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Bear Totem Animal

Updated on September 25, 2015
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I am a photographer, published artist and writer. I am a makeup artist student, and studying herbs. I love to write and share my view points


Animal Spirit Totems


In Native American Spirituality everything in nature holds a certain kind of medicine. Everything in life including the animal kingdom holds lessons for us to learn, and they can teach us how to handle certain situations. These animals are known as our 'Totem Animals'.

The animal kingdom includes insects, reptiles, and of course wildlife. This page is about carrying 'Bear Medicine' as one of your personal totems. A totem is a spiritual helper that comes to our aid as we need them.

Different Native American cultures believe we are all born with spiritual medicine animals and although different tribes may believe different animals are associated with different dates of birth, the fact remains we all have guardian angels just as we all have animal totems in our lives

Acknowledging or accepting this belief is totally up to you. Nothing in life is etched in stone, but each of us believe the way we need to or want to. Being part Native American I have always sensed there was more to life than what was just in front of us, now I know what to call it.


Bear Spirit Totems

Have you ever heard the expression, 'women are as protective of their children as a bear is with her cubs? One part of bear medicine is to teach protecting techniques. Therefore, it would be considered 'Strength'.

Ted Andrews author of a book called: 'Animal Speaks' explains that the bear is a powerful symbol in both myth and lore. The bear is associated with the goddess Diana, a Goddess of the Moon. It is said that the bears medicine is so strong and magical that often they are considered to be a shaman themselves. The bear is known to shamans as the 'Keepers of Medicine'.

Bear medicine teaches us to go deep within and awaken the true potential of who we are. It teaches us to stay rooted in our faith and to enjoy the sweetness of life. When we allow ourselves to go within and awaken different gifts we carry, it shows us our true power and strength. Finding solutions for different tasks will become easier because through your growth and nutriment of yourself you will understand your teachings are coming from a higher guidance.

As I mentioned earlier, Native Americans believe everything is connected together, since bears love to climb trees they are often associated with trees. Trees are ancient powerful symbols just as the bear and both act as natural antennas that link Mother Earth to Heaven.


Bear on the Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel represents harmony and connections with all living creatures. Although there is no written record of the true purpose of the medicine wheel to be found. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the medicine wheel, but Native American still considers it to be a sacred tool used for their spirits.

Each place on the medicine wheel represents certain symbols and energies. Bear resides in the west on the medicine wheel, however again, different cultures/tribes will place the bear in a different position usually the south. Water also resides In the west of the medicine which means west is symbolized as healing as is the bear. When I refer to 'Bear Medicine' I am not speaking about modern medicine like pills or shots, I am talking about a deep personal power within oneself. It is spiritual medicine that helps you to become whole or complete.

As we begin to awaken to our higher self we will being to receive different messages either seeing things in nature and/or dreams. 'Bear Medicine' will keep these dreams safe within until the dreamer is ready for them. It is said to mean if you feel the need to sleep a lot that could mean bear medicine is trying to work with you. For a very long time this has allowed visionaries, mystics and shamans to prophesy.

'Bear Medicine' is working within you when you do not make snap decision. One of bears medicine is the power of introspection. When you are looking for the truth, you will not stop searching, studying or looking for the right answers. That is one way you can know people with the Bear Totem know what they are talking about.

Meeting your power animal


Our Beliefs

Regardless of what animal and/or animals are your totems, there are always ways to honor them. My husband and I both choose to honor our totems by having tattoos. Many people will collect statues, blankets, clothing and little knick-knacks of the animal.

Sometimes we can give honor to our animals just by silently giving thanks to them. Once many years ago, I was hiking this trail and seen a tree where a bear had been shaping its claws. I just laid my hands over that area and I could feel the energy of that bear. So I silently was honoring the bear for its medicine.

In life we learn really fast what is best for each of us and what is not. There are people who will study and live one certain way, there are others who are open and combine many different beliefs into their life-I knew from a very young age that the world is open with many different beliefs and it is okay for each person to walk the path that is right for them.

That is why I always say, 'Life is filled with magic, if we only allow our eyes to it!'

Are you familiar with animal spirit totems? If you are, do you know what your totem is?

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