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Be a Masterpiece

Updated on June 17, 2015


Stop hating yourself for what you aren't and start loving yourself for what you are! you were made in the creation of the most high. Everyone's blessings come in different size packages. Weather you is the small size envelope that fits in the mail box, or whether its the oversize package that you have to sign for, just remember where it came from. Everyone isn't born perfect. Reality TV and social medial has our heads so wrapped around what it so called believes the world is suppose to be it has us around here acting crazy!! We look at celebrities and then we look at ourselves and wonder. At the end of the day we have got to keep in mind the the Media is portraying these people a little more than they should they always adding a little more detail then what is really is. Dont forget the celebrities are just as human as we are. Oh an don't forget photo shop. Come on now guys we cant be that insecure in ourselves. God made you the way he made you for a reason, you ever thought about that? What God has for you let no man destroy. From the physical features, your job, your children, you dreams, no of it. Have you been destroyed already trying to keep up with the Jones? Love yourself or nobody will!!


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