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5 Awesome Sites on Pagan Parenting

Updated on September 17, 2015
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Danielle Lopez is a published author, freelance health and medical writer, biochemistry student, and certified doula.


Raising Pagan Children

The topic of how to raise children within Paganism has been on the rise as of late. Paganism and Wicca have seen a influx in followers, many of whom have children or plan on having children.

The earlier Pagan and Wiccan writers didn't seem to bother much with leaving tips and guidelines on how to raise witchlings. Perhaps they were too busy coming up with new traditions to follow? Regardless, there is now a need for information on Pagan parenting.

With the invention of the internet, there has thankfully been an increase in good information on raising witchy kids. However, also due to the internet, there has been a boat-load of bad information out there.

Since becoming a parent, I have been sifting through all this information and have tried to find some of the best blogs and sites out there that are helpful (and provide good information) on Pagan parenting.

Below are a few of the blogs and sites I have found and enjoy. They all provide different information. Some are about raising children in gender-neutral Pagan environments, some are on Pagan homeschooling, and others are just about the lives of Pagan mamas. Hope you enjoy!

The Pagan Cottage

This is one of my current favorite Pagan parenting blogs. Ange writes about her mundane magical happenings on her family's small homestead. She includes recipes, homeopathy, and The Craft.

Honestly, I'm really jealous of her photo taking skills! Seriously, her blog is so lovely.

Parenting by the Light of the Moon - Witch Mom

Witch Mom is one of my favorite Pagan blogs to read. She is a Radical Faerie and a Kitchen Witch, but also someone with a great wealth of knowledge on religions and cultures. She writes about homeschooling/unschooling, Pagan parenting, gender issues, feminism, and so much more. I highly recommend her blog.


Primordial Willow

Not to toot my own horn... but TOOT TOOT! Primordial Willow is a place in which I blog about Pagan parenting, amongst other topics. I would never say it is one of the best Pagan parenting blogs out there, but it is indeed growing.

In this blog I cover topics ranging from Pagan unschooling, teaching children Witchcraft, natural parenting, natural living, rewilding, herbalism, and activities to do with kids during sabbats.

Pagan Families

This is a great site found on the Patheos network. Pagan Families is a site I always direct new Pagans to when they're trying to learn ways to incorporate family and The Craft. On this site you will find articles on pregnancy and childbirth - the Pagan way.

This site covers topics such as: conception magic, birth altars, placenta magic, miscarriages, midwives, and so much more. Definitely a great resource for those of you who are just getting started making little witchlings.

Pagan Homeschooling

While this is a Facebook page, I still consider this an extremely useful blog-like page for Pagans to refer to. This page is generally geared towards Pagans who homeschool, but I would consider a great deal of the information provided to be useful for non-homeschoolers.

Most Pagan parenting bloggers write about raising their children with an earth-centered focus.
Most Pagan parenting bloggers write about raising their children with an earth-centered focus. | Source

Bad Information on Some Blogs?

Some blogs just simply have bad information. I'm not saying that their tradition or practice is bad, not at all. I simply mean the information they say should work doesn't.

Be very selective when searching through the internet on Pagan parenting, or anything parenting or Pagan for that matter. If it doesn't sound right or feel right, don't do it and move on. You will be able to tell the blogs that legitimately write about what worked for them and the ones who are just making things up to get an article pumped out.

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Problems with Some Pagan Sites

A huge problem I have continuously ran into when searching for good Pagan parenting sites is that they stop writing. I have found some blogs that seemed to have a lot of potential, but the blogger was burnt out or just did not have the time to keep up with their blog regularly.

This is really rather sad because we need bloggers to write about their Pagan parenting style. Not all parents, children, or parenting styles are alike. Learning about the different ways to raise up witchlings will help you keep an open mind and to learn new things.

Sadly, when these blogs "die" essentially, the blogger's parenting knowledge on the internet gets lost forever (or until they start writing again).

If you are a Pagan writer who happens to be a parent, I encourage you to write about your experience. You do not have to have an entire blog dedicated to your Pagan parenting; you can simply write an essay or article on the topic. The more information - good information - that gets posted on the internet, the better informed beginner Pagan parents will be.


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    • profile image

      22 months ago

      I've been really frustrated by the lack of blogs on paganism and agnostism with regards to parenting. I don't have anything against the plethora of Christian mommy blogs, but sometimes their content just plain doesn't apply to my family. And then when I find a blog I like, the most recent post is nearly always a year or more ago.

    • profile image

      grace 2 years ago

      Y'all need Jesus.

    • profile image

      Amanda Lynn McEwen 2 years ago

      Thank you for this list. I will be checking these out right away. I'm a mum of 2. My boys are 5 and nearly 8. I found paganism in my teens, my mum was of the keep the broom closet locked type. I'm more of a, leave it open, but we don't need to put lights and flares up, ya know? My good friends all know, those who would not do me a service by knowing....don't know. I've recently started taking a cooking class by one of my menonite friends, she knows, and my boys attend the church kids group at the same time. Some interesting questions have come up regarding their god and ideas. Mostly that my 8yr old does not agree with their ideas. I'm looking forward to others ideas and observations. We are a nature based home, fae, nature souls. Thanks again.

      Blessings to you and yours.

    • Daniella Lopez profile image

      Danielle Lopez 4 years ago from Arkansas

      Glad you enjoy the sites, Wiccan Sage!

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 4 years ago

      What a great resource! I love most of these sites I will have to check out the rest!