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Beginners' Guide to Tarot- The Meaning of the Pentacles

Updated on October 5, 2011

These cards usually represent finances. The court cards usually represent people with dark hair and dark eyes, traditionally from Africa or Asia.

Ace of Pentacles- material gain, money, a new financial path may open up, a ring may be bought
Reversed- loss of money or prosperity, financial plans fail

Two of Pentacles- keep a handle on expenses and the juggling of funds
R- financial disorganization, excess of financial obligations, a message may be financially discouraging, postpone any unneeded or large purchases

Three of Pentacles- creative work done for salary, approval or support for an undertaking, a grant may be approved or an endowment may be offered
R- lack of ambition, results of work delayed

Four of Pentacles- secure possessions in a safe place, take care in spending, somebody may be possessive or jealous.
R-financial loss, business obstacles, financial strain

Five of Pentacles- lack of support, effects of bad choices, poverty
R- finances will improve, but not completely

Six of Pentacles-financial generosity, spiritual giving, possibly a raise, bonus or small sum of much needed money on the way
R- bribery, dirty dealings in high places, unfairness in business or the distribution of an estate, lost investment values, miserliness, jealousy,

Seven of Pentacles- sit back and enjoy the fruits of hard labor
R-little gain after much work

Eight of Pentacles- a possible change in career or the beginning of classes, small improvement in finances, a good time to invest
R-waste of skills, a slow down in work, a strike, laziness

Nine of Pentacles- material well being or possibly just a pleasure in gardening, maybe an inheritance, if with any pages in the future position, may be indicating a pregnancy
R- loss or fear of loss, possibly a theft, a possibly problems with reproduction

Ten of Pentacles- financial stability, possibly a large inheritance
R- misfortune, avoid a poor financial risk, possibly problems with a will or pension

Page of Pentacles- a child or young person who is a good student or of dark coloring, a message, a gut feeling
R-bad news, disappointment, or a message unheaded

Knight of Pentacles- keep your guard up or an adult male of dark coloring
R-depression, inertia, financial problems

Queen of Pentacles- harvrst after labor, prudence, or a dark skinned or a charitable woman.
R- be careful who you trust

King of Pentacles- thoughtful, dependable trustworthy, mature man or success in an enterprise
R-unfair competition (or he is treating competition unfairly) or shady business practices

These meanings are only a guide and vary based on situation, position, and supporting cards.


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