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Be Careful What You Ask For

Updated on January 30, 2012

While shopping, I kept asking my Father for a fish but He wouldn't let me have the one I wanted. I began to get upset. "Why" I said, "Why can't I have him? He is so handsome and charming. Look at him Father. He is just perfect for me and we would be so good for each other. I can see he likes me, Father. Look, see how he looks at me! I know he wants to be with me and I want to have him. Please, Father, can I have him ? Will You give him to me?"

"No" my Father said. "Child, he is not for you. He will not make you happy. He will only hurt you because he is not what you see him to be. Trust Me." As he said this He led me away and out of the store.

But I just knew this fish was meant for me. I had to somehow convince my Father of that. Why else would I have happened to see him and fall in love with him? Surely, he had to be alright. Besides, he looked so lonely and I was lonely too. It really didn't matter that he wasn't exactly the fish I had orginally asked my Father for, he would be ok. He had some of the qualities I had been looking for and perhaps in time he would grow to be just like the fish I had always wanted. Yes, that's it, he could change and become all I wanted him to be, because I would love him enough to make him change.

But, my Father still said "No". He said " It would cost me too much and that it would never change."

But I wouldn't listen. I turned away and went back to the store. My Father watched sadly as I disregarded His advice and said I was going to have my way. He stood by as I paid the high price of disobedience and took home what I thought was my beautiful fish. He kept silent as I cared for my fish and watched while the fish began to change me and poison me, until I nearly died.

Then, when the time was right, my Father revealed to me what He had known all along. It seemed that blinders fell off my eyes and I was able to see as never before! What I saw was not a fish at all but a poisonous snake! I realized this just in time before he could harm me anymore or kill me.

I was shocked, scared and so sorry that I had not trusted my Father and accepted His advice. I realized that all the time I had been asking for this fish the Father was saying "No" because He knew it was not a fish but a poisonous snake. He would not give me something that would harm me, but I would not trust Him and chose to make my own decision instead. A decision that nearly cost me my life.

I have scars now that will be a reminder to me of that experience and I hope that they will always cause me to remember to trust in my Father's wisdom and take His word before I act on something. I hope that I will always be able to remember that He sees things I don't and that He only wants the best for me. When He says "No" to something I want, it is because it is not good for me. I need to trust Him in that and move on, because He will provide me with something much better instead.

Someday, He may give me a beautiful fish and it will be a real one. But until He does, if indeed, He ever does or doesn't, I will trust Him and follow Him always.

"What Father, if His son asks for a fish would give him a snake instead?" Matthew 7:10

Day 9


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    • profile image

      Noel 8 years ago

      I have always recieved what I have asked for. But not always in the way or when I wanted it. I have learned not to ask for anything, but rather to give thanks for what I have.