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Beauty lies in the Soul and not in the body!

Updated on February 1, 2013

Beautiful blessing!

Soul stirring stories!

The entire world is after happiness but they are not aware of the ways to get the same. Most of the people of the world have incorrect understanding about happiness. They feel that the temporary feeling of satiation of worldly desires constitute happiness. But they do not last forever. The mind hankers after happiness and comfort every now and then. Hence it seeks the happiness in worldly pleasures, the senses offer and the comforts and luxury in day to day life. It is everyday experience that what we eat cannot be retained in the tongue. If you taste a sweet, the tongue will send it to the gullet. Hardly has it kept the sweet for few seconds. The taste too lingers for a few moments only. Are you satisfied with the portion of sweet you have just eaten? No. The mind hankers for more. Not only has that it hankered for varieties in taste. Hence it is the usual practice in India, those one take savories after a pudding of sweet!

Now let us examine the vision experience. We want to see beautiful things and sceneries all through our life but we know that it is impossible. We have to see ugly and unpleasant scenes too along with the beautiful one. When a young man looks at a girl of his age, he is fascinated by the outward beauty and charm. If we examine this experience in depth, we may understand that what one perceive as beauty is nothing but unpleasant things covered by the glow of skin. Man’s vision is external. He is easily enamored by the external looks. What we perceive as the glow is nothing but pus and blood, fat and dirt that circulate. Here I remember a beautiful story told by Saibaba to a gathering. It seems that a young man has seen a beautiful girl and he were charmed by her exquisite beauty. He enquired about the whereabouts of the girl. He found that she is the daughter of an influential man in the town. The young man wanted to marry the beautiful girl. He boldly went to her house and requested for speaking with the girl. The girl heard about this strange request and conceded to meet him. On seeing her, he poured his heart and requested her to consider his alliance for marriage. The girl was full of wisdom. She thought over the matter and asked the man to come after a week time.

Meanwhile, she took strong purgatives and started defecting. When she was continuously defecting, she became weak and lost her shape and form. Her beautiful face becomes scary to look at. At that time, the young man arrived. The girl meanwhile asked her maids to collect the faceas in big jars. The man requested the girl to talk. But he was not aware that the beautiful girl has turned into a scarecrow by purging. She came and asked the young man what he wants? He said, he wanted to meet the beautiful girl. I am verily here, don’t you recognize me? The young man was shocked to see her ugly form. He blurted out, “What happened to your beautiful form? She said, it is in those jars! What you perceived as beauty is nothing but nauseating dust and dirt. At least from now on do not judge things or persons seeing their outer form. No doubt, the young man became wise and thanked her for teaching the beautiful truth!

Hence, real happiness lies in conquering the senses and going beyond the mind. The Self within is the embodiment of Bliss. Realize that. You are verily the Self!


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    • Jennifer Lynch profile image

      Jennifer Lynch 5 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      A good story full of wisdom.