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Vacation Destinations That Will Morally Bankrupt You

Updated on June 2, 2017

Disconnected, Tense and Unfulfilled, Seeking Adventure

There are some places in this world we never quite return from. There is no unseeing what you have seen and you will continue to feel sick to your stomach to what you have taken part in or witnessed until you either harden your emotions, go insane with sadness and anger, or you have become so obsessed with shallow, dirty pleasure that you dream of leaving your partner, children and western life behind to retire to this place of corrupt bliss.

Either way, you never really return home. The vacation changed you in very negative ways.

You were not prepared for what you experienced. You had read up on what to expect on the Internet but nothing really prepared you. And now you feel an empty shell of your former self.

You will be living with deep guilt over your actions or your inaction to help the innocent, or you will need to go cold.

And soon you will begin to justify the experiences with a bankrupted logic. You will divorce yourself from reality, believing the outside world is disgusting and hellish, or you will believe hell is your home life, with you desperate to go again.

Here we discover some vacation destinations that may just morally bankrupt you for life.

Lost Vegas...

Las Vegas

Are you going through divorce, preparing for a wedding and planning your bucks night and wanting to let loose? Well, a Las Vegas vacation may be for you. But you can never undo what you have done. Let's begin lightly and then get stuck right in.

  • Gluttony

For those who have never been to Las Vegas, I can tell you now, don't bother getting up before midday. There is very little to do. Day time is the time you realize that you really are in the desert.

All of the fast food restaurants are open and everything is upsized. There is no such thing as being fit in Las Vegas. In fact, going to Las Vegas requires 6 months of solid fitness training beforehand so that you return home no worse that before you began that training.

The buffet food is amazing. Seriously... And it is endless. Just take your plate and keep refilling.

This is the land of muffin top wearing timeshare owners too. These oldies eat, eat and eat. The last time I visited Las Vegas I could not believe how fat these people were, until I tried the buffets. All high sugar, high fat with just a little salad to make you not feel so bad.

Of course, while destroying your health on buffet's, you will be ignoring the plight of the millions of starving children in third world countries, as you leave your plates half full, then grab another plate of the other dish you liked more. Whatever you didn't just goes in the trash.

  • Prostitutes

When you walk around Las Vegas you will see people flicking cards. What I mean is, they will have a card in each hand and flick them together to make this loud sound. These are the sellers. If you want some amazing hotel room sexy time service, approach one of these guys.

But be warned, they will try to scam you. These women are cut throat and many times too exensive. Straight up, I never took up this opportunity, because I spent my money elsewhere, which led to the same kind of fun, which further eroded my faith in humanity.

  • Strip clubs

Overpriced drinks and plastic babes. Many of these women are just plain overweight, probably from the buffet's. And if you turn them down for a lap dance, very soon you will get the unwanted attention of club security. While they start off nicely, and you may want to browse around for a woman that suits your tastes, very soon their impatience will kick in and you could find yourself in a lot of trouble.

If you do choose one of these ladies, expect to be fleeced for anything in your wallet.

  • Gambling

The welcoming lights and sounds of each machine beckoning you to insert your money will trick you into believing you are a winner. If you have not gambled before, beware the first time payout. By giving you an early win, Las Vegas knows you will just 'reinvest' your money back into the machine. Once it has taken its money back, it will play on your conscience to 'invest' more until you are drained of your hard earned cash.

if you are one to sit at the tables, beautiful women will offer you attention, many times hired by the Casino. They are there to make you feel like the man, the king and eventually a pauper.

It is at this time that you come to understand that vegas has no conscience. The entire city is sociopathic. It knows, like a living being, that using its lights, glitz and glamour, just like a venus Fly Trap attracting its prey, it draws you in and then slams shut, digesting you and pushing you out the other end.

But you will have such a great time being eaten alive by this heaven in the desert.

Ukrainian Gold Diggers


Aside from the current political mayhem of Ukraine in 2014, the Ukraine is definitely a place to destroy your moral compass, especially where love is concerned.

  • Gold diggers everywhere

Ukranian women complain that their men are alcoholics and don't know how to be romantic. I suspect that the Ukranian women actually drove all of these men to alcoholism. While the unemployment rate is fairly high, the Ukranian women still seek gold. These hotties will abandon their countrymen in the hope of finding a wealthy westerner.

Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.

If you are a divorced western man looking for new love, you may find a false heaven in the Ukraine. You might even feel as though all your luck has changed. But it hasn't. Don't believe these women genuinely love you. the younger they are, the more mercenary they will be. And if you are a 50-something year old guy, believing that a 22-year-old peroxide blonde stunner is falling for your charm and looks, you are deluding yourself and you deserve what is about to happen.

Within a year of her new visa being approved she will leave you. She may take half of your stuff. And she may be wanting somebody much younger or somebody much richer.

Your faith in love will be ruined in this place.

  • Alcoholism

You will find many drunks in Ukraine. Like I said, there is a reason for that. Many of the street kids make their own alcohol too and sell it to make some money.

  • No real protection for tourists

Don't mess with the locals. In fact, it is better to have local friends to keep an eye out for you. If not, you will pay triple the price for many daily costs, including restaurant prices written in English, tourist attractions and transport.

Don't jump into a taxi unless you have ordered it. It may land you in a country highway alone, without your luggage and passport.

Your faith in common decency and human kindness will be seriously challenged.

A Place called Pattaya


If there was ever a haven for the western man, Thailand is it. Once a man has discovered what is available to him in this dirty paradise, he may leave his wife and children behind to pursue his dream of returning to Thailand permanently.

Ladies, don't for a second believe your ex-husband will be lonely in his twilight years if he has been to Thailand even once. While you may be lamenting on those good years, regretting the separation, your ex has really discovered his happiness and he will NEVER return.

  • Girlfriend Experiences

You may understand how prostitutes work in a western country. You pay for an hour and get an hour. It may set you back $200 just for one hour.

In Thailand, there is what is known as a 'Girlfriend Experience'. Because many Thai women wish to meet and marry a 'Farang', many of these beautiful women will offer western men a girlfriend experience. A man will truly feel as though he is in a new relationship. He will see no difference except that these women are much fitter, feminine, more loving and seemingly more selfless than their western counterparts.

His belief is, "You pay anyway. I lost almost everything in my divorce that I had worked for all my life. She got the lot. My ex was the most expensive hooker in the world! Plus I pay for dates in the west with no guarantees. Here, everything is guaranteed, abundant, beautiful and includes the illusion of love minus any nagging whatsoever."

In the land of smiles you will come to believe that love really is an illusion and this will make a man become very shallow indeed, once he realizes what is really going on. But once he does realize, he will still never want to leave because he is actually getting all that he wants and his emotions fulfilled, cheaply and on a daily basis.

  • Happy ending massage

Sore neck, sore back? Sure! A good rub out will cure everything. No matter where you go in Thailand, there is a way to ease the tension of sore shoulder muscles with a full body, oil massage with an offer of extra at the end.

The reason why this will morally bankrupt you is because when you are back in the west, you will become quite annoyed that your legitimate massuese is not offering to finish off the work at the end. In fact, you will think they are rip off merchants as you pay twice the price for half as much.

Also, many men report the need to take off all of their clothes when getting a legitimate massage by their physio, freaking that physio out.

  • Fake brands

A name means nothing anymore with such good rip offs you could not tell the original from the fake, especially where watches are concerned. By the time you buy a $100 Rolex, you will begin to feel ripped off from that $4000 one you were considering buying in the west.

It begs the question, who is ripping who off? The replica sales man, or the genuine maker, who probably had the parts made in China anyway?

Trash in the Philippines


By the time you leave the Philppines, your faith in humanity will be seriously questioned.

This place has been scorned with rampant homelessness, child prostitution, crime and murder.

Because of the heavy emphasis on catholicism, people are discouraged from using protection. As a result, many women give birth to multiple children who are then abandoned to fend for themselves on the street.

As you walk around with your expensive smartphone, Nikon camera, big beef Taco in one hand and a map in the other, figuring out how you will spend the few thousand dollars you put aside for this trip, you will be morally questioned about whether or not you give all of your money away.

But by the time you leave, you will feel hassled and angry that so many people had the gaul to be so pushy about you giving them money. What right do they have to be so rude?!

Your patience will wear thin and your compassion will turn to disgust at their behaviour. Your empathy will turn to questions of, "Why can't they just get a job? Why can't they just use a condom? There are too many people on the planet anyway."

Some dirty old men have become so morally bankrupt that they will justify their hiring of Philippino prostitutes of questonable ages by saying, "Well, I am helping their economy. They need this money. I am helping them."

You will most likely leave the Philippines with a lot less of your humanity than before you arrived. You will probably be so morally bankrupt by how common homelessness and starvation is, that when you see a homeless person in your own country you will think they have it pretty good. You certainly won't be giving any more of your hard earned money.

Finally, the amount of trash in this country will make you sick. No wonder the oceans are becoming so filthy. You will come to believe that the Philppines is responsible for all of the ocean life eating all of those plastic bags.

Sociopathic Love in Africa


There is not much on this continent that will ever give you any hope.

The only reason you will come here is to help out as a doctor, a missionary, to see what is left of the natural wildlife, or you will be some sick trophy hunter.

Racism runs rampant in Africa with whites still believing they are superior and black tribes killing each other. Excuse the pun but it is pretty black and white here.

As you notice how one woman will give birth to twelve children you will understand that your small sponsorship of one child will only go to help breed another 12 children who will just starve to death and you will want to cancel those payments.

  • Trophy Hunting

These corrupt nations on this continent will allow you to shoot anything for a price.

The Internet is now scorched with images of children holding rifles, smiling and sitting next to a dead elephant or lion they just shot.

In Africa they even breed lions in captivity and then put the docile lion into a pen just so you can shoot it dead, for a price of course.

Death, destruction, disease and the very little conservatism in this land will make you feel helpless.

The fact that you want to hunt for big game is bad enough. But once you have done it and brought down a big bull elephant, your soul will be lost. Some hunters even justify that they are helping to conserve the environment, when all they are doing is fulfilling their sociopathic bloodlust.

This place will leave you morally bankrupt as you come away believing you can take any life you want, for a price. Life will forever have a dollar value attached to it and will mean much less to you than it did before. And to these people, it is all in a days work. All common. Another day, another dollar.

There are no animal cruelty laws in China


You may have on your bucket list to walk the Great Wall of China.

Well, to break up the monotony of such a walk, the Chinese have seen fit to dig a huge pit and dump some black bears into it that you can throw food scraps at. These hungry, lonely bears live on concrete, have no shade, no play equipment and zero way to escape.

You will be made to buy some food from a vendor that is used to feed these abused bears. You will feel so totally helpless that you will believe the only way to help is to feed the starving bears.

China has no actual animal cruelty laws. So if you buy any clothing there, it will most likely contain rabbit fur that has been pulled from a live, screaming rabbit, or a dog that was skinned alive and then beaten to death.

There are no limits to Chinese animal cruelty and you will seriously question the value of life.

If you stay long enough, you may begin throwing your garbage on the street for lack of bins. You will come to respect the environment even less as the pollution shoots through the roof.

Aside from the very rude people, born into a world of a one child policy where that one child is completely spoiled, while others work to death in factories, you will feel you are doing the right thing by buying the fake rip off brands they are churning out.

If the rip off brands, the rude people or pollution don't wreck you, the rampant animal cruelty will leave you feeling empty and powerless. It is here you will understand that ignorance is bliss because there is NOTHING you can actually do to stop the torture and will go crazy thinking about it. You will try to put it behind you, knowing that ignorance really is bliss.


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    • Matt Jordan III profile image

      Matt Jordan 

      4 years ago from Gulf Coast

      Most of me wants to express shock at the truths you lay bare. Good job. The rest of me wants to say...well, thanks for the info on Thailand anyway.


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