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Belief in God

Updated on July 20, 2012

What Is Your Belief in God?

Hello everyone!

Coming from a religious background, I can say that I have a strong belief in God and found myself constantly pondering on His existence and how having this knowledge helps me in my daily life.

In my case, I truly believe in God and I know that without Him, I wouldn't be where I am today and I strive to make Him the center of my life in all that I do.

Dear friends, as I write this article, I hope, I will be able to start a frank and honest discussion among those who come to read it. I would like to promote an opportunity for all of us to share our personal belief or unbelief in God.

I also hope that we can gain some from this reading, so, as I go on, I would like to propose a few questions that will make us all think about and possibly give our sincere opinions.

I will also attempt to answers the questions with the best of my knowledge and according to my own beliefs. So, here we go!

Do you believe in God? If so, what do you do in your daily life that reflects your belief in Him? Do you believe that you existed before you were born? That you lived firstly as a spirit prior to receive a mortal body? Do you believe that there's a purpose of why you are living in this world today? Do you believe that one day you will meet God and be judged for all your current doing in this world? Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? How do you perceived that? Do you believe that everything that happens in this world, happens for a purpose?

Let's stop right here, in later articles, I will make more questions and I promise to always make known what are my views on those question.

And as for those questions above, here are my answers.

Do I believe in God?

Yes I do, in fact, I have a happy life because I believe in God and follow His counsels everyday of my life.

What do I do in my life that show that?

Firstly, I seek to know Him through my daily study of the holly scriptures, I pray daily to God, I give thanks to all that I have because I know that He gave me. I seek direction and inspiration for all that I do in my life. I also, strive to practice Jesus Christ teaching by helping my neighbors, friends and people that I don't know. I don't speak His name in vain, I renew my covenant and obligations with God as I go to church weekly. I work hard to obey the commandments. I enjoy the world that I live in and I do know that God created this world and everything in it. I enjoy the nature and animals and the diversities that exist in this world. My beliefs goes beyond that but, I hope you guys see that.

Do I believe to exist before I was born in this world?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, I know that before we were born in this world, we were spiritual being living in a spiritual world. While living in the spiritual world, we became part of a great plan and those of us who supported Jesus Christ's plan received the opportunity to receive a body of flesh and bones, in order words, mortal bodies and we would be born for a family of our choosing and at the proper time.

Do I believe that there's a purpose for us to be born in this world? In life's purpose?

Yes, I believe that we all have a unique purpose for being born and being living in this beautiful world. God is a perfect and loving Father and, He knew that in order to all of us to progress and to become more like Him, we would have a body just like Him, we would have to progress in wisdom and knowledge and the only way for us to achieve that would be through a period of testing, trials and tribulations. To do that, we would have to be tested on our core principals, such as faith, moral, characters, doings and so on.

So, our lives here is a time of preparation, a time where we will have to work, not only for our temporal achievements but for our spiritual salvation because one day our time here will end, it will be interrupted and then, we will be before God's tribunal to be judged for all our doing during our mortal existence and then, we will receive our compensation according to what we did.

Do I believe that Heaven and Hell exist?

Yes, absolutely. However, I don't believe in the same way that most of the world believe. I beleive that Heaven is where God's live. A place of peace and order.

I don't believe that hell is a place with fire and darkness. I believe that these two definitions are figure of speech, in fact, not living with God and His Son Jesus Christ will living in darkness but a spiritual darkness.

Do I believe everything that happen in this world have a purpose?

Yes! In fact, God is a loving Father, He and Jesus Christ created this world for us to come and live here, however, he gave us the responsibility to take care of it, to manage it, just like we take care of our own homes, however, things go wrong more often than never and, why our Father in Heaven allow that to happen? Why, so many bad things keep happening, especially to good people? Well, this seems to be a polemic question and millions of people seem to not understand it.

All that happen in this world happen for a purpose, so that we can gain experience and learn from it.

Why so man bad things happen and keep happening and God don't do anything about it?

Firstly, God constantly is warning us but it seems that we care or we are not paying attention. God has given us warning through nature catastrophic events such as, earthquake, hurricane, floods..etc.

Thirdly, why Heavenly Father allow things to happen? God have a His children a precious gift, a gift that Satan attempted to take away before the world was created. This gift is called "Free Agency". The free agency allow all living creatures to act and do according to his or hers own will and power. However, people also seems to forget that, we can choose our actions but, we can't choose the consequences (results) of it.

So, we our world is in the way that we don't like, we cannot blame God for it, we will have to blame ourselves for it. We can definitely have a better world to live in but, for that, we must use our free agency selflessly thinking in one another, being more friendly and loving to one another. If we make wise choices, we will have wise results and so on.

So, everything that happens in this world have a purpose, which is to prepare us to meet with God one day and be judged for our actions, for our doing. So, choose today what kind of person you are and if you are not happy with the answer, remember, you are still alive, so change the way you live your life and how you perceive things, this will make a difference if not to the world, it will make to yourself, which is the most important change.

I hope you all enjoyed this article, please, send me your comments. It will be deeply appreciated.


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    • lucionogue profile image

      lucionogue 5 years ago from Brazil

      Thank you loveoflight. I appreciate you leaving your comment. Please, keep coming back.

    • loveofnight profile image

      loveofnight 5 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      It was a good read, thanks for sharing. I know that you will find likeminded people here at the Hub.