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Bereft of Mind, man is Eternal Atman!

Updated on May 20, 2016

Surrendering the mind to God!

The agitations caused by the thoughts!

Bereft of events, we will become discontent. The mind always needs something to nimble upon just like the rats. The mind can not remain idle for a few moments. But is it always possible to get events that interest us? Sometimes, negative events takes place which makes the mind depressed. How can we have all positive events, colorful events and joyful moments always? No, it is quiet impossible! Just watch the surface of the ocean. Is it still? Hence the turbulence and agitations of the waves that arise from the ocean is comparable to the mind of human beings. Our mind is constantly agitated due to one desire or other, due to one event or other. Even if we are happy due to some favorable events, the situation never lasts long. Sooner, some other thought arise, disturbing the little joy, the mind had a while ago!

How to escape from such agitations and worries of the mind? How to still the mind? How to subdue the thoughts themselves? These are all million dollar questions very often asked in many forums in the web. Is there any satisfactory answer to the above? Let us analyze one by one! First let us find out the reason, ‘what causes agitations on the surface of an ocean? Anybody with a common sense can tell that it is the wind which causes agitations in oceans and enable the waves to rise and fall. Then, which causes agitations in our mind? All agitations, grief, pain, emotions and feelings arise only from thoughts! Mind is a misnomer. Thoughts themselves which arise and subside are known as ‘mind”. Bereft of thoughts, there is no mind at all. It is the thought which become desire, resolution, aim and ambition. Those thoughts which turn into desire are like the strong wind that flows on the surface of the ocean causing disturbances to the surface water of ocean. In a similar manner, the desires may first become a force to act in the mind. The mind always reacts to each and every thought that arise there! We may consider the mind as an enclosure in which thoughts arise or flow and subside!

How the mind agitates?

Mind and breath arise from the same place!

Hence our forefathers were contemplating deep on the above subject. They realized that thoughts alone create unrest and agitations which further results in grief and pain. If one of our limbs is hurt, the nerves carry the signal to the brain, but the mind alone feel the grief and pain and not the brain. Brain is like a telephone exchange which receives and sends signals through the neuron network. But mind is a subtle instrument which has no form or shape like the physical body. The origin of the mind is the ‘sky principle’. In fact, our body is the conglomeration of all basic elements found in the universe. Our body is the permutation and combination of earth, water, fire, air and ether. Hence the thoughts arise from the ‘ether’ principle and thus the mind. The subtle mind always needs a physical body to survive. The mind can not exist on its own without a corresponding body! The body is an inert instrument which survives on the mind. Once a devotee asked an important question to Bagawan Ramana Maharishi of Thiruvannamalai in South India! What is the origin of the mind? The maharishi replied, ‘the origin of breath is the same place where the mind arises.

This is the main reason, the yoga practitioners the world around, are trained in breath control or “Pranayama” practices. When you are able to control the breath, you can control the flow of thought also! But Ramana said, ‘it is only a temporary achievement’. When you revert back from breath control practice, the mind is ready to pounce upon you with its maddening thought process!

God within us!

How can we relinquish the thoughts(mind)?

How can we relinquish the thoughts permanently? It is not easy. One in trillion may achieve this. It is like walking on a sharp knife surface. Even if there is little disturbance, the individual may fail and hurt himself. Can we contain the space in our hand? It is only an imagination. None can contain the space within their grasp. The moment we open our hand, it is beyond our grip. Can we catch air? No! These are all imaginations of the mind. One can hold a solid or liquid material but none can attempt to hold air or space with their hands! The mind is the subtlest thing like the sky! It is immeasurable and extends all through the space. We falsely claim, ‘my mind or your mind’. This is a false statement. It is simply ‘mind’ and not your mind or my mind! None can control the mind but we can witness it or observe it by stepping outside! Yes, with practice, we can step away from the thought process. Just be a mute witness to each thought that arise. Do not do anything, do not judge or form opinion. Do not get entangled in the thought! Simply observe it as a witness!

This is the only way to subdue the thoughts. Be indifferent to the thoughts. Simply observe them. If we want to do away with the mind, no thought should arise! Thoughts arise due to desires. Desires sprout due to attachment to the form and name! Ignore the form and name and never get attached to the temporary vehicle called body. You are on a sure path to Self-Realization. The body is not you! You are the occupant of the body! This is the eternal Truth and Wisdom.


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