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Belief - The Power of Success

Updated on February 20, 2012
My confident Granchild Lachie
My confident Granchild Lachie

Belief – The Power of Success

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Belief is a powerful tool, not just in a religious sense but as a life skill. We as a society admire people with charisma, that special something that makes them stand out in a crowd. What all these people have in common, whether they be politicians, rock stars or film and television actors, is confidence. They have an unshakeable ability to instil a confidence that we believe and admire.

Confidence in one’s ability is often not an easy thing to accomplish. For most of us, we struggle to some extent with issues about our appearance, how we are perceived and understood. Depending on our upbringing and the circumstances of our childhood and education, we can develop many negative beliefs about ourselves. This can of course put us on the back foot regarding our aspirations and life goals.

Those people with an obvious charisma have no such problems, and with the power of self-belief can forge a clear path toward their goals and ambitions. Often, it is not just talent that uplifts these people. Many averagely talented and educated people scale the heights of their chosen fields, based on their self-belief and an unstoppable drive to succeed.

So with all our personal goals, how much time do we put into how we see ourselves? I guarantee for most people very little. We do the study, get the qualifications and pay our dues in order try to advance ourselves in job, in status and in lifestyle, but we neglect the one thing that can guarantee success with any certainty.

The problem with self-belief is that we are somehow programmed to focus on our faults rather than our abilities and positive attributes. This way of thinking, excused by our intention to remedy the faults, can in no way affirm a strong self-belief. What we must do is understand our capacity, our ability and our natural talents and focus on developing them and strengthening our belief in ourselves.

Each one of us is individual, unique in our own way. So what we have, nobody else has, and nobody else can. So don’t make the mistake of trying to be someone else or replicating someone’s career, path or lifestyle. In doing so, you weaken your own resolve and by it hinder your own progress. Instead believe in what you are, what you can do and how you can do it differently to anyone else. In that we offer more than any other person.

When we look in the mirror we should see an individual who cannot be compared. This individuality is both unique and irreplaceable in its own right. Without self-belief we cannot begin to find success. All the luck and circumstance that is required for you to attain your goals comes to be because of your belief, and cannot manifest without it.

If you don’t believe in yourself, then how is anybody else going to? With self-belief, we glow like a beacon, attracting all the positive circumstances of success. This is simply how the world works, so in projecting your plans, consider this perspective and work on this aspect of development. The difference it will make in your life, is astounding.


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