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Be cautious before cultivating new friendship and before making online purchase!

Updated on September 12, 2016

Infatuation quote!

Why infatuation?

The mind needs constant control. Even if we relent for few moments, it will exert its hold on the individual. Hence we need to exercise constant vigil on the unsteady mind which always oscillates like the pendulum. Desires are like the waves which hit the shore very often and they never stop at any moment. Observe the sea from the shore. The wave one after other, rise and rush towards the shore and recede. Another wave rise behind and it also reach the shore with fury. It is always rushing and receding. When the sea will become calm? It is impossible. As long as there is wind, the waves will rise and move! Many a time, meteorologists predict depression or low turf formation! What is the significance of these terms? We have always observed that after a depression somewhere in the sea, there will be rainfall in surrounding areas. Especially, those land portions which are nearer is sure to receive extensive rainfall. Hence most of the time, the observations of meteorologists comes true. But the direction of the wind moves the cyclonic formation to some other area. Only when the cyclone crosses the land, we can understand the severity and the resultant loss of lives and properties.

The desires that arise in the mind are of similar nature! The desire sometimes causes storm in our mental firmament. As cyclone damages those living in the land, desires cause much grief in the minds of individuals. The desires may be of different natures. Some desires denote want of certain things (in the present time, it is mostly electronic gadgets) or persons or relationships. It is very common nowadays to find boys gets infatuated towards girls. During infatuation, reason fails and our thinking capacity become dull. Whatever object the mind desires, we exert ourselves to procure that thing or object if we possess the money! If it pertains to girls, the boys try to please them in many ways to attract their attention and spend money to please the girl. This is the initial attraction which is called infatuation. In the e commerce sites, every day newer gadgets are advertised with better specification and less cost. Hence young persons who earn a sizable salary like the software professionals always browse the e commerce sites for latest models of smartphones or tablets. Within a month, an advanced configuration of the same variety will be advertised in the sites. Hence attractions and value of electronic gadgets dwindle very quickly. Thus earlier versions are offered for a discount according to the popularity or the lack of it.

Attractions of e commerce platforms

Ask yourself whether it is absolutely essential?

If a young boy is attracted to a girl, he should few points. 1. He is attracted to her charm and personality 2.He is not aware of her behavior or habits. 3. If the relationship has to endure, he must first cultivate friendship and know her likes and dislikes. As everyone knows, the charm fades sooner or later. Even a fever, cough and cold make her to lose her attractions. If one is laid up with fever for few days, it is difficult to recognize the face. The adage, ‘first impression best impression’ applies only to job search. If one moves with a girl for two days, he can understand her common nature, whether she gets angry, whether she retains her composure, whether she is friendly with others etc. What attracts to the eye may not be always correct. In most of the cases, it is difficult to judge or gauge a girl. The human psychology is, ‘everyone put forward his best foot. In society, everyone tend to show themselves as docile, calm and well behaved. Only inside the home, their rude behavior will come to the fore! But infatuation blinds our vision. It is the face; the color of the eye and tresses, the dresses, the makeup, everything goes into a personality.

Similar is the case of attractions to objects or electronic gadgets. The advertisements boost the product. Only the reviews and comments exhibit the negatives. Hence always review the products and compare them with various similar products. The main contention is “whether one really needs a particular product. For instance, one may have smartphone and a PC at home. He need not aspire for a tablet. Since the tablet is only enlarged version, all data, news, mails and social platforms could be very well accessed through a smartphone. A tablet serves the same purpose. Hence, if one has a decent smartphone, he need not spend on a tablet. Hence avoid browsing e commerce sites very frequently. They will make you obsessed to order for a new one in the market. Nowadays surfing the net through the smartphone has become a very common feature. Hence before ordering any new gadget, ask yourself, “Whether the product is absolutely essential? Whether the product will enhance your knowledge or experience? In most of the cases, the answer will be big no!

Signs of infatuation


Hence, it is prudent to be cautious when we deeply desire to purchase a new gadget or cultivate new friendship! Prevention is always better than cure! Hence think before you leap!


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