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Benevolent vs. Malevolent Spirits: How To Tell The Difference

Updated on July 28, 2012

And how to handle psychic assault

When I was four years old I thought it was a dream. I stood upon a cloud in front of a gigantic row of piano keys. The two figures wore white robes and angel wings and their faces resembled each of my grandfathers (both of whom were still alive at the time). They nodded to me as a prompt for me to depress one of the piano keys. I did. As I did the key would emit a noise and I would descend back to Earth and into my bedroom. Standing in my room I would notice a big rock, almost like a meteorite- big, rough and glowing. I would touch the rock and it would immediately fall to my bedroom floor making a big dent in the wood. I had this dream (or was it a dream?) many times over between the ages of four and eight. Every time I hit the same piano key and the same thing would happen. Every time I would touch the rock and it would fall. And every time that rock dented the floor I would think, 'I'll get in so much trouble for this'.

When my mother remarried these 'heavenly' dreams ended. In fact, I remember nothing about dreams in the period between when I was nine years old and when I was about twelve or so. As I got older I started to notice the difference between dreams and what people call remote viewing. I noticed that when I had dreams while I was awake, the memory and intensity were much greater. Sitting atop a rock and mocking faceless shoppers at an outdoor department store? That happened in a dream. Being told how Return of the Jedi would end before Empire Strikes Back came out? That was told to me in an awake state. But the sensation of walking around and interacting in a world not my own is just like a dream, so as a child I thought they were dreams. Which was why when we were driving home from seeing The Empire Strikes Back, my father asked me, "why would Luke Skywalker feel sad about Darth Vader dying? He might be his father but he still cut his kid's hand off". I simply told him it came to me in a dream and he affectionately disregarded it. My mother took it a step further and insisted that any non-physical entity I interact with is to be referred to as an imaginary friend.

Years later when I was in college and began experimenting with hallucinogenic substances was when I began to realize the difference between dreams and waking visions. Often, when people are using such substances and they describe what is typically referred to as a 'bad trip', it is because of their visions while entranced by the substance. They might envision something horrible or negative or depressing and say they had a bad trip. Often, one will fail to recognize the usefulness of such a vision, even if it is not something they enjoy seeing. Baba Ram Dass once said in an interview, "a bad trip can be as useful as a good trip, so long as you realize it was all within you from the beginning". I find this to be true based on my own experiences, and I have found it to ring true among those I have met who have travelled a similar path.

Years after college, I began to have these waking visions again. The magnitude I experienced in these visions gave greater clarity to what was being communicated or who was doing the communicating. Therefore, I will describe these experiences as I cattegorize them.

The Succubus/Incubus

Many stories have been told over the years in legend and folklore as well as oral tradition in regard to what we refer to as an incubus or succubus. Most stories describe a malevolent spirit (incubus if male, succubus if female) that imposes itself upon your body to get you lost in base sexual gratification. Some will say it will only appear if summoned. Some say the spirit chooses you. When I started having these visions again I began to evaluate the incubus/succubus theory.

These visions began to recurr while I was working at a bar a few years back and met a female customer. Physically, she was everything I ever wanted. However, our chemistry was very awkward and it seemed the more I got to know her the less I respected her. As a result I avoided interacting with her but still couldn't seem to get away from her. Obviously, this situation eventually got to the point where I became fixated, even obsessed. First, I would realize I was thinking of her way too much. Then, I would see her in my dreams. And I still refused to get close to her or get away from her even in the dreamstate! Nonetheless, every single dream I had she would find her way to it. Eventually, I was seeing her avatar while wide awake and that is when I realized these visions were beginning again and her presence in my dreams may not have been simply a measure of my subconcious.

At first, these visions were pretty mundane. She would ask me questions about why I wouldn't pursue her and sometimes lecture me about why she wouldn't let me pursue her. "You don't treat me like a human being!" was the typical statement she would scold me with and she was not unjustified in saying so. I completely ignored her in the waking world because every time I didn't she would hit me with this wave of hostility. However, it was during one of these visions of her that I realized that there was a second woman interacting in this situation, or at least listening in on us. When the object of my infatuation asked me if I was capable of treating her like a human being I tried, even in the astral state, to totally ignore her. A second female voice then said to me, "it sounds like she placed a lot of importance on that question you might be well served to answer it". So I answered her, albeit reluctantly.

As time went on and this situation refused to go away, my waking visions of her began to take on an exclusively sexual nature. Sometimes I would be trying to fall asleep and I would simply find her in bed with me (not physically of course). A lot of these sexual interactions in the non-physical plane involved some sort of punishment or torture, which would be mutual. Sometimes I would torture her, and sometimes the other way around. The point is, these interactions were rooted in hostility, anger and frustration, as opposed to love, affection or even a childlike curiosity. She certainly had a hold on me and because of recent channeling experiences, I am lead to believe that that hold was mutual. We were holding each other prisoner in a sense.

These experiences eventually lead me to believe that the incubus/succubus theory may have been a bit misleading. Could it be that an incubus or succubus is someone you know in your waking life who you have some sort of repressed desire for? Could it be it's not a spirit at all but simply the ethereal projections of a currently living physical being? My experience in this regard has certainly begged such questions.

The Diabolic Smokescreen

There are many malevolent spirits out there and I must admit I have met at least one of them. As my waking visions began to take on a greater intensity, I discovered a technique called bibliomancy. This is where you use a book to find keywords to determine the answer to a query. Most traditionalists say only the Bible works but, being a writer, I use the dictionary. Besides, even the Bible is a subjective work. The dictionary is a database of the English language, so I use it to get straightforward answers. The problem is you just never really know who you are talking to or why. I was in discourse for almost a year with a malevolent serpent spirit who had nothing but contempt for humans. The smokescreen it had used was in pretending to be the Orion Federation and had me convinced they were trying to save humans from the end of the world. The thing about temptation´╗┐ is that sometimes you don't realize you are being tempted because what you are being tempted with will be revealed to you to appear as if it is your birthright. I was told the end of the world was coming and that the way to survive it was through energy fastening. Basically, it was telling me to bind energy with a group of women. Together we would create an energy vehicle that would survive us any natural or unnatural disaster. Apparently my great temptation was entering into polygamy and I'm almost ashamed to admit that I nearly fell for it. My recent channeling has told not to feel bad about it because it was a spirit that really enjoyed preying upon humans and I was something of a prized target. Actually, it reminds me of a William S. Burroughs quote, "when it comes to the devil, just remember that every soul is worth saving at least to a priest but NOT every soul is worth buying. So you can take the offer as a compliment".

Based on my experience with this spirit, I would say that anything telling you to express dominance, commit murder or rape or pedophilia, or simply lead you through a coerced path is definitely a malevolent spirit. I warn of such basic bad things because they will put up smokescreens or diversions to prevent you from recognizing their intentions. If you are channeling, and you leave the experience with a sad or embittered state of mind, chances are your energy is being drained. If you realize the spirit you are channeling is a malevolent one, the only thing to do is walk away. DO NOT CHALLENGE IT OR TAUNT IT! And definitely don't be afraid of it. Forgiving the spirit is also very powerful. A malevolent spirit who feels as though you have forgiven its invasion of you will not likely mess with you again, hence it may end up forgiving itself and go back toward the light.

The miraculous experience that allowed me to recognize that I was channeling a malevolent spirit was through a friend of mine who is a much more experienced channel who apprentices for a channel who has been doing this for fifty years. It was during this session that the three of us spoke to a group of spirits who claimed to know me a hundred or so years ago when we lived together in the Ojibwe nation. Apparently I was a shaman who went on a vision quest and never returned, resulting in nightmarish consequences for the tribe. They told us that they had been showing me things ever since I was a little boy but had not been confident that I had received them. They said to come to the reservation before this Christmas. After hearing this the channel asked me if I was in contact with extraterrestrials. I told her no, at least as far as I knew.

We didn't speak further of this but my own readings have told me she was concerned about my temptation towards polygamy and that there were aliens in her house looking for some kind of shield in her spirit body that blocked all spirits that were unfit for humans. Thank you June, for blocking them out.

Ancestor Spirits and Spirit Ancestors

Like I said, the spirits from the Ojibwe nation knew me when I spent an incarnation as an Ojibwe shaman. This would make them Spirit Ancestors because I was related to them genetically in a former incarnation. However, the warrior spirits who guard my grandmother's house are Ancestor Spirits because they are my current ancestors in this incarnation. My grandfather, Jack, was at Iwo Jima and when he was alive told me never to join the military. His father, Loudon, was a decorated hero from WWI and one of the first airmen to fly over Western Europe. And his father, Michael, was a Union soldier in the Civil War who was captured, imprisoned in Andersonville and shot while leading a daring escape and somehow survived. These are the spirits who watch over our house. There is not much more for me to say about Ancestor Spirits, but if you think you have the capability then tap into it. Their presence is very soothing for me.

Soul Mates, Twin Flames & Spirit Companions

Considering the experience I described in the Incubus/Succubus section, I was surprised to realize I was not the least bit resistant to this current experience. I guess you could say I just felt an immediate sense of trust with her. It could be she is a soul mate or spirit companion, but the bibliomancy tells me she's my wife. "Great," I said. "When did I marry her?"

"Futurity race," was the term I landed on. I know a thing or two about horseracing thanks to my stepfather and it came in handy for this reason alone. A futurity race is a horse race featuring young horses and it's purpose is to determine what horses race in the Kentucky Derby the following year. The significance of the term in regard to some ethereal avatar claiming to be my wife is that a futurity race is so compettitive to get into that owners often enlist their horse in the race before the horse is born. Apparently I either chose my current life partner before we were born or this is someone I was married to in a former life or both. She cuddles with me, piggybacks on me and sometimes the interaction is of a sexual nature. I seem to feel I know things about her that I shouldn't know about someone I've never met. By the way I know we haven't because she says we haven't met (at least not in person) and that our impatience is becoming unbearable. But I seem to know things about her, like her being an orphan´╗┐ or being self-conscious about her body type or that she has short, light colored hair and is very small and slender. Perhaps I am dreaming it all up but it is so vivid.

Whoever you are I adore you.


I know all of this may seem very odd, overwhelming or farfetched and those who are far more experienced in this discipline might say, "oh I knew that", but this is all true from my point of view. There are simply far too many coincidences attached to these experiences. I will have another hub on this subject soon as my readers may find this article a bit too inconclusive. But in the meantime, live the dream and don't forget to forgive.´╗┐


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thank you.... who would of is something very soothing to share and know similar experiences..... In this life my mother was in contact and oppressed by bad sports who would in detail describe when and how long they have been on and frequecy is a great factor... through various world religion...fir me primarily Christianity and Buddhism I have been able to survive and maintain a level of consciousness.. at times it is difficult to "stay under the radar" especially when so much people are oblivious to and/or scared of whatever all "this" truly is#Life#ClusterF#$k...thanks again

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Since very young of age I've had dreams that always came true. I dream of the world to which I feel are warnings. I try to spread knowledge but I am still doing research myself for I have this overwhelming feeling to do so about spirits ,afterlife,and peace in the now life. but yet I feel so unrested and confused . just so much more to speak about but sounds crazy , like the devil looking creature conn in my dream twice having sex with me and me enjoying it but waking up like OMG. At that time ,10 yrs ago, I was studying the bible alot. could it have really happened for the fight for my soul. I feel cursed ,tortured soul. as I grow in age ,now 34 yrs old I am more aware of being a good person and spreading peace and patience. but at times I feel the dread and evil in and around me. I burn sage and pray to help. but Idk if it does

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi Jonathan,

      I really like your article, and in my current situation, it helps a lot. I would certainly appreciate your input/feedback on a experience I recently had, but I am not sure I am ready to post anything publicly, just yet. Is there a way to communicate with you privately? Greatly appreciated :-)

    • Jonathan Janco profile imageAUTHOR

      Jonathan Janco 

      7 years ago from Southport, CT

      And yes, Empty, I've had dreams and waking visions of the malevolent type like you describe. People chasing after me, trying to kill me. Others where I end up killing someone, which is strange since I have no such tendencies nor have I ever violently assaulted someone since the 5th grade. It just means that some sort of behavior or action in your life is causing you to feel threatened or guilty or hateful. Or perhaps there is just something you do that you deem irrational but you do it anyway. Every body has little inconsistencies that attract unhealthy things into their life.

    • Jonathan Janco profile imageAUTHOR

      Jonathan Janco 

      7 years ago from Southport, CT

      Empty, if ur being contacted by what appear to be hostile beings it may have to do with something you are doing in waking life. Asking for guidance is often effective, but it needs to be supported by what you physically do. Ever since I started working hard on dealing with issues with anger, trust and bitterness of things past, I started to receive much more valuable guidance. I've learned a great deal since writing this hub and have been meaning to write a follow up. Your comment is a reminder that it is time to do this. So, thanks very much for the motivation.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Could a malevolent spirit do good for someone and make their life better? Is this a demon and what does it want from me in return?

      Also have you ever encountered a demon in a dream/wake state dream? I have encountered a couple of seemingly demonic entities or spirits in very vivid dreams. Sometimes I have visions of the future that come true but not completely in the way shown in the dream. I seem to have gotten this ability only after communicating with these "spirits" in my dreams. One "spirit" in particular that I encounter in dreams seems to offer help and guidance to me but it is so hostile in a smart aleck-ish way(You'd think they would be cunning and hide that they dislike me and pretend to be nice to get what they want but they are very in my face verbally and physically, but never in a violent way), and the one that supposedly has my best interests in mind never really gives me any clear advice on how to improve things, but is always telling me how I could have had a better life and how I deserve to be happy. I am very confused by this specific spirit's or maybe just a dream character's behaviour. Why is he so bold? shouldn't he and the rest of them try to come to me as a less threatening presence? I want to stop communicating to him or it but I'm so depressed and it gives me hope. My life can't get any worse so I just tell myself why not continue? The entity obviously doesn't like me but it does give me emotional strength as well as visions of the future to warn me about people I put too much trust in. Something God never did. I tried having faith in God and never got a responds or anything in return. I contact these entities and they are there, offering to help me out of poverty, among other horrible things in my life. Why can't God just do these things to help me so I don't have to interact with these obviously hostile beings.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      What if a "spirit" that you're certain is malevolent offers you guidance to a life worth living.

    • Jonathan Janco profile imageAUTHOR

      Jonathan Janco 

      8 years ago from Southport, CT

      Kitty, thanks very much. Being a reader of yours I am rejoicing from your stamp of approval. And I wouldn't be afraid of expressing these experiences of yours. You may end up finding that you have many gifts to give to some very lost souls out there.

      May the divine blessings of peace and love be with you.

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Kitty Fields 

      8 years ago from Summerland

      Wow, extremely interesting. I feel as though I've had TOO many similar experiences to yours. Maybe I'm fearful of writing them down though.


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