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Be Charitable to All Mankind

Updated on May 13, 2015
Hands stretched out in friendship
Hands stretched out in friendship

It's been said that man doesn't live by bread alone. The same thing is true with charity. Being charitable doesn't always mean giving money to the cause of the day or a specific organization. True those means of charity are important to the well being of the world but there are other ways of being charitable.

Forgive and Forget

One example is: How often have you heard someone say, "I'll forgive them but I'll never forget what they did"? This sentiment does nothing to relieve the person's feelings and the real benefactor of this statement is no one. You can only truly forgive someone when as they say, "you let it go."

Telephone a shut in
Telephone a shut in
Take a casserole to the bereaved
Take a casserole to the bereaved

The Gift of Time

The gift of time is one that can't be measured. A simple telephone call to someone you know is having problems just to say hello and to let them talk does wonders for the shut ins. Going to the funeral home to sit with the family or to send the gift of a casserole to the family during their bereavement is another act of charity.

You will never know how much your presence is appreciated when you visit someone in the hospital even if they are not a close friend in their time of need. Going to the hospital and just stopping in someone's room for a few minutes to acknowledge the patient is one that lifts their spirits. This is a true charitable act of loving your neighbor.

Yes it is wonderful to be able to give from your bounty, but a true humanitarian is someone who shares what little they have themselves without thinking about the what ifs. What if may never happen; but if you share, you will be rewarded in some way. You may not win a lottery but to share a meal with someone or give away a pair of gloves because someone else is cold is the true meaning of charity.

These and so many other little ways are things that you can do that are charitable acts that don't involve the giving of money. Spend a few minutes of your time each day and be a scout that does at least one good deed each day.,

© 2015 Laura L Scotty


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