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Be Angry But Sin Not

Updated on February 16, 2010

Thank GOD for Grace


I have been thinking of a time in my life when the grace of God was really needed. And beside the grace that I was reaching for I heard a word from the Word of God that said to me "Be angry but sin not." The thing that happened before that word spoke to me caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting it. Isn't that how the devil do it?

I was talking with my friend and she began to tell me how she was struggling within herself and knew there was something missing in her life. It was like she had gone so far but couldn't get around the stumblingblock in how she felt about certain people. She knew it was something within her but couldn't put her finger on what it was. Oh, let me not forget to let you know she's ok with me sharing our story.

Me, being a prophetess of the Lord started praying for her and God revealed to me what it was. I heard the Lord say, it's her; self will. She figured she'd gone through long enough and wanted to be free of the situation. God showed me that she needed to surrender more of herself to Him and to really let God have His way in her life. A change was coming both her and the situation. I began to tell her what I was hearing the Lord say and she began to rebel and reject what I was saying. She told me that I didn't understand and that I didn't know what she had been through and she wasn't willing to here me say the things I was saying. Immediately, I felt anger rise up within me. Some of the reason was because I always hear what she has to tell me about me; whether I want to hear or not. I wanted to say no I don't know all you've been through, but it's not me talking but the Lord! tell it to Him! But I held it in by the grace of God! I just got quiet and she said her good byes and we hung up the phone.


I was only trying to help her with her stumblingblock. I wanted to help her get free! I wanted to see her get pass the pain she was in and to stop going around that same old mountain. And she spoke to me in a unfriendly, unwelcoming tone. I felt rejected and like the God in me wasn't appreciated. And at the moment I wanted to hang up the phone and not talk to her for a least a year. But a still small voice spoke to me and said be angry but sin not. Let me say this. I wasn't angry because she didn't want to accept what I was saying. I was angry because I knew that the devil was blocking her mind from receiving from God. She was totally in the flesh and caught up in the daily stresses of life and was about to explode. This angered me so much that it made me wanted to withdraw the answers God had given me for her situation.

The devil thought he would kill 2 birds with one stone. She has the problem of quitting when things get hard or uncomfortable so she was ready to let it go. And to get me to join her on this one in giving up. Ahhh, But God! God spoke to my heart and said be angry but sin not and that open up my understanding of what the devil was after and I just refuse to let him have the victory in the situtation when I was sure that God wanted to deliver my friend. I'm not a quitter! The devil is a lie! He may attempt to slow me down but with the help of God, I'll take a licking and keep on ticking. I may take some time to regroup but I'll be back! And though she got off the phone with me. I kept on praying. I declared and decreed her deliverance and that God would deal with her and she will understand! The Devil is a liar!


The next day she called me and said she felt better after sleeping on it. And awakened early thinking on the things I had said and God began to speak to her heart as she picked up her daily bread book and the reading for the day was titled, your way or God's way. And the content of the reading was the same things I had shared with her. Praise God! and now I understand. I got it, she said. She began again. She didn't quit! God will never leave Himself without a witness. He will confirm His spoken word, Amen! I have to admit that I do be on pins and needles sometimes awaiting Him to do so.

When things get difficult she would want out and most of the time quit or give up on relationships, friends, house, cars and people in general. This she admitted and knew she needed help with that way of thinking.  She's such a prayer warrior and thank God she's been serving God for almost 20 years and never quit that. Bless God, today I believe God has revealed to me why. Praise God! and then I say it with a big gasp for breathe. Pray for me! I know I have to share this with her as well. I believe the Grace of God will empower me to extend more Grace to her to help her to get her total deliverance and to live the abundant life Christ came to give to each of us. And if I help her to get what God has for her, I know he will bless me to overcome my issues and  to receive what He has for me!


Isn't it amazing the how God work things for the good of everybody involved in a situation. He blesses us all. When you help somebody to understand what God is saying, God always bless you with a revelation that you didn't know before and the very words you speak to the other person blesses you as well. You'll feel faith grow or recieve a healing or deliverance in your own life. This helps me to keep helping others even when I get rejected or looked at funny. I believe it's God's way of rewarding for the difficult time I went through getting a job done for Him. I also believe God is so wise that He indeed gets 2 birds with one stone. We both get to know God a little more and to be changed into His image a little more; with every test.Thank you Lord, Amen!


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