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The Secret Of Becoming Dead To The World and Alive to God

Updated on July 28, 2016

The church is in bondage to a state of dark hypnotism. Christians everywhere are becoming so caught up in the attractions and temptations of this world that the expression of God’s glory in the earth has become a very rare spectacular. The sight of the blind is no longer healed and the dead is no longer raised in the assembly of the Christian church. Only a form of godliness is displayed. The exhibition of real power and glory of heaven has vanished from the people of God.

However, if the will of God is neglected, the full influence of Satan’s evil will become more widespread than it is now. Satan plans involves the destruction of all that pertains to God’s glory, including all mankind.

Therefore, the importance of becoming dead to the world cannot be neglected by the people of God. Without becoming dead to the world, the church cannot be a light unto the world. The world is full of prevailing darkness. The allure of entertainment and attractions that goes against the ideas of morality and faith are becoming more prevalent in the earth. The things of the world, including philosophical beliefs, rituals, secular ideas, and humanistic laws that govern the world system, blinds its inhabitants to the truth of God’s light and glory.

The Three Types of Desires

In order to become dead to the world, the church must give up its lustful desires for the things of the world. According to biblical scripture the world offers three types of lust: the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. The lust of the eyes includes the things we see, both good and evil, that become an obsession in our lives. The attraction could be a person, an expensive home or automobile, or a large bank account. The lust of the flesh could be the constant desire for instant gratification, entertainment, immoral pleasures, popularity and acceptance from those we think who are more important than the average person. The pride of life includes the arrogance and self-confidence we gain from the many rewards and promotions we receive for our achievements in this life. These things cause us to lust for the praise and honor of man instead of the honor and praise of God.

Release of Selfish Inclinations

The process of becoming dead to the world depends on the willingness of the believer to suffer loss of family, friends and neighbors who do not share the same spiritual interest as he does. However, believers who sacrifice their worldly connections with people whom may be dear to them will receive a greater connection with the Son of God. More of God means a lessor inclination toward the possession of people and things that are in the world. Our desire should be for God’s glory alone and the fulfillment of His will on the earth. This should be the overwhelming mission of the whole church of God.

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The Impact of Becoming Dead to the World

When the church has become dead to the world, the kingdom of darkness will get shaken to the core. It will recede. The forces of light will be unstoppable. It will overtake the most stubborn forces of Satan’s kingdom. This event will happen because the forces of darkness have already been defeated over two thousand years ago when Christ sacrificed himself upon the cross for mankind. The battle between good and evil was won that time. What’s appearing as the power of evil is only an illusion, sustained by the belief of unredeemed man. When the church becomes dead to the world, the illusion will be completely exposed for what it really is: nothingness.

Also, believers who have overcome the world are no longer shaken by circumstances that appear to be beyond their control. When things appear to be getting worse they are able to experience joy and peace within. This peace and joy destroys the illusion of the overwhelming conditions that attempts to intimidate them into doubt and fear. When the entire church comes to this state of readiness, then the awakening to the consciousness of Christ will be automatic and the kingdom of heaven can be fully established on earth. The old nature of the believer will be crucified by the fire of God's anointed Spirit. Then everywhere a believer goes the high vibrations of God's presence will make a stand in the atmosphere of darkness, eventually destroying its effect upon the situation or condition. For example, if you should have to travel into a bad neighborhood or community, the darkness will flee before you get there. Peace and joy will operate within you.

The Qualities of Those Who Have Overcome the World

The most notable quality of believers who has become dead to the world is the change in their attitude toward God, people and circumstance. First, God becomes number one in their lives. They put God’s will above their own and God’s praise above the praise of man. As a result, such believers increase in the knowledge of God while the consciousness of Christ awakens within him. The consciousness of Christ is pure freedom from the law of sin and death. Therefore, death has no power of believers who have arrived at such state of divinity.

Moreover, Christians who have become dead to the world have adapted an attitude of forgiveness toward people. They no longer desire revenge in the human sense. They are aware that vengeance belongs to God and He alone knows how to administer the correct judgment. Instead of dwelling in unforgiveness, believers who have embraced forgiveness dedicate themselves to inspiring, encouraging and guiding others through difficult times. Love is the order of the day for them.

State of the Chruch

The results of getting caught up in the entertainments and attractions of this life include the lack of:

· Spiritual power

· Divine Protection

· Honoring God

· A Distinguished Lifestyle

· Christian Love towards people

Sustaining the Invincibility within You

Becoming dead to the world is a state of consciousness that must be sustained by prayer, fasting and meditation on biblical scripture. This activity must become a lifestyle. Endurance through trials and tribulations is the top priority. Prayer and fasting as well as meditation allow the Spirit of God to take full control over the natural desires and inclinations of the mind and flesh. When the mind and flesh is subdued, the impact of God’s light upon the immediate environment is transforming. People and circumstances change for better or worse. If people accept the light in you, they will bless you. But if people reject the light within you, they will curse you. Nevertheless, you will not be affected. The presence, power and authority of Christ will instill invincibility within you.

Making It happen

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