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Behind the 'seen', there is an unseen "seer"

Updated on April 7, 2016

Seer behind the sceneries.

Cloths are only cotton!

The sceneries have no value without eyesight. Melodious tunes and songs have no value bereft of hearing. Perfumes have no value, if one has lost olfactory capability. If one has no sensation of touch due to nerve malfunction, silk and rough cotton is one and the same. If one looses taste buds, how he can differentiate between sweet and sour? Hence, the creator god has created both at the same instant. Along with multiplicity of creation, he has endowed the senses in birds, animals and human beings. In human beings, the senses are perfectly placed whereas animals and other creatures are blessed with one or two perceptions.

One may think, why this preamble? There is a hidden truth in this. The above examples prove that the eye contains the sceneries, the ear contains the sounds, the tongue contains the different tastes, the skin contains the touches, and the nose contains the various smells. How? Without eyesight, none can perceive the various sceneries, without the hearing power, none can hear songs and talks. Without the taste buds of the tongues, none can taste any thing. In one way, we can affirm that bereft of the sight, there is no meaning in the sceneries. If we go on contemplate like this, without a perceiving being, the world too has no value or simply ‘non-existent’. Hence, the creator god, while creating the cosmos, has created the senses and blessed all beings with the cognitive powers. Einstein while formulating the ‘theory of relativity’ has affirmed that “without an observer’, no theory is valid.

Similarly, the word ‘mother’ has no meaning without a ‘child’. The word ‘creation’ is invalid, if there is no ‘creator’. We may have different designs of beautiful chairs, tables, cots and dining tables in a furniture show room. Did they exist on their own? No. An unknown carpenter is behind the chair and table. Without his labor, we can not have these furniture. When ordinary furniture need one or two carpenters, the vast creation too is the handiwork of supreme creator, who is not visible to our sight. The scriptures affirm that he creator is within the creation! How? There was absolutely ‘Nothing” or “None” before the creation happened. In the Bagawat Gita, Lord Krishna affirms that the creation is part of him, a projection of his will. He has not used any raw materials, nor employed any machines or manpower to create all these wonderful phenomena. It is more or like the magicians show, in which the deft magician brings forth many living things out of an empty hat. When Krishna states that the creation is part of me, is it not evident that the creator is hidden behind the creation?

I have read one beautiful couplet from one saint called “Tirumoolar” from South India. He states that when we look at a wooden elephant, some people see the wood behind the form of the elephant. Yet, many people look at the beautiful form of elephant but completely forget the material from which the elephant was made. He narrates in the same couplet, “In a similar manner, the world is seen when the elements are hidden. “What is the world except the permutations and combinations of different elements like the earth, water, air, fire and sky? Our bodies too contain all these five elements in different proportions.” When we look at the world, we forget the elements, but when we perceive the elements, we do not perceive the world as such! These are some of the finer points in philosophy and spirituality. Hence try to look at the basic principle behind the creation. It is similar to the cotton behind the cloth!

In the beginning......


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