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The Best Careers for Libra

Updated on February 19, 2012

Of all the signs in the zodiac, Libra has the strongest sense of fairness and morality built-in from birth. That's not to say they are perfect, or that they never ignore their own moral compass, but in terms of work and business, they do tend to be one of the more honest and trustworthy signs. They could probably be anything they wanted to be, but the world would benefit greatly if more of them went into the following types of occupations.


Lawyer / Judge

The sign of Libra isn't represented by the scales of justice simply because nothing else was available at the time. This sign has the strongest sense of justice among their brothers and sisters in the zodiac and they would be doing a great service if they would go into a field that requires great wisdom, restraint and honesty. Libra has emotions but does not allow himself to be ruled by them -- this makes him the best candidate for lawyer or judge. If you really want to see a fair trial, you'll want to find one that is presided over by a Libran.


This could be in business but also other fields. A hostage negotiator, for example, would be a fantastic job for a Libra. They have the ability to talk to both sides in a manner which does not offend and makes everyone feel as though their motives and needs have been fully understood. A divorce mediator is another example of how a Libra could use his or her talents if they wanted to help people solve legal issues but did not want to work as a lawyer or judge.

Personal Stylist / Makeup Artist / Hair stylist

Believe it or not, Libra knows beauty. They have an eye like no other when it comes to beautification and their taste is impeccable. If you still can't believe it, just take a moment to think about who rules this sign.... it's Aphrodite! Libra can turn a frog into a prince and help him get the princess he's always wanted. I don't know how Libra does it, but he or she does it, and does it well!

Psychologist / Psychiatrist

Libras are very good listeners and you will feel as though you've been truly been understood when you're done speaking with one. They are also very good problem solvers and they make excellent therapists. That said, they must censor themselves at times... Libras have quite a tendency to play devil's advocate just for the sake of fully arguing both sides (in order to see which direction is truly the best one to take) and some people will take this as an attempt to invalidate them. But if Libra can bite their tongue and keep that tendency in check, they could really be of service to many people.


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