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Beginners' Guide to Tarot-The Meaning of the Wands

Updated on September 24, 2011

These meanings are only a guide. The meaning of each card varies by question, position, and circumstances.

The court cards may represent people of red or brown hair or the personality or circumstances represented by the specific card.

Ace of Wands= beginning of an enterprise or love affair

R-false starts, failed projects

Two Of Wands-a new partnership venture or project

R- decision to seek new adventures

Three of Wands-we reap what we sow, possibly a search for new challenges

R-hesitation to start new challenges or cooperation in business

Four of Wands-harmony, possibly marriage or something specific to celebrate

R-the meaning does not change

Five of Wands-competition, minor arguments,debates

R-backstabbing and unfair fighting

Six of Wands-victory leads to self confidence


Seven of Wands-courage against obstacles, a need to defend what one has gained

R-failed courage, overwhelmed

Eight of Wands-an attack has been launched, what was settled is now up in the air

R- disruption, suspension, delays

Nine of Wands- remain guarded

R-failed strength, try a gentler approach

Ten of Wands-the querent has taken on more than he/she can handle, possibly the removal of barriers with effort, burdens

R-attempt to be free of burdens

Page of Wands-enterprise, eagerness, love for life,standing on solid ground, possibly a child or young person of light to medium complexion

R- indecision and confusion

Knight of Wands- a quest for new territory, search for a mate, travel, or an adventurous, eager helpful young man

R-temporary setbacks, delays, loss of confidence

Queen of Wands- a domesticated woman who may need to show more compassion

R- a woman who will be confronted with adversity who may want to leave or give up

King of Wands-a strongwilled, mature man, a leader, or an older man of medium coloring

R-setbacks with possible character changes


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