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Beginners' Guide to Tarot- Card Combinations and their Meanings Revealed #5 The Hierophant

Updated on October 24, 2011

When reading a spread of tarot cards, it's important to watch for additional meanings found in the combinations of cards in the spread. Certain card combinations provide additional meaning to the answer the querent seeks. For example, the king and five of swords together indicate forthcoming legal issues.

Following are suggested meanings for spreads that contain the Hierophant.

The Hierophant- social conformity, religious teachings or teacher, someone may want to speak to the querent ( pastor, father-in-law, boss), possibly a contribution request, a powerful guardian, help from traditional means, or the querent himself

The Hierophant (with)

The Emperor- conflict between spiritual and worldly desires. Reversed preceding the Emperor reversed- failure of an enterprise. Reversed following the Emperor reversed- wealth and power lost through poor choices.

Following the Chariot suggests success with a creative endeavor.

The Hierophant and the Devil together cancel each other out.

The meaning of the Hierophant can be found in the supporting cards. Always watch for card combinations to get a thorough tarot reading.


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