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Beginners' Guide to Tarot- Card Combinations and their Meanings Revealed #7 The Chariot

Updated on October 30, 2011

When reading a spread of tarot cards, it is important not only to know the meanings of each card and position, but to know which card combinations add extra information for the querent. For example, Three upright eights in a reading announce a marriage, union, or merger. Following are some meanings for card combinations including the Chariot.

#7- The Chariot-movement and achievement, victory, possibly travel or change in residence

The Chariot (with)-

Following the Fool- important news is coming

Preceding the Hierophant- success in an endeavor

Following the Lovers- betrayal

Preceding the Lovers- the end of a romance or venture or someone suddenly departs

The Wheel of Fortune-victory

Preceding the Moon- a secret revealed
Following the Moon- scandal or illness

Following Judgment- victory

Reversed following Judgment- the victory will cause weakness in character

Preceding the World- fulfilled ambitions

Page of swords and 8 of wands- a road trip

Remember that the term "preceding" means the card immediately before the card in question, and "following" is the card directly after the card in question. A good, thorough reading takes time, so watch for card combinations and memorize them if you want to be an efficient reader.


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