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How To Listen to the Message from Your Angels

Updated on May 6, 2014

Learning to Increase Your Awareness of Angels

If you would like to learn how to work with the angels, consider these points:

1) Have an open mind to the possibility that they surround us at all times. They are always willing to help us and can help numerous people at one time when asked.

2) Act as to them, and expect a reply. Ask for their help and expect a response. Start with little requests to test them if you wish. The parking angel is a good one to start with- ask for a parking spot- be specific. Once you have asked, be vigilant and watch out for their responses.

3) Be determined with your requests. Ask positively for what you require help with - do not be meek!

4) Be sure to ask with an open heart. Angels work with the highest vibrations. Work to keep your thoughts as pure and loving as you can. Always ask for the highest good for all involved.

5) Archangel Michael suggests that in order to keep your vibration high, you refrain from eating low vibration foods - these can be foods covered in chemicals, or highly processed, or meat that was raised and killed in fear. Organic and raw food are the highest vibration food. Always bless what you eat and drink.

6) Dairy products block the psychic sight more than any other food.

7) Learn to stop focusing on the pain in the world - turn off the TV and read newspapers much less frequently. Spend your time focusing on sending love and healing to those places that need it most, including to yourself, politicians, large corporations, governments, and countries in trouble.

8) Ask to be a channel for love - support the angels in their work of bringing peace to the earth, and working for the improvement of mankind and ultimately, spreading love and peace.

9) Slow down. Allow yourself time to see the signs that they offer you. Sometimes this comes through other people - meeting someone who gives you a message, hearing a song that is relevant to your question on the radio, overhearing a conversation and so on. Often we ask for answers, and then are too busy to hear the reply.

10) Be prepared for answers to come to you in a way that you do not expect. Put out your request and then be open to it being answered for your best and highest good. Do not limit the angels by saying “I would like a better paying job” as this means that if their answer to your prayers was winning the lottery to bring in more money, you are preventing them from delivering in a way that you are not able to see. There is a difference between what you want and what you need. Allow the angels to discern what is in your best interest.

11) We often think that more money will make us happy. What do you want the money for? More freedom? Time with your loved ones? Adventures? Be as specific as you can. (The angels know what is in your heart.....)

Learn to Think Differently

Start to see things from a different perspective.
Start to see things from a different perspective.

Work with Them!

When we start to communicate with the angels, we often come from a place of fear of the unknown, and mistrust of the unconditional love shown to us by the angels. However, as we learn to communicate with them, and work with them, we come to realise that they have been there all along, and that they have been supporting us from the very beginning of our lives.

Take a step towards them and they will be able to work with you. Do not limit them in anyway as they can see much farther than we can, and also are aware of our life purpose. Ask for what you want and then say “this or something better, in alignment with my highest purpose.

What is The Angel's Number One Message?

Other Resources

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    • wendyzijdel profile image

      Wendy Zijdel 3 years ago from Lusaka, Zambia

      I took me a while to really align with angels and spirit guides in my life. I 'knew' for some time they were there, though still thought it 'strange' to talk to them. But gradually they are completely part of my life now. Your article reminds me to talk and open up to the angels more often. Thank you

    • loveofnight profile image

      loveofnight 4 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      an interesting read, thanks for the share.