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Become a Zero!

Updated on March 18, 2014

Empty messages.

What is real worth?

Many readers may be astonished about the title of the hub. In today's materialistic world, 'to become zero' is an anathema. Every one tries hard to add to their value, whether it is bank balances, investments in shares or in real estates. None would like to become 'zeros' willingly. But there is a great spiritual philosophy surrounds this peculiar title! Just look back and find out 'what all you have accumulated since the beginning? What is the real worth of those items? Value addition is such a complex subject and even a best economist can not spell out correctly. Pardon me, if i have offended the superior brains of economists. I don't mean to discredit them. They are the brain behind the world economy and central banks. But in spite of meticulous planning, the economy of no country is vibrant. Even the American Dollar is losing its sheen at present. Markets crash for no valid reasons. The upheaval in one place affects the entire world.

What is the main reason for this pathetic condition. The value of materials invented by man has skyrocketed whereas the value of man is deteriorating rapidly. Only when man realizes his real worth, he will become the most valuable asset. Who has fixed values to the various precious metals and stones which are dug inside the earth. Now we see antique items are auctioned for millions of dollars. Has the world become crazy to invest on the old items? There is a clandestine attempt to smuggle idols and images of the forms of god from India since there is a huge market for those items. That is how, the ancient idols made of brass or even stone finds place in many museums around the world for their artistic value. Now, reverting back to the main title, "what i mean by asking people to become zeros? I precisely feel that everyone should empty their misconceptions and prejudices. From childhood days, we have accumulated many desires in our sub conscious mind. At that time, we are not aware of the real value of things compared to precious human beings. Things exist for us and because of us. Hence they are definitely inferior to human value. It is the human brain which has invented the computer, internet, mobile phones and what not? But we never ascribe any value to human intelligence but we try to gain few chips from commercializing those inventions!

Even the most costly possessions do not give an iota of peace or joy unless we exult over its acquisition. A diamond may be valuable to a diamond merchant. Give the diamond in the hands of a boy. He will play with it as though it is a pebble. We are preciously doing only this thing. The human life is granted to us and we are utilizing it as though it is a cheap pebble. Why this condition in spite of the intellect and thinking capacities? We are enamored by things.Any thing that do not contribute to the welfare of humanity is a sheer waste. Any thing that do not contribute to the spiritual progress of any individual is a trash, that is not worth acquiring. Now let us examine how the human race has benefited by the various inventions so far. Has the computer or internet or mobile phone has contributed to the over all progress of people around the world? What we witness to day is contrary to our expectations. Communication has aided terrorists more than administrators. Communications has increased the crime rates in each country or nation. Many innocent citizens have become bankrupt due to the frauds committed by identity thieves. None can deny that the destruction of twin towers in US is the wrong use of network communications by terrorists. Some of us may argue that internet contribute to education, health, finance and infrastructures. Yes, to an extent. But it is a double edged knife. The same network will boomerang on people when it falls in the hand of disgruntled and bad elements.

Our brain is stuffed with many dogmas and theories. Every one has got their pet aversions too. How to improve the grave situation, the world today finds in? It is only when each and everyone relinquish the harmful concepts and prejudices from their mind, humanity can achieve harmony and peace! We can never get happiness from accumulations. Only when we relinquish our desires and become empty, we will contribute to the human welfare! Nobody wants conflicts and civil wars. Every one wants peace and happiness. They can achieve this only when they empty their preconceived dogmas and theories and become a zero! Sacrifice alone can contribute to human welfare. Every one must sacrifice for the sake of others. For achieving universal harmony and peace, every country should sacrifice their personal interests for the over all welfare of the entire humanity!


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