs, the good qi (positive energy) will be drawn out from the house, resulting in unstable luck and decline in wealth.

Solution: To hang a concave mirror above the door to retain the good qi.

(NOTE: The nearer the stairway, the greater the impact. However, if the staircase is quite far away from the front door, then there will not be any ill effect at all.)


Internal environment

(5) Opposite end of main door is a row of windows

Qi (or Chi) is a movable positive or negative energy which plays an essential role in feng shui. Qi enters our house from the front door. If the opposite end of the front door is a row of windows, then qi will flow straight out without remaining in the house. When this happens, the household will not be doing very well financially.


(a) To put some pots of plants in front of the windows, but make sure no prickly plants used;

(b) To put some objects in-between the front door and the windows to block the flow, if space permits.

(6) Bedroom door clashing directly with main door

The occupant in that bedroom tends to experience ill luck.


(a) To close the bedroom door as often as possible;

(b) To place something in-between the 2 doors, eg a bead curtain, a small sideboard, tea-tray table, etc.

(7) Toilet door facing directly main door

Main door in feng shui is called the “mouth” of a house. For a person, whatever goes into his/her mouth will have great impact on the health and well-being of that person. Same for the front entrance of our home.

Front door is ‘pure yang’ and toilet is ‘du yin’. When they face each other, it is like fire and water clashes, giving rise to disharmony and ill fortune.

Solution: To hang a bead curtain at the toilet door to minimize impact of the clash.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all family members in the house will be affected by bad fengshui of the main door. Please see below chart for different directions of the door and the household member who will be mostly affected.


Location of door 
Affected family member 
eldest son 
eldest daughter 
middle daughter 
mistress of house
third daughter
master of house
second son
third son

As you can see from the above exceptions to the rule, whether the fengshui is good or bad actually depends on various factors.  However, it is beyond the scope of this hub to explain in details.


The practice of Feng Shui is diverse and multi-faceted. There are many different methods and perspectives and can be mind-boggling to the uninitiated.  My limited knowledge of this subject is acquired through years of reading books by well-known Hongkong feng shui masters.  I personally prefer to read feng shui books in its original chinese language as the original meaning of the chinese fengshui term can be lost through translation.


Having benefited from fengshui practice, I hope more people are aware of this ancient wisdom. The aim of  this hub is to arouse the interest of the uninitiated to delve into fengshui and find out for themselves the fun and interesting aspects of fengshui practice. 


© 2011 pinkytoky


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    • pinkytoky profile image

      pinkytoky 6 years ago from Singapore

      TheListLady, Happy to hear that you also believe in feng shui. Thanks for dropping by. I'm following you too.

    • TheListLady profile image

      TheListLady 6 years ago from New York City

      Love Lillian Too! Last time I was in Singapore I visited the Wealth Fountain - and when the water was low I went down, walked around and got my hands wet. I do believe it paid off.

      I'm enjoying your hubs!