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Being Born Again - Looking Forward to Life

Updated on November 8, 2015

You Can Choose What You Want to Believe

You must choose your path. No one can choose it for you. Others may try to steer you in the directions that they feel you must go, but when it is all said and done, the choice is yours.

In my confirmation class, we were given a bible and a verse from same that was to be one that we would cling to. It was ours. Everyone got their own verse. It made no difference to each us what verse the other students received since it really did not matter. Ours was ours.

Mine was 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto you.'


People talk about heaven and no one seems to know exactly what it is. Nor do they know where it is. Some do not believe it exists.

I do believe that it exists.

The 23rd Psalm

If you have read the bible, the 23rd Psalm is the one where the guy is sitting and writing about how there is hope for himself. That even though his life is a total misfortune and he is plagued by things that he is personally afraid of, he knows that his fear is unfounded. That God will comfort him if he feels emotional pain.

That even though there are other people that he does not get along with, he is to try. He is to try to get along.

Seek That Which is in Heaven

If you seek money, you will get money, but it cannot go with you. If you have ever been to a funeral, the person is in a casket and he is not moving. He doesn't even look like a real person any more.

He is dead. The light in his eyes is gone. His body looks like a waxy tissue. Some who view his body may have mixed feelings about the experience of looking at his body.

At my uncles funeral, there were many people there who were dressed in expensive clothes. Who were lightly scented in some perfumes that assailed your nostrils. They walked stiffly and barely acknowledged anyone else in the room. Prim and proper, I believe it is called.

Well. My uncle was a jokester. He was always pulling a prank. He loved to laugh and he loved to 'catch' people in a prank. It made him laugh.

Well. At the funeral, there were a few items that he had personally built. There was a beautiful wooden sleigh sitting by the casket. Then, it was explained that he had to give up his power tools when he went to live in assisted living and was reduced to carving with a knife. So, there were some small wood carvings in the back of the room. Donny carved those and then, there was this little 'house' sitting next to them.

Yeah. About That Little House

The little house was about eight or so inches tall. It had a small door on the front and the bottom platform said

Authentic Outhouse - Open the door and look inside!!!

The little house was plain, other than that sign on the front. So. The first person who pulled the door open was his brother. The little house went snap and pieces of the house went flying. Loudly. Clattering.

He swore. It was shocking. Then, his kids came up to put the house back together. Yeah, dad built that. Its an exploding outhouse. So, we all waited for the next victim. And, of course, we encouraged people to pull the door open. 'Donny built that!!! Open it!!!"

So, one by one, the outhouse exploded. There was more swearing. There were tears. Mostly of all of us watching the reaction of the person pulling the door. Nine people were caught.

It was great!!!! His wife, my aunt, was glad that this was there since everyone was laughing together and having a good time. Donny would have liked this. He'd have been proud to see how many people were there and were all happy.

Now, back to the people who were dressed 'just so' and smelled just right. They were embarrassed by the exploding outhouse. They had to let down their defenses and be human for a moment. There was no pretense involved in reacting to that outhouse.

Back to my Verse

My bible was given to me by Paster Palm. He was my teacher for confirmation class. Confirmation class is the class where you learn about the books of the Bible and you learn about the old and the new Testament. You learn that Baptism is where your sponsors make a promise that you will believe that Jesus died for you.

When you get confirmed, you confirm that you personally believe that Jesus died for you.

That this is how you get to heaven. Jesus said, It's true. The only way you'll get to see Heaven is to be born again.

Now, born again is literal. Just like you are in the womb for nine months and are born. You literally have to be born again.

I'm assuming this is the purpose of death in this lifetime. You die here and are born there.

In heaven.

But Wait - Let me Analyze Something

My verse wasn't about dying. My verse was about living here while I'm waiting to die and go to Heaven.

Seek ye first, means having a goal in mind. Doing.

So, seek ye first the Kingdom of God doesn't mean getting a car. Getting a job. Getting a life. It means doing what it takes to get lined up to go to Heaven. Which to me is accepting that Jesus died for me.

Look Around You

See stuff around you. Stuff, like things that grow. Grass. Seeds. Birds. Animals.

Things that have been around for as long as you can remember. You don't question it. You just know it is there. You believe that grass grows. You know, because you are required to mow the lawn. You don't see it grow, but, every few days, the grass is too long to leave go anymore. So you cut it.

Birds fly around. They land on the trees. They land on the ground. They seem to be busy all of the time. House flies are like that too. Busy. All of the time.

The wind blows and the leaves blow around. You can rake your leaves and the wind may blow and all of your neighbors leaves may show up on your own lawn.

Dogs chew on sticks. Birds eat dead creatures. Dogs eat dead things. Have you ever wondered why a dog can eat something that is dead and not get nauseated by the smell. Have you ever smelled a dead creature. It smells horrible.

I remember once, when I was about 11, me and two smaller kids, found a dead baby rabbit. It was still warm, so it had just died. We put it in a cool whip bowl and dug a hole and had a funeral for it. We were just kids. We dug it up a week later and were unpleasantly greeted by an obnoxious odor and there were maggots everywhere in the rabbit. Little white worms squiggling around in the rabbits skin and in the crevices of the rabbit. You know... the eyeballs were gone and the bones were showing.

What an End

Yep. When you die, the maggots are probably going to eat your body too. Ish. What a creepy thought.

Maggots cannot eat your soul however. When you die, your soul leaves. "I'm outta here" it seems to say.

Your soul is what goes to heaven. Not your body. Your new body is waiting in Heaven. When you are re-born in heaven.

Jesus Prepares a Place for You

In his fathers house. In that house, his father's house, there are many rooms. Well. One of them is yours.

A Baby is Born on Earth

Have you ever thought about what a baby goes through here on earth.

It gets here. It's been in a warm, controlled environment for what it knows to be it's entire life.

It has to go through a tunnel. [Well, some do not, but that is not my point] Anyway.

The baby arrives outside its mothers body. The air hits his skin. The breeze makes him feel cold. He's cold and wet, after all, the amniotic fluid has been coating his body for nine months.

Have you ever gotten out of a heated pool or shower into a cool room? It is not very pleasant. Your body starts to shiver and you feel miserable.

Cold, Wet, Miserable

Being born isn't very pleasant. You are born. You get carried around. Yeah. Carried because you cannot walk. You cannot talk. You cannot see. You have to learn to breathe. Your stomach hurts. You've taken your first bunge jump out of your mother.

John 14:6

Mathew 6:33

How About You

Have you Chosen?

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    • kbdressman profile image


      3 years ago from Harlem, New York

      That verse definitely puts life into perspective, doesn't it!

    • firstcookbooklady profile imageAUTHOR

      Char Milbrett 

      3 years ago from Minnesota

      Thank you for your kind comment. Venkatachari M.

    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 

      3 years ago from Hyderabad, India

      Wonderful and thought provoking hub. You have dealt with it so awesomely. Thanks for it.


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