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The Universe & Beautiful Rainbow

Updated on May 13, 2012

The Universe

I have always been curious about the universe up there , stars twinkling in the dark night that is billions of light years away. Presume our universe is at least billions of years old , old enough to give the light from these stars enough time to reach our planet. From our vantage point here on Earth we can see light from stars shinning so brightly up there like diamonds. The universe out there, never fail to make me wonder and stare in awe how great our Creator is and what else is out there for us to find out. The mystery is just endless , the stars , planets , sun , moon and even the rainbow after the rain all seem so mysterious and beautiful. They are so far away yet so close to earth. 

The universe is like a huge wide open space that holds everything from the smallest particle to the biggest galaxy. No one knows how big the Universe is , not even the Scientists. Long time ago with a group of friends we camp overnight at the beach just to watch the stars , the universe up there make us feel so small and insignificant. Just about last week after a light rain , i look out of my window i cant believe what i have seen , a huge double rainbow just right in front of me and is awesome. Is the first time i have seen such huge and close up rainbow in my life. I never forget this sights that took my breath away. All these natures never fail to amaze us just when we least expect it.

Someday if we all are able to just purchase tickets to travel up to space that would be the most awesome thing. I cant imagine how that feeling would be when you are up in space and look down to see earth , our home and feel how small we actually are compare to the Universe. Is going to open our mind on how we view the world and our surrounding. We definitely will gain a lot from this experience of watching earth from outer space and letting our imagination carries us far and wide. 



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