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7 ways to get lucky..

Updated on March 30, 2017


Kajal/surma or Kohl is prepared in Indian homes by collecting carbon present in the smoke of burning oil/clarified butter lamp (Diya). This in-depth black powder is used either by the application on the lower eyelid for aesthetics or a dot of it (Tikka) keeps the evil eye at bay. Mothers use it voluminously for their kid's protection.

Lemon-green Chili

Lemon and green chili are frequent site before you enter a shop or house in India. In fact, you might see them hanging to the bumper of brand new cars/trucks or handle of a two wheeler. Where helmets and airbags don't work, apparently lemons do.

Coconut to Pieces

Before entering a newly bought car or a new house or before any such auspicious event, a coconut is hit against the ground with force, so that it breaks. It is a way of inaugurating a newly bought thing and praying for its longevity.

Penny and Peacocks

Finding pennies lying on the road or seeing peacocks on the way brings good luck and makes your endeavors successful.

Water-filled Kalash (urn)

Keeping water filled Kalash (urn) outside, on either side of your main entrance to the house, with a fresh flower; makes the mood fresh. Also, it makes the day of every member of the house, who lay their eyes on it, great- as per the belief of Nepalis. Hindus in India also consider seeing water-filled bucket or one's own palm, mirror; first thing in the morning very lucky.


Every or most Indian Kids recognize the sweet white thing that makes them pass exams or make grownups successful in the interviews-Sugared curd. It not only tastes fantastic it brings a stroke of good luck to the examinee.

Seeing an Elephant

Seeing an elephant on your way to any errand will get you positive results. In short, the purpose of going will be accomplished. The elephant is considered a reflection of lord Ganesha, the removal of obstacles as per Hindu mythology.

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