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Be grateful to the Supreme Intelligence!

Updated on December 19, 2012

Unity of symbols!

Invisible Supreme!

We pay taxes to Government and the local administration for various things. We pay water charges, sewage charges, for electricity consumption, and for telephone and mobile use. We pay for broadband and internet. The above charges are compulsory for all users. But do we care to thank God for all the free energies he has provided. Air, sunlight, cool winds, rivers and all sources for food he has blessed for the entire mankind. He has given us the body, thinking mind, discriminating intellect and the sense organs to enjoy nature. He has given us a mother when we were babies, who sacrificed her all for our sake. He has given us a family to take care of us. He has given us, the society to learn co-operation and co-existence. But we seldom show our gratitude to God who has provided us every thing free. He has given us freedom to choose. But he has placed certain rules to guide the behavior of man. The scriptures point out the fundamental rules of human behavior and morality.

How many of us are aware of the intricate networks in human body? How the senses transmit their feelings such as sound, touch, taste, form etc to the brain and how they are decoded? The tireless heart and the blood circulation, the cleaning of harmful things in the blood by the kidneys, the human memory, the functions of the various muscles, glands etc! Is it not a miracle? We need electricity to enable the various appliances to function. Who has provided electrical pulses within the human body for the heart beat, maintenance of body temperature at a constant level, fighting the external viruses and harmful bacteria etc? How the immune system protects us from diseases. My main contention is that in spite of all these, we never pay our gratitude to the supreme. We are highly cultured and sophisticated beings on earth. But we never care to acknowledge the blessings conferred on mankind by God or some mysterious power. When somebody gives his seat to us, we immediately say “Thank You”. Why we do not acknowledge the same to Nature or God or some unnamed supreme power?


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