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Celtic Wicca For Beginners: Path of the Seer

Updated on March 14, 2015

Celtic Seer


Make becoming a Celtic Seer a priority.

If you are really serious about becoming a Celtic Seer than your going to have to step up. This path for definitely not for those who are not willing to commit the time and effort it will take to learn this craft. Taking a break even for a short time can set you way back in your progress.

Your psychic ability is like a muscle the more you train it the stronger it will get. Since a lot of us have never exercised this muscle it may take some time to see some improvements. I recommend a strict routine of meditation and divination, its the only way to guarantee results.

Page Sumary

  • Meditation is the key
  • Trust your dreams and intuition
  • Master a form of divination
  • Believe in your psychic abilities
  • Control your ego



Meditation is the key.

As much as meditation is important to wicans in general, it is doubly as important for those who are practicing the art of being a seer. There are many forms of meditation not all will be best suited for you. Zen meditation and chakra maybe useful sometimes for you to do just to cleanse. But you will need to find which one will best work for you. Trial and error I suppose. Once you find the right type of meditation that feels right for you can now work on visualization during these exercises.

Trust Your dreams and intuition.

Have you ever had the feeling you where being watch, or maybe you had a dream on night and it came through the sometime that week? Well what you have experienced is intuition and prophetic dreams. As you progress in your training in being a Celtic seer you may experience more of these events. Ill will be very important to trust these as they occur. I would recommend you to keep a journal of your dreams as a way to monitor your progress.

Runes For Divination


Master a form of divination.

The Celtic seers of old use to use different methods for the telling of the future some of these would include casting of bones, runes, and some could even predict the future from observing nature itself. Al thought most seers of today are adept in tea leaves and tarot cards. If you prefer to master a different type of divination it is entirely up to you.

Like all things it is just a matter of practice. Keep in mind that none of these will come easily to you, but if you persevere you will start to see some real progress. There are many forms of divination you may want to try. Crystal ball, scrying mirrors, and pendulums to name a few. Whatever one you chose just remember it should at least match your style. If one isn’t giving you result than perhaps it time to try something else.

Believe in your psychic abilities.

You should know that sometimes you will get a bad reading. These things are bound to happen. A lot of factors are in play when do a read it could be that your energy is low, or that you where not prepared, or the reader is giving off to much negative energy. The important thing to remember when this is to happen is to not be discouraged.

Most of all do not let this instance put you in doubt of you abilities. Losing self confidence in yourself will only put in doubt of further readings, it may also cause you to give it up. Please do not let this happen. You should go back to the drawing board if you will and practice some solo readings on yourself when you feel ready to do so. And when your confidence is restored put yourself out there again and read.

Control your ego.

Some of you having practice for a while, and may now think you are starting to be really good. That doesn’t mean that your a master of the craft. That being said, for some it may make you feel god like. Having and inflated ego is just has bad as losing confidence in yourself. You have to remember that the Celtic seers of old practice for many years before even being trusted by their clan. The key here if to keep yourself balance. If you are not able to keep yourself balance then there is no harm in having someone that can help you with this.

Meditation For Celtic Seer

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