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Become Psychic In 9 Simple Steps

Updated on February 6, 2013

So you want to be psychic, huh? Are you sure? Well - technically you are psychic already. This is something not many people understand, but don’t worry - soon I will explain everything. And with this article, I will teach you how to basically develop your psychic abilities.

Now, this article is not a complete guide to psychic development. It’s not, because the very psychic development is much more complex subject, and step-by-step instructions, as well as lot of useful theory, and lot of very detailed tutorials I’ve put into Psychic Development Simplified book guide (available on Amazon).

The theory and tutorials from this guide will give you basic idea for psychic development - practice them, and with time you will notice your psychic awareness increasing. But if you want to develop faster, understand why psychic abilities work, and learn many more useful skills and techniques, you will need something more that this.

So basically, is this article useful or not? Yes, it is - I’ve put many techniques here that I’ve gathered and practiced during my exploration of the subject of psychic development, while doing my research for Psychic Development Simplified. Consider this work as your free basic course, with it you will learn the basics that you will be able to expand further with other articles.

While writing this, I followed the question asked by one of my readers that sounded “what should I learn to experience some psychic stuff, but not much, as just want to see if it works and I’m not ready to learn anything advance or very serious”. Now that’s a difficult question, but I like to think I came up with good solution - so, continue reading and learn some cool psychic stuff :).

You are already psychic

I am one of those guys who will tell everyone around that everyone is already psychic - you are no different. Everyone is psychic to some degree - I have learned this, because I was not “born with the gift” - I develop all the psychic abilities I currently use. With some I have only experimented for few weeks, other I work with for this very day - this is clairvoyance, psychometry and psychic healing.

It doesn’t matter if you are 10 years old, or 100 years old - if you want to achieve something, you can achieve it - this is my philosophy, and this is something few psychics taught me in all these years. Your faith, your age, your point of view - none of these matters. No matter if you’re blessed with great health, or you have lost all your limbs, as brutal as it might sound - it doesn’t matter. Because what’s cool about psychic abilities is that everyone can learn how to develop them further and further.

If you want to learn psychic abilities, you need only two things. This is patience and practice. With patience, you can practice long enough to develop the skill you want. But this won’t happen if you will not learn the basics of basics regarding psychic development. This is why this e-book has been created. And you will start by learning how to actually learn things.

Learning psychic abilities is not just about sitting and manipulating unseen energies - called “PSI” or Chi, Ki, Prana, Ether or Astral Light. It’s also about understanding why all these words means the same thing, and how psychic abilities refer to real magick etc.

Magick VS Psychic Abilities

What is magick? Really, no one knows for sure - it’s a way of practicing, achieving specific goals with specific procedures using specific supernatural factors. To some, magick is the way of influencing physical reality to suit ones Will. To others, it’s the way of using psychic energies to interact with physical reality. Honestly - magick and psychic abilities interact with each other, and refer to each other more often that you might think.

Many psychic arts are used in magical arts, many magical arts are forms of psychic abilities. Why is it so? Because everything originate from the same source - ancient times and shamanic practices, where there was no psychic or magick stuff - there were only tribes and shamans. And they were doing things that we label with our modern terms.

Why am I mentioning about this? Because I’m sure that during your exploration of the psychic phenomena you might explore other occult subjects - and you might be surprised how similar some magical systems are to psychic development. Some people even perceive psychic development as childish, while some psychics perceive the occult as evil.

The golden mean is simple - just practice and learn, develop your psychic skills, and remember - that there is common source of all the magical and psychical systems currently in existence. With that knowledge, you might move further.

Reading only websites, not books/ebooks

One of the common problems in case of psychic development is that a lot of people would like to learn everything from the free Internet sources. But honestly, this is impossible. The amount of work that one must put into reliable source of psychic development knowledge is huge, and in the modern world it just cannot be easily gave away for free.

Does it mean that there are no useful sources online? Of course there are - there are websites and blogs that provide very useful information - but so far, I have never seen a website that would provide you with everything you need to know. Websites and blogs give advices and tips, but total knowledge can be put only inside a book (or e-book, as it’s XXI century already).

Because of this, you need to read books and e-books that provide you with more information that you can possible think of, and all this information is within one volume.

What to learn - thing after thing

Now you’re about to learn some basic psychic techniques that you will be able to expand further, or leave them alone if you’ll decide this is not for you. From meditation to chakras, to psychic shielding and psychic awareness - behold, you’re going to learn some practical stuff now :).

Let these small lessons be your guidelines, tips that will point you what you can look for in order to learn more and more each day. There will be 9 short lessons, and your training should take about 6 weeks.

Lesson 1 - The Psychic Journal

First few lessons won’t even scratch the surface of practical psychic abilities, but still - they will discuss important things. Let’s start with piece of paper, shall we?

The most important tool for you and every single psychic wannabe, something 90% of all psychic articles and workbooks talk about, is your psychic journal. A simple piece of a notebook will do the job. Inside, you will keep records of your psychic development - you will write about all your exercises, all psychic experienced, or weird events, and all personal thoughts about how and why psychic skills work.

But such psychic journal have one more, very important purpose that none of the books I’ve read ever mentioned. This task is related to your subconscious. You see - when you write something down, you focus upon in - you tell your brain “this is what I focus upon”. And when you write “I had that weird feeling that the phone is about to ring, and it actually did” - you’re telling your subconscious that you have noticed that experience, and you want more of these. And guess what - your subconscious will respond to what you want - you will start having more premonitions and other psychic experiences.

Now you see why psychic journal is important in your development. So go shopping, and grab some simple notebook that will become the central element of your entire development process.

Recommended Guidebook

Psychic Development Simplified
Psychic Development Simplified

Grab "Psychic Development Simplified", a complete guide to becoming a psychic and developing psychic abilities. Learn from scratch and walk the path of psychic growth step by step.


Lesson 2 - Building Your Library

Lesson two is all about reading. Today your task is quite simple - I want you to visit local library and see how many books about psychic abilities and psychic development they have there. If you will be lucky, you will find few books there. I want you to read all of them - no matter if they’re generally about psychic abilities, or if they’re development articles. Why so?

Because now you need to acquire some basic knowledge, you need to learn some history, theory and terminology, and reading over few books is the best way to do this. But this will be just the beginning. Your next task is to prepare two things:

  • Space on the bookshelf - from now on, you should collect books about psychic abilities from various sources, don’t be afraid to invest money here. This way, you’re going to learn more and more.
  • Space on the hard drive - you can collect e-books instead of books, after all we’re living in XXI century, and e-books are quite normal these days.

Read articles, websites, books and e-books, never be afraid of acquiring knowledge, and what’s more important, never stop learning. This will help you understand the principles of psychic development, which will help you develop your abilities faster. It will require money - but you don’t need to spend $1000 each month, purchasing one second-hand book or cheap e-book per month will be sufficient, even less. It doesn’t matter how much do you pay for books, if you pay at all. What matter is how you use the knowledge you have gathered.

Lesson 3 - Learning Meditation

As terrible as it might sounds, no psychic wannabe can run away from learning meditation. Meditation is very important skill. A quiet mind is plugging into the ultimate source of energies - something that is known as Chi, Ki, or Reiki :). Also, energy body vibrations are increasing which makes the use of psychic energies easier each meditation session. That’s why you should learn how to meditate, and this is something I want you to do today.

But don’t worry - meditation isn’t scary or boring, it can be really exciting, or relaxing, it all depends on what you want to do during meditation. Because you don’t have to quiet your mind totally. You can just focus on small thing. You can meditate about orange - yes, I’m talking about the fruit. How so? Well, with eyes closed, you can thing about orange, whole orange and only orange, nothing else. This will be a meditation.

Because meditation is all about focus. By focusing on an image, sound, heart bit, or breath, you’re entering meditative state, and this is it. Now I will teach you how to meditate.

  • Sit down in comfortable position - it doesn’t have to be complex full lotus, you can sit in an armchair if you want, really :). Now focus on your breath.
  • Breath - breath in, and breath out - slowly and deeply. While doing so, listen to the sound of the air moving through your nose. Focus on the feel of the air moving. Just focus.
  • Clear your mind - while breathing, don’t think of anything. If a though of any form will enter your mind, simple ignore it, carry on and continue breathing.

And continue doing so for 15 minutes. This is it - this is how basic meditation looks like. During it, you can focus on other things - a car, an orange, learning psychic abilities etc. But remember to focus on one thing during each session.

From now on, you should meditate few times a week for 15 minutes per session. This will be enough during basic psychic development.

Lesson 4 - Visualization

Now that you’re reading books and meditating, you need to learn very useful ability - visualization. It’s all about imagining things, visualizing them using normal physical senses so they appear to your mind as real. Visualization is a way to support your will and thoughts - and remember, energy follow thoughts - with visualization, it will be simpler for you to manipulate psychic energies, therefore - use psychic abilities.

Visualization is quite simple - let me prove this to you. Do not think about your bed. Do not think about your kitchen. Do not think about your house. What what is that you “saw” with your mind? Let me tell you - it was your bed, kitchen and whole house. You see, you always visualize, you cannot stop it. Because of this, it’s much simpler to learn visualization than you think.

I’m going to give you an exercise now. Sit down, and relax. Close your eyes, now you’re going to use your imagination.

  • Think of a traffic lights - see them with your mind, imagine them hanging above you. See that black box and three different lights.
  • Hear the traffic - now hear the cars moving around you. Just imagine it.
  • Feel the air - feel the physical air surrounding you. Feel the cars passing by.
  • Smell the air - smell the gas and smoke in the air.

That’s it - this exercise teaches you two things. First, how easy it is to visualize, and second, that you can use one, or many senses in order to visualize. You can visualize images, or sounds, or both. Just remember - you don’t need to “see” things perfectly sharp - just imagine them, if you even think about them, then you’re on the right track, because always and always - energy follow thoughts.

Lesson 5 - Energy Manipulation

After four days, your patience is slowly repaying itself. Today you’re going to learn the basics of energy manipulation. I’m going to teach you how to manipulate psychic energies within your arms. Don’t worry - it’s going to be quite simple exercise.

Between reading and learning, sit down and relax. Close your eyes, count down from 10 to 0 - this will calm down your mind. Now visualize bright white energy in your right hand. You don’t need to feel anything physically, just “see” the energy with your mind. Then, visualize the energy moving through your arm to your right shoulder, then to left shoulder and down your arm to left hand. Then, do this in opposite direction.

At first, during first few weeks you might not sense anything - but keep practicing this. With time, you will start sensing things - or should I say you might start sensing things, because everyone is different, some people do sense energies physically, some cannot. Others can see the energies, smell them, hear them - your perception will develop in time.

This exercise taught you how simple it is to manipulate psychic energies. Practicing the art of energy manipulation is the first step in learning psychic abilities for real.

Remember about one thing - psychic abilities require fuel, psychic energies. And energies need to replenish themselves from time to time, so take a break from psychic development once a week, you know - take the weekend off :). But continue this exercise for at least 2 weeks, few times a day, for about 15 minutes.

Recommended Book

The Art of Seeing: Your Psychic Intuition, Third Eye, and Clairvoyance
The Art of Seeing: Your Psychic Intuition, Third Eye, and Clairvoyance

The Art of Seeing is a complete guidebook to developing the psychic ability of clairvoyance. Learn to see auras, spirits, chakras and more!


Lesson 6 - Psiball

After two weeks, it’s time for another lesson - today you’re going to create a famous psiball. This exercise is required because even if you have learned how to manipulate energies within your body, now you need to learn how to manipulate them outside your body.

Once again, sit down and relax, close your eyes and then get to work.

  • Choose a source - The source is a way to tell your subconscious mind “there is a lot of psychic energy there, and I’m drawing it”. If you like earth because it’s huge and round. You can choose any source around you - ground, stone, the sky, stars etc. The point is to draw the energy from somewhere.
  • Draw energy - Drawing energy is simple, most people use visualization to draw the energy. Visualization can be used to assist you with drawing energy. By visualizing energy as you think it looks like, you are telling your mind “hey, this is psychic energy, it’s moving from here to over there”. So visualize the energy moving from the source and...
  • Shaping - Shaping is also simple – all you have to do is to visualize and direct the energy to form a ball between your hands – that’s all ;). It can be large or small – personally I prefer to create a bigger ball and then use visualization to make it smaller and denser. It seems easier to a lot of people to do so.

Continue creating psiballs for next 2 weeks. Each psiball should take from 5 to 15 minutes. This simple exercise will teach you how to manipulate energies outside your physical body. But wait - during these 2 weeks, you need to practice also one more skill, so read over next lesson.

Lesson 7 - Grounding and centring

Grounding and centring are simple skills that can be used to keep your energies steady. Grounding is all about grounding yourself, like an electric wire. This skill is required because sometimes you might have too much energies, and you need to get rid of them, otherwise you might suffer from energy overload - and your body doesn’t like that. Centring on the other hand is about focusing on the energies within you.

First you need to learn how to ground - this skill is very simple and all you need is again, visualization. So whenever you feel you need to ground (you will know it, trust me), close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and visualize the energies moving from your body, through your legs, down to the ground. You can visualize yourself with roots and energy moving through these roots deeply underground. With time, you will learn that you can release energies to the air around you, walls, and other physical objects - you’re not limited to the ground or floor.

Centring is even simpler - just visualize the energies at your very core - for example, within your stomach, or within your brain - visualize a ball of energies inside, and calm your mind. Et voila - you’re done :).

It’s wise to ground and centre before each and after each exercise - because grounding and centring together takes up to 15 seconds (you might want to ground longer if you prefer, there’s no rule), it’s simple thing to keep your energies safe :).

Lesson 8 - Psychic Shielding

Psychic world isn’t safe - there are negative energies flowing around, empathic impressions, tons of information being transferred by psychic energies, finally bad people who like to screw with energy of others. You need to learn psychic defense, and the basic defense is psychic shield. So for today I have an exercise for you - you’re going to learn how to create psychic shield.

It will be much easier than you think – you see, you already have a psychic shield – it’s your default defence method since the day you were born, regenerating during sleep and depleting in result of daily stress or negative emotions of people toward you. If you feel threaten, imagine you’re glowing ;). Imagine a while light surrounding you, it’s warm and it’s protecting you from the outside world. Do this for a couple of minutes, feel comfortable and safe – now you have a shield.

The concept of this shield is simple – we recognize light as something good, an attribute of higher entity some call god – angels, saints etc. they are all related to bright light – why doesn’t we like darkness? Because we don’t feel it to be safe. Make your customs and beliefs your best defense – you know light is good, so use it! Visualize the light, think of it as an impenetrable for unwanted energies. That’s it - your intention is everything you need.

Set up a shield every morning, and lower it in the evening - how? Visualize the light turing off - it’s that simple :). Remember - the shield might decrease your psychic sensitivity, so after another 2 weeks of practicing shielding, limit setting your shield only to bad time - when you really sense negative energies for example.

And another skill to your skillset :).

Lesson 9 - Psychic Sensitivity

You have learned basics of psychic abilities - you know how to manipulate energies, how to set up a shield. Now you want to move deeper into psychic phenomena. The basic of basics is psychic sensitivity - the ability to sense energies. This is something other psychics tell you need to tune into. How?

Paying attention - close your eyes, stop breathing for a moment and just pay attention - what do you feel? Smells? Cold air? Perhaps some emotions or weird, yet familiar feelings? You feel “different” and you associate this feeling with emotions? Sadness, happiness perhaps? Know, that what you feel with this method of simple paying attention is the aura of the world - the psychic energies that transfer energies. The “mood” of the place and time of the day is the energy around you - and your ability to sense all of this, is your psychic sensitivity.

With this exercise, you can develop your psychic sensitivity - sense energies in room, in other people, in the forest, near ocean etc. And with energies, information come - this leads to clairvoyance, psychometry, remote viewing, telepathy and more and more. From this, you can move on further and further each day.

Becoming Psychic

Becoming psychic is all about psychic sensitivity and the ability to manipulate psychic energies - from this both extra-sensory perception skills and psychokinesis can be developed further - all you need is the basics (which you have already learned), proper techniques and patience to practice, practice, practice. Keep writing your journal and enjoy the process of learning something new each day.

If you like this Hub and you found it useful, please rate it, and share it with your friends - thank you!


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    • Nathan_U profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Poland


      What I currently use all the time is the ability of clairvoyance. It's a very universal tool, it became like this over time and practice. With it, the ability of psychometry and useful psychic healing developed as well. I use it in my work as a Reiki teacher and practitioner these days.

      It has been quite some time since I wrote the above guide and hide it on my hard drive :).

    • tsadjatko profile image

      5 years ago from now on

      So you say you are Psychic;

      "I develop all the psychic abilities I currently use"

      however you never state what the psychic abilities you currently use are. I am curious what are they and can you give specific examples of how you have used them?


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