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Be Unapologetically You

Updated on April 6, 2016

You are the only you that exists. That means that there is no one else like you on the planet. You are unique.
You like certain things that other people may not like.
You do things a different way to how someone else might do it.
And that’s okay.

Sometimes I feel like I have to justify why I like certain things, or why I do certain things. Sometimes I feel like because other people don’t like that certain thing, or don’t do that particular thing, that I have to justify why I do or apologise because I do.

This topic came up when I was chatting with a friend about social media and how we use it. For her, she’s not a big social media user. But for me, it’s a big part of my life because of blogging. It’s how I build connections with fellow bloggers and reach out to people. I felt like I needed to justify why I blog and use social media the way I do. But in that moment she stopped me and said that it was okay, that is something that I am passionate about and makes me happy.
I realised just recently how silly that was. Why should I apologise for doing something that I am passionate about, or something that makes me happy? I shouldn’t and neither should you.

There are people in my life who don’t really ‘get’ me and that’s okay. There are always going to be people in our lives that don’t really get us because they aren’t us. They are them and you are you.
You are unique and they are unique.
They like certain things that you don’t and you like certain things that they don’t.

Sometimes we aren’t always supportive of what our friends like, myself included. To us it may seem weird and kind of dumb, but to them it makes them happy, so who are we to tell them the thing that makes them happy is weird.

For me, social media and blogging is a way to build relationships with people that I am unable to connect with in person. I’ve made many beautiful connections with wonderful people through blogging and Instagram. Sometimes I think my friends think I am incredibly weird for doing what I do, but I don’t mind anymore. I used to think I had to justify why I do what I do, but now I know that is just silly. I don’t need to apologise for being me.

I am Kristie. I like blogging and building connections with people via social media. I drink way too much coffee and spend far too much time in coffee shops.
I change my phone case as often as I change my outfits (constantly.)

I change my bedroom around on a monthly basis. Sometimes I am loud and annoying and sometimes I am quiet. I order food the weirdest ways possible and sometimes I snort when I laugh.

God only created one Kristie Hillway and I will be unapologetically me.

All your weird and wonderful fetishes, your hobbies, your laugh, the little dance you do when you get excited, these are the little things that make up you.
God only created one of you so be unapologetically you.


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