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BEST Things In Life Are (supposed to be) Free ~

Updated on March 17, 2019
Nuruliffa Emirah profile image

She often ponder about random things in life & wonder how to survive the harsh world, so she just 'wander' around with her written words ~

The best things in life are free ~

A quote by Coco Chanel, found at wallquotes website
A quote by Coco Chanel, found at wallquotes website | Source

Are the best things in life really free?!

Ever heard of the saying 'best things in life are free?' It seems the one who said it was Coco Chanel.

The full saying is "The best things in life are free. The second best ones are very expensive"

Indeed, there are some things in life that are absolutely 'free-of-charge', that doesn't require currency or paying money to get them, while the others are quite 'costly', that make us want to beg for 'discount'!

So, what are the best things in our life? Are they really free? Well, actually there a lot of them.

Which are: smile and laughter, sleep, love (and its gestures of hugs and kisses) , memories(the good ones, of course) and people(especially family and friends)

What about the other things? Like air, time and life...Aren't they free too?

Hm..perhaps they're free, but can also be very expensive. Because such things have 'costs', that have to be 'pay'ed.

P.s- the first time I've heard of such a phrase was not from the quote. But, from a lyric of my favourite song- Cry on my shoulder; 'best things in life...they are free' ~

Contents ~

Best things in life that are free:

1. Smile & Laughter

2. 2 Sleep

3. Love (& it's gestures of hugs & kisses)

4 (Good) Memories & Dreams

5 People: Family & Friends


The second best ones

(Maybe 'free' but can be also very expensive)

* (fresh) Air

* (Free) Time

* (Good) Life

Just smile & laugh! ~

A quote about smile & laugh from
A quote about smile & laugh from | Source

Smile & Laughter ~

Smile makes us feel good about ourself It can increase our self-confidence Plus, a genuine smile is contagious! Seeing other's smile, can make you smile too .

Besides, smile is a good exercise for our mouth, because we use less muscles to smile than when we frown So, stop being gloomy and let's spread the smiles!

(However, the irony is, most of us smile, as a way to pretend that we are okay, eventhough we are not. So, there's really something behind a smile. Every sad smiles lies a secret behind. At times, we don't just smile because we are happy Smile doen't really reflect happiness We smile in hopes; that's a sign of optimism!)

Same goes with laughter. There's a saying that 'Laughter is the best medicine' Well, there's a continuation of that part "....but, if you laugh without a reason, you need a medicine" (you know what that meant)

Usually, peoples who laugh a lot in front of others are also the ones who cry a lot when alone. That includes me, some people have told me before, that I kept laughing and the way they said it, seems like they doesn't like the way I laughed.

(Well, I didn't meant to bother them like that though Somehow, it make me feel insecure So I thought, maybe I shall stop laughing in front of others. But, I can't laugh while alone, that would be crazy, you know)

Sleep ~


Sleep ~

Sleep is an essential thing, we really need it at night Not just to get those 'sweet dreams', (which will make us daydreaming afterwards)

It's the time, when we get to rest, after a whole day doing activities that make us feel tired, whatever it is (work,school,sports etc)

Busy work schedules and disorganised time can lead to irregular sleep-pattern That what caused most of us the lack of sleeps. Even short-naps may not be enough to replace the missing sleeps.

Some of us just can't sleep. In other word, suffer with insomnia. Sleep deprivation can causes health problems and can affect our daily life. Such as easily become forgetful, hard to focus and inability to perform certain tasks.

When we don't have enough sleep, or worses, if we don't even sleep at night, we can be too sleepy and drowsy the whole day!
(Can you imagine, to walk weakly like a zombie, then, people point it out and even laughed at you? That's an embarassing thing)

Being an insomniac, I already get used to stay awake the whole night. As even I closed my eyes, the sleep won't 'come' to me So, that's why I don't feel like want to sleep, at times.

Although I do wonder, how it's like, if I can sleep easily, like some peoples? As somehow, the sleepless nights, make me feel so restless and quite lethargic.

I've been having insomnia, for about 8 years, ever since at high-school I'm still trying to cope with my insomnia by trying few random tips on the internet and by few people I know.

I'm sure, some of you might can relate to this. Do anyone have any personal tips that might help? If yes, you can share it in the comment section, at the end of the article.

By the way, what I was trying to say is, sleeps are related to the quality of our life. Because without a proper sleep at night, how are we going to enjoy the day right?

Love ~

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Love ~

Love can't really be defined by words.

It can be shown by expressions of gestures like warm hugs and kisses(or a peck on the cheek), by those happily married couples or during family reunions etc.

There are many types of love in life. Such as motherly love when we are in our mothers wombs, fatherly love when he hold us up as soon as we are born, parental love when they are worried of the safety of their children, our loves towards our parents as we care for them, because they took care of us since we were kids etc.

Love is a feeling that must be felt with the heart.

(although we don't really feel with our heart, as it's an organ But, well, it's a metaphor, I guess)

It is with the feeling of love that make us being caring, as we care about each others well-being. But, at the same time, we have to take care of ourselves too. As self-love is as important as loving other peoples.

There's a saying 'heart wants what it wants'

It's natural to want the ones we love. But, even if we can't be with those who we hold deeply in our heart, just love anyway.(as long as we can stand the pain of one-sided love). Unless, if it's hurt so much, we may have to let go the feeling, no more linger and end the suffer, of being rejected.

Sometimes, our feelings are unreturned by the other person But, it's ok feelings can't be forced. Plus, they take us for granted. Well, that just shows, somehow, efforts doesn't really mean much, in a relationship.

When we are dumped, it's feel like we are dumb. Because we have wasted our time, having a feeling towards someone, who just doesn't feel the same. There's something we can do to cope it.

It's based on a saying by Billy Chapata, "Stop feeding connection that don't feed you. Stop spending so much time filling others, while you starve of love. You are deserving too."

True love is hard to find. While searching for a soulmate, we may ended-up in a relationship with the wrong person. Then, there's breakup and it caused heart-breaks.

But, the heart doesn't really break though It does takes time for the wound of broken-heart to heal.

Love will come at the right time, when we are really ready, not when we're lonely. ~

Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behavior decides who stays in your life.

— Ziad K. Abdelnour

Memories & Dreams ~

Click thumbnail to view full-size

(Good) memories and dreams ~

Good memories shall be perished, as such moments that lived in our 'memoirs' are important parts of life.

But, at the same time, we can't forget bad memories. So, everytime we are stucked with the bad ones, we can still make the good memories.

There's also some things that we wish, can be parts of our memories. But, instead, they just stay in our day-dreams.

Just like bad memories, we also have bad dreams, that haunt us. But, nightmares will gone, as soon as we wake up from the sleep.

While bad memories will still remain, as long as we live. It can't be erased. We can only replace it, temporarily, with good memories, that more worth to be remembered.

Quotes about people ~

Click thumbnail to view full-size

People: Family & Friends (& society) ~

Peoples; especially family and friends play some big roles in our life.

They are important, precious, special and really matters to us, that it feel like we can't live without them.

So, we shall spend more time together with such peoples. As we don't know, how much time left, for us to do so.

Try to avoid conflicts and settle arguements when they arise. We shall 'll ive in harmony; a peaceful life.

Let's practice kindness, spread loves, appreciate the other's peresence and respect each other. So that we can maintain good relationships, not just with the ones we know, also to strangers; with everyone in the society.

The second best ones(maybe 'free',but also very expensive)

* Air

Fresh air might be free now, until it gets polluted. Then, in future, it might be difficult to obtain a clean air of oxygen.

* Time

Time is free but free-time is not so 'free' So, we shall spend time wisely, instead of wasting the time.

* Life

Life itself, might seems 'free' But, we can't just live our life 'freely', as life is very precious. We shouldn't waste our life-time doing things that we will regret later.

Well, we do make mistakes and then we correct it. We do fall into failure then we have to rise-up again. Sometimes, things doesn't go well or not according to our plan, but it's ok. Believe in fate. Have faith.

Life has taught us many lessons to be learned. That's what will make us change, into a better person. So that, in change, we can have a better life. ~

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