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Be STILL & KNOW that I AM God

Updated on November 6, 2016

Failing a Test & Learning a Lesson

Since 2009, I have had a long, fiery and very odd, extremely strange walk. I have experienced spiritual delights, riches and gifts, as well as enduring sad, strange and unexpected encounters with people throughout the United States and abroad. I have been shown many of God’s truths, as well as the opposite teams schemes.

There is clearly a divisiveness which is manifesting and taking place, though I hadn’t taken notice of it until July, 2016. I had not been sure of what to make of all of these strange experiences, people and situations prior to July of 2016. In my striving to walk with the Lord, I have been placed in the most horrible and unexpected, unwanted, undesired, and ungodly situations. I have been unwillingly shoved into the middle of ghastly, horrific things that I wanted no part of, and some of these things I wasn’t even aware that I was 'part of' until it was way too late. I absolutely despise that! How does one 'be still' when craziness is happening around you, to you and it is even occurring inside your home?

This is the very reason why lessons show up on our doorstep in the first place...right?

What happens if we don't learn the intended lesson? The very same lesson will continue to be placed on our doorstep, though the faces may change, the lesson will not. Sometimes those lessons are excruciatingly painful, sad, disappointing, totally frustrating, but it is far better to acknowledge them then to ignore or deny their repetitive occurrence. That is the ultimate failing. I do not want to be the 'ultimate Loser and failure,' so I throw my whimsical, temporary hissy-fits, temporary-tissue-box-crying jags, falling into my bouts of depression, engage in my pillow-punching-pathetic performances and then God snaps me out of it. What does He tell me?

"'Be Still and KNOW that I am God."

Easier said than done! this moment I am still again...and let me see if I can stay still (The lesson I keep failing) until the next plate of poop gets delivered to my doorstep.

One serving after another....

Oh Lookie...another plate of poop for me!

I hadn’t ordered any of this, nor had I even asked for any of these things! It didn’t matter because they arrived on my plate anyways. Everything is a test of faith in God and how we decide to handle these situations. That is what I am definitely sure of. I have failed many of these tests and I have been corrected by them only after the fact. Many tests I have had to repeat over and over. Painful! Often I have believed that I was doing the right thing, only to acknowledge afterwards that I had clearly done the wrong thing. Exasperating! Often, I spend many of my thoughts wondering what I did wrong, what I could have done better and what was the intended lesson, so that it does not reoccur again...because I know it will.

Lesson are only good and fruitful if we learn from them. There is no other reason for a 'lesson' than to learn from it. Failing a lesson does not mean that everything was useless--on the contrary. Failing a lesson means that there is something special that we need to learn about ourselves and our walk with God. It is okay to fail the lesson, but it's not okay to not learn from it and continue to keep getting F's. Those lessons are meant to make us into a more useful vessel for God. Okay, I am all in on God making me a better person, so I will accept the pain, tears, frustrations, the struggle and keep marching forward with my eyes upwards. (I will also keep ferociously punching the pillows on my bed, while pretending that they are the devil. My arms are becoming quite defined and developed. :) and I always enjoy seeing my husband's surprised face when I do. Ha! Better the pillows Mr. JG....better the pillows.

Lesson Learned!

July 2016

A pastor that I had known for over a year asked if she could come and stay at our home. Pastors often have the devil attacking them, and she stated she needed a place to rest her head and find her peace again. I prayed, He said yes but only for a few days. She had made arrangements to stay at another friends place for the second half of the trip and they would be picking her up. We opened our home to her, and I was so delighted to meet her in person. I desired Godly consult, Christian friendship and I am always pleased to help another person in need. Within an hour of her stay, she began crying and spouted words that shocked me, angered me, saddened me and made me stumble greatly.

I wills spare you the entire story but the meat of it was not pretty. It was a full plate of poop. She had been cheating on her husband for many months and her 'friend' was this man who was to pick her up! I sat there feeling many emotions, used, betrayed, guilty for being part of this deception, righteously angry. She had cried out, "I wasted my $ money coming down here and now he won't even see me." Silly me. I thought she was happy to meet me in person, as I was with her, but I was only a stepping stone to her sin--a no brainer. I was lost on what God wanted me to do with this emotionally unbalanced, deceptive, ungrateful, Godless adulteress who was making me stumble in only minutes of her arrival.

My first thought ... or was it my spirit screaming out at me? I wanted her GONE from my home IMMEDIATELY! "Just grab her bags, place them in the back of your car and tell her to get in. Drop her off at the nearest hotel. Tell her you will not be a part of any of this and it is disgraceful as a pastor, to God, to my husband and I, as well as to her husband."

What a Plate of Poop !

She says; "I didn't tell you because I didn't know how you would take it."

"Oh NO my fallen KNEW EXACTLY how I would take it and that is why you didn't mention this giant piece of poop over the phone to me. You knew that I would say NO! Who are you kidding? Not me and certainly NOT God!" Anyone who knows me just knows that I have no problem saying "No" to the things that smell like sulfur.

Strangely, I didn't send her packing from my home. Instead I struggled with God, my thoughts, my emotions and I ultimately failed the test. She was crying, despondent and I was unsure of what the Christian thing was to do. I ignored my spirit of God. How could I just drop her off at a hotel and be done with her right after she arrived? I wanted to do what my spirit told me to do but I hadn't because I had become confused in my spirit, confused with my intellectual mind. I believed that I was doing the right thing by God. God would not want me to put her out of my house. Who was I to judge her? This was my righteous anger inside that was telling me to send her out, not God. I was really wrong. I failed the test. Later I found out that it was God speaking, and the great troubles that I had after she left were because I had failed the test.

She stayed for three more days and she was allowed to abrupt, stick her nose in my marriage unsolicited, and do harmful things to me, my emotions, ruin my faith in leaders, even causing my husband to stumble terribly. It broke my heart to hear my husband say "These pastors are all alike. Fakes!" No! Not all of them husband....but many like her. She tainted our home with her darkness and I had permitted it. We gasped out of relief when this tainted man came to unwillingly pick up this tainted woman, and she was finally removed from our home. It was too late though. The damage that she'd left behind was great.

Sitting on my Swing

I sat on my swing a long time wondering about this failed test which left me depleted of my oil. I asked the Lord why this had happened. Why would you tell me that it was okay to let her stay when you knew that she was in great sin? Why? What was I to learn of this because my spiritual house was a complete mess, my home really quite messy, my husband and I were made to stumble greatly after all of this. What did I do wrong Lord?

"You compromised MY Word."

Yes I did. Horribly. I failed horribly. Should I have not compromised His Word, placing Him first, I would have known it was Him speaking. I would have done exactly what I was told to do and I would not have become spiritually messy and suffering the consequences of my failing test. I deserved it all because I compromised God's words. I placed man before God. The longer she had stayed and the longer that I had made exceptions for her blatant sin, the bigger my mess had become. Boy oh boy! I was spiritually messy after this lesson! I spoke to another Christian and after telling him of our undesired house-guest and what had happened, his answer floored me. "I would have sent her out of my house immediately. Bye-bye." He was a man who did not compromise God's Words. The first commandment is always the first command.

I have learned my lesson and never again will I compromise God's Word. How often in life have I done this? Many times, probably too many to count and they ended up exactly as this plate of poop had ended.

A text from her arrived soon after her leaving our home and it was full of happiness and how she was enjoying her great sin. God directed my words to her. I did as commanded and put her out of my presence, telling her to step down from ministry, and severing all fellowship with her. What does darkness and Light have in common right? A month later a package and letter arrived from her. It was the return of my earrings and a note that lacked anything of repentance. It was a kindergarten-devilish attempt to manipulate. "Give these to somebody you love more." God said not to respond to her and to keep her out of my life. I prayed and cleansed the earrings from her darkness, threw the rest in the trash and happily skipped off. When we do not compromise God's words, life is so much easier and happier. It is becoming easier and easier, each time and it helps in being still and knowing He is God.

Lesson Learned!

Scrape the Plate!

Only today, at this very moment do I realize that it is a good thing to ALWAYS scrape your plate of all waste and dispose of it in the garbage bin immediately. If something is served to me, or even sneaked on my plate which is not palatable to me, I quietly dispose of it, speak the truth once, smile, no hard feelings and I move on.

This garbage bag sits by a neighbor’s brick wall which divides us. I have no interest in demolishing, chipping at, nor climbing over the wall because I know what is behind that wall. I can smell the foulness that attempts to linger over to my side. I don’t have to see the multitude of garbage bags with my literal eyes to know that my neighbor needs to dispose of them before that divisive wall can come down. It is not my wall and it is not my garbage. For me to continue to walk with God I need to identify my garbage, others people’s garbage, dispose of it or walk through it and away from it. Life and this walk seems so much simpler and happier this way. God is causing a divisiveness. That is quite clear and I can not ignore it. I accept it.

Take it Away NOW!

I am learning that it is a good thing to allow the garbage men to arrive and swiftly remove my garbage, as well as other people’s garbage that was forced upon my plate. Sometimes they even attempt to sling their garbage over the wall onto my side as if I wouldn’t notice. That’s okay. I dispose of it anyways.

A word of wisdom; It is always a bad thing to run after the truck and attempt to retrieve that garbage bag, or even give excuses of why garbage was scraped and disposed of. Worse? To attempt to go back in time and go dumpster diving. I have no interest in digging into a pit that holds millions of people’s garbage of waste, while searching for my own disgusting garbage. It is a time waster to look back and retrieve garbage, and it is a ‘spiritual time waster’ to not know what garbage to scrape from your plate immediately.

Some things are just spiritually inedible to me, I make no excuse of why I won’t eat it, I speak the truth; it makes my spirit sick to even think of consuming it. I scrape it, bag it and I smile and wave to the garbage man as he takes it away from me and I continue marching!

It is so much easier to be still and know that He is God when I remove the demonic garbage from my presence immediately! Who wants to be a hot-Texas mess all the time? Not me. Lessons learned! It took long enough right?

Taking the Stand on Faith

In the past seven years, I have been literally forced to take a stand for my faith, to stand for God regardless of the losses which may happen to me, and regardless of how close to home they may be. Difficult. Suffering at times! Extremely sad but empowering. I have watched His power intervene. It is always good to know God’s power. Once you know it, it becomes easier to dispose of garbage and scrape your plate of inedible things that make your stomach sour from other people.

Lately, I have had to continue to go back to a vision I received almost 6 months ago. The angel messenger’s voice was speaking many scriptures, but he left me with only one to remember after awakening.

“Be still and know that I AM God.”

Seasoned Warriors

How can we "Be still and know He is God" in a world that is constantly attempting to pull us into their filthy garbage bin?

I am no different than anybody else. I am constantly being tested, failing, passing, learning and being actively seduced by what I like to call 'an array of flaming ordervies from the devil's poo-poo platter.' No thanks--I'll pass. Being still and knowing that He is God is becoming easier to spiritually understand. Strangely, the wisdom of this scripture is made clearer to me after each erupting volcano, pulling out hundreds of fiery darts from unknown spaces in my armor, seeing the cardboard at the bottom of my box of kleenex, and even as I bend down and pick up the stuffing of my torn punch-me pillow from the floor ;)

Those that are 'seasoned' warriors and those who are just beginning to step into that title, we just know that there are plates to scrape without even addressing them because it will not matter if you did address it. God will have to move greatly and draw them before they will ever understand. Why bang your head on the wall? We are told to move on..not to bash our brains on a wall that only God can bring down. Only those who truly know the Lord will understand these words.

The Devil is Enticing Us to Bicker...

The seasoned warrior will know that It will only become a pissing match, and seasoned Christians will have the discernment to know it and easily move away from it and not lose any sleep. You can't win the war if you fight every battle. We also know that there are others that do not know God regardless if they claim and proclaim to.

God will keep sending them the same message, different places, different faces but the very same lesson. God tells us to speak the message, speak the warning and if it is rejected than to move on to those who are waiting to receive the message, the warning, the Gospel. He didn't tell us to bash our brains out and become depleted on one who can not hear, see or comprehend. The seasoned warrior just knows to move on, and when to stay when a 'flicker of Light' is seen in the eyes of the one you are speaking to.

The Devil will attempt to get us all caught up in the craziness and insanity of another persons crazy. I have seen it and I have been drawn into their 'crazy' many times in the past years. Whoa. Eye opener. I don't have to be in their crazy. I don't have to listen to their crazy. I don't have to be any part of their crazy. I don't have to accept their crazy. I can ignore their crazy. I can walk away from their crazy. I can just scrape my plate of all that crazy and dump it into the garbage and continue on unscathed.

If not...

The Devil will try to suck you into another person's crazy and yes, if you do not walk away, he will find a way inside and attempt to make you crazy. Don't play with 'crazy' and know when to remove yourself from the the devil's playground. Your spiritual wellness depends on it.

The seasoned warrior also knows that those who are lost, do not even know that they are lost. The truly lost can gather up all of their 'good' deeds but we know that they are only 'filthy rags.' They can put them on display, proclaim their goodness and even say that they know God, but we already know that they are unsaved by their words that directly oppose God's words. It is a blindness that only God can restore. Scrape the plate, delete the comment, close the door,turn off the phone, shut off the computer, walk away and wait on God.

It has already been stated that many will perish, and it is already foretold that many will mock and be bound up as tares. Don't be so surprised of what you see when the 'trampoline' is removed. The only ones who will be standing with strength are those who know the Living God. Those who have not perished will begin their lessons, but they will be made much more difficult because they chose to ignore the many lessons by denial, self proclamation, or out of pure ignorance. The seasoned Warrior is the one who waits. "Be still and know that I am God."

We were already warned beforehand that all of these things would take place, so nothing should come as an 'unexpected arrival' when the shaking, the four horses run, fire and great deaths take place. Tribulations is getting ready to begin and it is best to fasten your spiritual seat-belts and 'Be still and Know He is God."

What do I do Now?

Lord, what do I need to do now? Where am I to go? How much longer Lord? What am I to do with this horrible situation? Each time I have seen, read or experienced these unwanted surprises of great disappointment, inside or outside of our home, I say this scripture out loud, “Be still and Know That I am God,” and then I attempt to “Be still and know that He is God.”This is my reminder and instructions.

It is quite simple, but for me as a human being, it isn’t that easy at times.

Ignore God's Words Joy & listen to!

I concentrate on only those words, adhering the spoken word which was spoken to me. It was given to me for a reason. The Lord doesn’t send me messages such as this very often and for no reason or no purpose. Messages from angels rarely come this way to me and that is why I must hear them and ‘do’ them. A “Hearer and a doer,” regardless of what any man down here tells me that I should do otherwise. My instructions are from the Lord and none other, and I do as I am instructed. “Be still and Know that I AM God.”

It matters very little, actually nothing when people say that I should do ‘this or that’ or that they were told by God that they were to bring me into the mix for ‘this or that.’ I have heard this so many times….but I say…NO! Why? Because MY God sent me a message that day, and the Angel said, “Be still and Know that I am God.” Now why would I believe you over God who instructs me to be still? God didn't tell me that I was to work with you, perform a mission with you or even open my door to you. It seems to me with many people, that the lesson is for them and not for me. (wink wink) They can hardly believe it when I tell them, "NO. God did not say that."

I will always trust God’s words…never mans. So this is what I am doing, no matter how difficult it is to be still. I am being still and knowing that He is God. He trumps all men. I don't have to defend God, nor do I have to apologize for listening to God. I am "Being still and knowing He is God."

The Birthing Pains....

Are you feeling EXHAUSTED? Are you feeling alone in your walk and you are having a difficult time finding TRUE followers and Ministers of Yeshua? Has it been difficult finding a church that doesn't display Halloween, Christmas or Easter idols? Are you feeling worn down seeking true doctrine and true apostles or true prophets? Are you feeling unsure of what to do? Are you full of questions that nobody can answer down here? Are you dodging fiery darts from the enemy? Are you seeing the division happening before your very eyes? Even those who claim to be followers of Yeshua?

Do not be dismayed. This is God's prophecy fulfillment and it was meant to happen. Expect more! When you are feeling downtrodden, betrayed, ostracized, abandoned by those who you thought were your family and your friends, rejoice because it is moving faster to that 'appointed day.'

Are you feeling the spiritual waves of knowing that a GREAT EVENT is getting ready to manifest full force? If so...these words are passed along to you, to edify, to quiet your mind and your spirit.

"Be still and KNOW that I am God."

In this stillness I have peace. In this stillness I receive wisdom. In this stillness restoration is being made. In this stillness I have happiness. In this stillness I am allowed to hear His words in a greater way. In this stillness I am seeing His division taking place. In this stillness I am being shown who is His and who is not. There is a whole lot of learning in His stillness. In His stillness He is speaking to me loudly.

“Wait Joy!…watch what I am getting ready to do. Do nothing and be still. Watch and expect me. Do not be troubled any longer over all of these people, just be still and watch for me, focus on me and me alone and know my power, the power that I have shown you all of these years.”

The Hurt & The Healer

Throughout these past seven years I have seen too many people to count speak the word “God” and do anything and everything opposite of God, purposefully and willingly. I have had to ask myself… “Which god are they really serving?” It surely is not the God of Israel regardless of the self-hand-made stamper they stamp on their actions and behaviors with HIS name on it. The judgments will be great for those who talk the talk but do not strive to walk the walk. We can not hide from God.

These things go so far beyond an ‘imperfect’ human being who screws up, backslides and then remorsefully returns back to the Lord. They don’t ever seem to return back to the Lord at all. They just make excuses or wrap garbage up as some type of present, ignoring the reeking smell of sulfur that permeates the wrapping. I have wondered if they ever even walked with the true God at all?

These things I speak of are purposeful, plotting, malicious, outright insanity and deception, and just pure wickedness. Many of these incidents have caused me to stumble greatly in the past, at times I have even placed my head down on my desk and uncontrollably sobbed. When it has become way too close to home, I have even begged for a release of my spirit to get off this bad ride, and very far away from these people and circumstances that I had not ordered. Yet I am still here, alive and stronger the next morning. Go figure.

Who are YOU really?

People of hypocrisy, jealousy, hatred, self-absorbed narcissists, delusional, greedy, reprobates, perverts, murders, liars, coveting and manipulating, whores and thieves, and even those with puffy ego’s that can’t see past their very own noses and acknowledge their own reflection in the mirror…they can only see the tip of their finger pointing at another. It is shocking to see from my spiritual eyes. I have no time for it. These are all time wasters to me. I am not speaking of those who are atheists and the non believers who need to hear the Good News of Yeshua, but the ‘so called body of Christ.’ I have all the time in the world for those who need salvation, but surely I have not one more second of time for those who should know better. For those who use HIS name, for those who say His name and walk with Man-made titles that they have conveniently anointed and appointed themselves with. I just can not be bothered with it any longer, and I have to do a quick scraping of my plate of such garbage.

Strangely they come posed as friends, lovers of Christ, they steal but accuse me of stealing. They call me ungodly as they cheat, lie and deceive others. They call me a whore as they are out whoring. They call me arrogant because I refuse their false doctrines, silly superstitions and their false indoctrination. They call me spiritually haughty, though it is their very own noses in the air. It is quite strange to watch.

Access is DENIED!

Access is denied to those who go contrary to the words that the Lord speaks to me. I make no apology for it. I don’t have to apologize, I know my God and I don’t follow another. Only of late have I realized that this is the divisiveness which God was speaking of happening in the end times. It has already begun. The trampoline is getting ready to be removed from under the feet of millions of people.

BLAH..BLAH..BLAH...I can't hear you.

They call me untrained when it is the Lord who has shown, spoke and trained me. You can not have a better teacher than the Master. They tell me to listen to them! Follow them! Lean on them! Learn my teachings! Join my church! “I can part waters! I have wings but you just can’t see them! I am Moses! I am Elijah! I am Mary! I am one of the Two Witnesses! I will lead you! Follow me! Follow me! God told me to tell you that….” Yeah Okay. Guess what?

God told me to “Be still and Know that he is God.” …and that is what I am doing.

They gnash their teeth, they get very angry when they are told that I follow no other but the voice of God and what He shows me. He speaks, I listen and obey no other but Him. It is very simple for me but not so simple for many others.

At the end of the day, those who serve the Lord are all equal. Those that don’t serve Him just talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. There is a great reason why God says to walk with Him alone and let no man deceive you. I have learned these lessons over and over throughout the years until I finally got it right. I heed those words and I obey them today.

I make no apology for it. I don't have to. I follow God regardless of their voices, their pleas, demands, lies, and poor manipulated, spiritual and emotional attempts upon me to follow them. I wait faithfully for Him to move, and I will follow no other. If you are feeling this way as well, and you continue to have poop delivered on your plate that you didn't order...remember that you do not have to conform to any man. You are expected to conform to God and obey God first. Perhaps you as well were born for such a time? I do believe so.

Remember, as I have had to continue to remind myself, over and over, as I find myself in a state of "What do I do now Lord?"

"Be still and know that I am God."

Vision of the Removal of the Trampoline

August 6, 2016

There were two words shown and spoken to me. “Fire and Chastisement.” These two words were about people, ungodly fake Christians, ungodly churches, as well as the ungodly worldly people, millions and millions of people. A trampoline was then shown to me. It was as big as the world. I was told and shown simultaneously that the trampoline was getting ready to be pulled and removed from them. I watched it be pulled away. The wisdom quite clear by these words and the scene that I watched.

Those that are used to rebounding back up from their falls, will not rebound from the power of God. They never acknowledged who it was that was keeping them from the ultimate fall. GOD. They will fall to the ground and be left there for a time. Humbling them and showing them the lack of any power that they have on their own without the trampoline (God). They will not have the power of the true God of Israel to give them the strength to get up from their fall and their losses when He is removed. The ‘church’ is part of this humbling and loss of their trampoline. It is the “tall houses being crumbled.”

As Edward Snowden cryptically tweeted, “It’s time.” I would agree on behalf of the great God that I serve that “It’s time” that God remove this trampoline and let all the people of the world understand that it is only He who gives the power to man and without Him, we are nothing. He intends on showing people this. I encourage it because without the trampoline, when a person’s face is in the ground and humbled, it is only then that God can do His greatest works and bring the people and their faces back to God the Creator.

Will you be ready for your trampoline to be removed? I pray so.

I will do as instructed, “Be still and know I AM God.”

Don't Give UP! Hold Fast! Be still & know that He is God!

Hold Fast by Mercy Me

To everyone who's hurting
To those who've had enough
To all the undeserving
That should cover all of us
Please do not let go
I promise there is hope

Hold fast
Help is on the way
Hold fast
He's come to save the day
What I've learned in my life
One thing greater than my strife
Is His grasp
So hold fast

Will this season ever pass?
Can we stop this ride?
Will we see the sun at last?
Or could this be our lot in life?
Please do not let go
I promise you there's hope

Hold fast
Help is on the way
Hold fast
He's come to save the day
What I've learned in my life
One thing greater than my strife
Is Your grasp
So hold fast

You may think you're all alone
And there's no way that anyone could know
What you're going through
But if you only hear one thing
Just understand that we are all the same
Searching for the truth
The truth of what we're soon to face
Unless someone comes to take our place
Is there anyone?
All we want is to be free
Free from our captivity, Lord
Here He comes

Hold fast
Help is on the way
Hold fast
He's come to save the day
What I've learned in my life
One thing stronger than my strife
Is Your grasp
So hold fast

Help is on the way
Hold fast
He's come to save the day
What I've learned in my life
One thing greater than my strife
Is Your grasp
So hold fast


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    • profile image

      preloma7 18 months ago

      Thank you Mrs JOY, BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. Those words bring me joy and holds me rooted. Yesterday me and my husband had a late night, around about 12pm we went to bed. Suddenly my right foot got stiff from the big toe till the middle, I told my husband and as usually he he prayed for my foot. I immediately fell into a trance where I saw a tree with wings for leafs , then the picture was zoomed out on the right side was light and where the tree was place was in darkness.

      The tree was on the left and in darkness, as i was shaking uncontrollably on the bed it continued. The evil tree began to burn like the tree of Moses, I heard the LORD say "you see the making it seem like the burning bush". Then two figures stepped towards the evil burning bush, a man and a woman. Then in my thoughts I asked then who are this, the LORD answered the two witnesses of darkness. HE continued to say their plan to slay the two real witnesses.

      Then I saw a red dragon from afar, it broke the chain on it's foot and it flew of but I didn't see where it went.

      We really must be still and know that HIS GOD

    • JG Hemlock profile image

      JG Hemlock 18 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

      Hey preloma! You are not the only one to punch pillows hahaha. Oh my! You just triggered me to remember my vision of Redlands, California. "Government for the trade." EXACTLY! The Holy Spirit will never leave you, even when discouraged. ESPECIALLY when you can not pray! I KNOW this! Those that do not welcome you into the Kingdom have no say really. The Kingdom is HIS and not theirs. These are those who are going to have the door slammed into their own faces. Don't take it to heart. The gnashing of teeth will be great! btw. You reminded me of my own experience with being unable to walk.....As I was finishing my last book, out of nowhere I lost all ability to hold my back up. I literally crawled around for days like a puppy dog...laughing but not peeing on the floor or anything. LOL It is the darkness challenging you and actually believing that this would cause you to lose your faith. NOT! I believe that you can walk today yes? Don't give up your testimony of Christ! No matter what...don't worry about those who slam a door that they do not have the authority to slam on you. It will be slammed on them. You are set aside for His work. Those who are closing the door...they do not understand spiritual because they are not spiritual. It is really that simple. Don't be discouraged. "Be still and KNOW that HE is God. ((((Hugs)))))

    • profile image

      preloma7 18 months ago

      Wow , hahahaha I laugh because my JESUS CHRIST, yesterday Mrs Joy I couldn't walk I was temporarily paralysed from the abdomen down. The LORD kept showing visions of people who kept telling me and my husband to consult ancestors, and those who kept saying that I should relay on government grants to live. CHRIST kept saying you listen to people, because even though we didn't do it we surely talked about considering government grant a lot. As for those who kept telling us about ancestral worship, THE LORD was saying if you stay quite it means you agree with them.


      I was thinking I am the only one having defined and developed arms and legs, from punching pillows , bags etc

    • JG Hemlock profile image

      JG Hemlock 19 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

      Yes, I knew it after it happened. I am glad that I saw it. I learned much over this. Number one was to never compromise God's words. Number two was that I never used to speak up to lying pastors, lying pastors wives, anybody with ministry labels because I felt beneath them and was always made to feel beneath them. I sat in a chair with my blanket wrapped around me when this person got into MY marital business UNSOLICITED. She would hardly be anyone to take serious. My words were LOUD AND FIRM WHEN I SAID..."You are not in good standing with the Lord." She never said a word and I said it AGAIN louder and with more power. She said nothing because she knew she was not in 'good standing and a hot texas mess she was. After she left I realized that I had changed somehow in regards to speaking up face to face with no fear and no wavering on truth. I was quite shocked to be honest and happy to hear it flow through my mouth so freely and automatically. My husband always says that I am too hard on myself. Yes probably at times I am. Somebody could stab me and I would look at them and say, "What...what did I do wrong?" as if it is my fault. LOL God is working on me in many areas where I am lacking. Thanks for the comment Fire Lotus.

    • profile image

      Fire Lotus 19 months ago

      I was just rereading this. Do you see what you yourself wrote..."I prayed and He said yes but only for a few days..." He knew what she was up to and He still said yes so you would know the truth. He knew her plan, He knew she would be there for a bit, and He permitted it for His ultimate honor & glory. You are too hard on yourself, maybe? It was an eye opener. She will never fool you again. None of us is perfect here either...

    • profile image

      Fire Lotus 19 months ago

      He's so patient with us, yet so holy. Very strict, but so forgiving...


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