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Believers Must Renew Mind To Grow

Updated on May 10, 2011

Renewing Mind Is A Life Time Process


The Word Repent means to have a change of mind. So when we repent to God we’re telling Him that we’ve had a change of mind about whatever is being repented of.


Renewing your mind is the most important thing to do in getting what God has for you.  Your mind has to be renewed by the word of God. Become a serious student of the word of God. You must understand the blood of Jesus; what the blood shed of Jesus was all about and what it provided for you as a believer. This will give you access to the presence of God in coming to the throne of God through prayer and supplications, making your request known unto God; that’s one thing that the blood of Jesus provides. When you plead the blood and have understanding of it, by the blood you have boldness, you have power, you been cleansed, you have confidence that God will do what you’re asking Him to do. The blood of Jesus is the only way to get God’s immediate attention.


We have to stay focused on the CROSS of CHRIST. It’s where He got all power and where we get what Christ has; all power. Power to conquer in every battle. We don’t fight a natural fight; in our strength, but we plead the blood of Jesus Christ. He has overcome the world, sin and shame, death, sickness and poverty; everything in the world, of the world! This is what the mind has to be renewed with. Know and believe that Jesus overcame everything, took it unto Himself that we might be made the righteousness of God through Him; when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. And being made the righteousness of God; you are FREE! God gives us all things to enjoy. He gives, a gift; no work! You receive only; none of your ideals and thoughts but God ideas and thoughts. He gives them to you and they will always line up with His Word. A way to know if it’s God’s idea or thought; when you have an idea or thought examine it to see where it’s coming from. How? Ask yourself is it according to the word of God or does it just make sense in your reasoning.


This is a course that requires training like anything else in life. It’s not magical or spooky. God teaches and tests you. When you pass the test, you grow in spirit, soul and body and you’re being developed in the anointing and power of God to use against every attack of the enemy. Well I thought you said I don’t do anything but receive what Jesus did? Yes, I did. And it’s true. Well actually the only work required of us is to believe what Jesus did in His life on earth and on the cross. Now, renewing the mind to accept this is a study course to help you to believe what Jesus did, not because I’m telling you or you read a book or the bible but you studied and renewed your mind to KNOW for yourself and when you study to know; God impart into your spirit a revelation that’s designed just for you to KNOW it’s true for yourself that it’s God communicating with you. And that lead to relationship and fellowship with God. This is something you will have to experience, rather than being told. My guess is the reason you must have the experience with God is because God wants a personal relationship with you. Not based on I believe cause I heard only but because I heard and search it out and met Him for myself and He talked with me, personally. He wants personal relationship with each and every one of us.


Yes, someone can introduce you to Him but after that He wants you to get to KNOW Him. We know doctors practice, lawyer practice: Christian must practice God word. It’s not going to happen cause someone tells you it. You must know for yourself. Training is important: You must train, practice until it becomes automatic in your everyday living. Christianity is about being more like Christ. Not just spiritual it’s also intellectual. The mind must be renewed. If not you’ll keep doing the same thing over and over year after year. Not a one time event, it’s a lifetime process. If you stop renewing your mind; you stop changing. You get stuck. You’re the same from that point on in the years to come.


Let me say it like this. God wanted us from the beginning to be like Him. Sin came and we lost fellowship and were separated from God. So the devil became the God of this world we’re in. God chose a nation to call His own; everybody else was still separated (Gentiles). Later on as a part of God’s plan to redeem the whole world back to Himself; He came through Jesus (a body was needed to sacrifice for all sin). Jesus proved to be worthy and obedient to God, passed every test took all sins on Him, died and rose again with ALL power. Now ALL things are NEW, we now have opportunity to be like God again, just as Adam was before He sinned. This happens when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and then we go on to LEARN how to be like Jesus as He was our example in living for God, obeying God, acting like God, Doing what God would do, speaking like God, and just being like God. That’s what it’s all about in our studying, our tests and trials. God is making us a reflection of Himself again. The work was done by Jesus;  now our work is to become like Jesus. We’re not to fight with our thoughts, and ways as we lived and did before we accepted Jesus. We give that up and LEARN the way Jesus did it. It’s not comfortable, it’s not reasonable to the old mindset, it’s not popular with society or some friends, it’s not well with you in the beginning. To think someone to slap you and you do nothing but offer the other cheek; takes some getting use to. But in the beginning that would never had been an issue. God’s is taking us back to the beginning but we have an enemy that wants to keep us in bondage and not return to God.

The enemy tempts us to fight back but at the same time it’s a test from God to see if you’re believing and accepting what you studied about Jesus (God). Are you acting like a Son of God or a son of the devil? The choice is yours and it determines whether you renewed your mind about the slap in the face. See your work? Your work is to believe God’s word and obey it. Jesus conquered it for you. And just in case you miss the mark on that one, grace through Jesus is alive and well to put you back on track. You simple repent; telling God if it happens again I want to obey your word and not my old mindset about it, forgive me. Amen! What a loving God and what an awesome plan to restore us and to forgive us when we miss it.


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    • Jisblessed profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you James for stopping by taking the time to read my hub. I'm happy you was encouraged and in agreement with my beliefs. Stay blessed!

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      7 years ago from Chicago

      Thank you very much for publishing this terrific Hub! You are spot on with your beliefs. I agree with your words wholeheartedly. Well done! It is very good.

    • Jisblessed profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      2besure, thank you so much for reading and your comment. Yes, in the heart is where it has to be!

    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 

      7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Very inspiring hub on renewing the mind! Thy Word have I hid in my heart....


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