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Be a true human!

Updated on April 14, 2016

Thus spoke the Mahatma!

Develop human virtues and serve the society!

How the mind reacts to different situations? It depends upon the individual. Yes, an individual with firm resolutions and steadfastness will not bother much about different situations. He will be unconcerned with success or failure. He embarks upon an action which he resolves to pursue. But this quality is like a sharp knife. When used for common good, it is highly worthy. But we have seen today, even negative minded people resolve to carry out certain covert operations to terrorize peace loving situations. Hence determination must be combined with discipline. One should not commit acts which mar the peace of the common public. Hence, it would be worthy that selfless actions are carried out with determination. Such selfish acts will do a lot of good to the common man.

Courage and determination are two stellar qualities for defense people. They protect the country from alien intrusion. Naturally, they sacrifice their time and energy for the sake of their motherland. This is the most noteworthy act. But certain evil elements around the globe are always planning to subvert the law and order prevailing in a country. They have selfish aim in terrorizing a community to submission. They may succeed initially but later, their very acts of terrorism will boomerang on them. There is a proverb in countryside. The man who wields a knife will be slain by the same knife. We have seen dictators enslaving an entire country by their banal policies. Millions have perished due to the selfish end of such dictators. Due to the horrendous crime, their life ended tragically. Not one dictator had a peaceful end. Many of them committed suicides by shooting themselves since they feared killing at their opponent’s hands.

Even Judas has turned a traitor for identifying Jesus to the authorities. He got fifty silver coins for his treachery. What happened to him? Unable to quench his conscious, he hanged himself. This is how all those who breed negativity in society will end finally. Our own conscious will taunt us. Instead of hurting our own selves, we can safely follow the human virtues. Initially noble qualities are difficult to practice since our egoistic mind will stoutly refuse to be disciplined by virtues. It is easy to go along the current of water in a river. See the small fishes in rivers. They always swim against the current. Then only they will survive. It gives them strength of the fins. When a small fish can swim against the current of the river, why not we try to follow noble virtues?. A herd of sheep always follow some sheep in the front. When one sheep fall in the gorge, all the sheep follow suit. But, we are human beings with discrimination. We have to follow our intellect instead of a mind enslaved by the sense.

Today, majority of the youngsters wants easy money, comforts and luxury throughout their life. How is it possible? One must earn by the sweat of their brow. Unless one exerts himself and earn a few pennies, he won’t be able to appreciate the value of money. Our parents toiled lifelong and earned wealth and properties for the sake of us. Some of us may be fortunate to acquire such wealth as a legacy. But, we should preserve their wealth and earn our own money by our own efforts. There are few irresponsible sons who spend the entire wealth of their parents and end up as debtors in society. They indulge in bad company, addicted to drinks and gambling and develop intimacy with ill repute women in society. Sooner, they would have emptied the coffers of their legacy. Then only they lament their foolishness and die in a miserable condition.

There are certain noble sons who feed the poor, cloth them and give them places to rest. They utilize the proceeds of their parent’s wealth usefully for the welfare of the poor destitute. Selfless charity is the noblest of virtues. We need to share our surplus wealth with the have not. We find that the government and local authorities charge different kinds of taxes for the water supply, electricity, communication services and transportation. But god has provided us everything fully free. We use the earth, water, air and other resources without even thanking god for all these blessings. He gave us hunger as well as food. He gave us thirst as well as water to quench it. He gave us this beautiful life to enjoy all the resources in order to teach us to love one and all and help all. He gave us the understanding that all are one and hence we should treat everyone alike!

Love in action is service to the world!


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