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Becoming A Decisive and Better Person

Updated on May 26, 2016

When presented with options in front of you you are often going to think 'Oh I really want to do this' or 'oh I really want to do that'. The point of the matter is that at any one time everyone is making a decision about something in their mind.

Sometimes people will decide quite easily, 'I really want to do this' or 'I really want to do that'. Sometimes the best course of action is less obvious. Essentially we're constantly at a crossroad.

Human psychology tells us that we should always go for the best option. However this is not always the case. Often people with low self esteem go for an option that leaves them worse off. Isn't this a crazy situation? Allow me to analyse this for you.

People Will Take Advantage Of You

Basically someone goes for the worse off option because they don't have the strength to be a better person. Often going for something that is better forces you to lock heads and fight for something.

Someone with a stronger mentality will really go for it and try to take what they want. Whereas the person with a lower self esteem will back down and just give in to the more powerful force. There are some crucial survival of the fittest elements at play here as well.

The fact is even if the weaker person had a go they would be better off. Yeah they might have been crushed but they would've learnt something from the experience and ultimately come out of it a better person.

There is a sad case of a person that it is worth pointing attention towards. It is the person who thinks they are not worthy of greatness. They have everything in the world, a family that loves them, a car, but they don't take ownership of any of it.

Even the most outwardly successful people amongst us still feel they are worthy of more power, they constantly want more. That's how they got into their position in the first place. The strong person takes everything they can get without backing down at any point.

Rise to the Occasion and Stand Your Ground

The person who thinks they deserve nothing is always shooting themselves in the foot. This is such a death trap mindset. Unfortunately there are many people who fall into this category and it is the main reason why they do not get anywhere in life. The fact is you have to have a high self esteem. You have to feel as if you deserve everything. You cannot let your detractors pull you down.

Often people fall down because they are being bullied or made fun of. What someone needs to do in this situation is be a little bit aggressive. Sometimes it is normal and acceptable to be aggressive especially if someone is trying to make you feel small.

At this point if you show aggression people will see that you are not a force to reckon with. That you are capable of sticking up for yourself. After that the mean people will back off a bit. But it never stops, people are always trying to pull down whoever is at the top. It's just the way it is.

Pretty much everyone has been bullied at some point in their lives. Made to feel small or unappreciated. This is not the position that anyone would want to be in. Where someone is made to feel like they do not deserve any self worth. Those who are strong in the mind relish the challenge.

They know that challenges are going to pop up time and time again and they are well prepared for them. Basically they do not let anyone mess with them.The haters still get to them of course but they are steadfast and have confidence in their own conviction.

This makes someone more attractive to other people and this is where the 'law of attraction' comes into play. Someone has stood their ground against all odds and people love to see that being played out.

Make A Connection that is Beneficial for all Parties

Pretty much every time that someone is being bullied it is because of someone else's anxiety. This person feels that they have to be made to feel small or put down in some way shape or form. Again this is normal psychology to direct your own anxieties towards putting down those who are smaller than you.

But the target of this kind of bullying cannot let it get to them. They have to have the strength in their mind to rise above that kind of a nonsense bashing. they need to realise that they cannot let anyone like this get in their head space.

Some people are more sensitive to it than others. Some people are highly sensitive and basically everything that happens in their environment affects them. With these kind of people it is important to be mindful.

Really it is important to be mindful in every situation. With these types of people though it is more important because they are just so sensitive that you need to be really careful. And it will come as a surprise who the most sensitive of us are. You would never believe how sensitive some people are it is crazy. But certainly there are some people who are just so unbelievable sensitive you would never have expected it.

I covered a lot of facets in this article. The most important thing to draw from it is that it is important to be aggressive sometimes. People have different wants, desires and fears. In order to get want you want you have to show it to people and to not back down once you get it. The law of attraction comes into play massively here because if someone fights for what they want people will naturally be drawn to them as a source of strength.


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