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Become a Wedding Minister

Updated on March 16, 2011

Become a Marriage Minister

I have been a minister for 17 years. Each of us has our own reason for wanting to become a minister. When I found out how easy it really is to become a minister and how valuable becoming a marriage minister is, I wanted to jump right in.

If you have already found some type of reference material that has all the information about becoming a wedding minister in your state then you should be all set. But before I became a minister I wanted to known what my duties and responsibilities were in the state I was in.

You can also find more information here How to Become an Ordained Minister Online Free This isnt an affiliate program that I get credit for or something like that. I am just trying to share with you the easiest way that I have found to become a minister is by visiting my hub How to Become an Ordained Minister Online Free. You will fine a link to the ULC church that makes very easy for anyone to become a minister.

I would like to say again that becoming a minister is a responsibility. You have a responsibility to the people in which you are ministering to as well as your self. So what I am saying is not to take it lightly becoming a minister to marry people is fun. But remember people will count on you.

Many people still think that everyone that people that have chosen to become involved in any type of ministry are answering a calling from God. While this doesn't have to be the case for every person it may be for you?

Once you become a minister with ULC, they offer a variety of products to help you be a good minister and present yourself as a professional. No matter what your faith or cultural beliefs are ULC will accept you. They will not tell you how you are supposed to think or believe this is up to you.

One of the great things about being a minister is you can start your own church if you want to.

Its pretty easy to become a minister and start proforming all kinds of weddings in your area.

Becoming a ULC minister has been a real growing experience for me and my family as well. I know that anyone with the correct intention and love in their heart can become a minister. If you choose to join the more than 60 million members of the ULC minister I applaud your decision!


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