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Beginners' Guide to Tarot- The Meaning of the Cups

Updated on October 3, 2011

Most of the cards in the cups suit refer to matters of the heart, love, friendship, relationships, home and family.

Ace of Cups- a seed of love has been planted, for the querent, God, or another person. It most be nurtured

Reversed-distorted emotions and jealousy

Two of Cups- a new friendship or relationship

R- relationship trouble

Three of Cups- a happy family, secure friendship, or, if with several court cards, a reunion.

R-sadness, dissappointment, strain in relationships

Four of Cups- a message or phone call about a situation that has already started to develop or secret boredom

R-new opportunities

Five of Cups-loss of perception, focus on what is had, not what is lost

R-emotional healing

Six of Cups-innocence, trust, love, generosity, an old flame may be rekindled

R- watch for trouble ahead

Seven of Cups- choices abound. Don't be afraid to choose the unknown.

R-action after choice

Eight of Cups-let bygones be bygones. If this card is joined with the Hermit or High Preistess, the querent may be leaving a relationship.

R-moving on may not be the best idea

Nine of Cups-satisfaction, possibly greed or pride

R-loyalty, liberty, truth

Ten of Cups-happiness and pleasure, a happy family

R-disturbing outside influence, unrecognized happiness

Page of Cups- a message, possibly from a fair child, a dream, or divination, a birth, engagement, or marriage announcement

R-an impulsive, false promising young person

Knight of Cups-emotional conflicts, reluctance in a relationship, a fair young male, or a message or messenger

R-pressure to give up dreams, possibly causing resentment

Queen of Cups- a fair woman or a loving, compassionate woman

R-loss of creativity or sense of self

King of Cups-a mature man, fair coloring, controlled, or successful in the arts, someone may reveal his/her true colors

R-outbursts of oppressed emotions or a risk to pursue a dream

When an abundance of cups appear in a spread, family was on the querent's mind. These meanings are only suggestions and vary according to circumstances, position and neighboring cards.


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