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Better the Devil you know ..or Don't!

Updated on March 4, 2016
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An author who believes in freedom of speech and being opinionated. A great gift is having a will and the courage to enact.

Better The Devil You Know (Or Don't)

Better the Devil You Know (Or Don’t)

There are many times in life when things as they say, go right, swimmingly, according to plan, as anticipated, correctly, etc! Bringing the feelings of Happiness, Elation, Joy, Fulfilment, and so on, but there are also times when things go ‘Pear-shaped’ for these examples mentioned, Wrong, Badly, Unexpectedly, Sadly, Unplanned, and thus causing, Unhappiness, Pain, Hurt, Grief, Anger, and it’s at these times, that we can learn about ourselves, and indeed others, during these adverse moments.Yes, as acclaimed, ‘It’s Life’ and we have to deal with it. That’s correct, of course it is, but has anybody ever sat down and really thought about this life when sometimes the things that do go wrong? Go wrong, and go wrong for certain reasons?

The passing of loved ones, through illness, old age, accidents, suicide, murder, whatever, is for most, if not all, painful and grief. Everyone who has ever lived on this earth at an age of awareness has experienced some of the events mentioned, at some point in their lives.But there are times when things go wrong for reasons of a different kind, read on and I’ll explain…

Devil is in the detail

Devil is in the detail

This saying can be attributed to times when the correct way of doing things has been ’overlooked’ in favour of more risky options, wherein the risk taker has been caught out and has lived to regret the actions taken, as per examples below;

Businesses who have cut corners in setting up systems for Trade and Taxation (for avoidance) and even (self employed) everyday people on the street, avoiding tax declarations, thus getting caught in the longer term, for non payment. In the end paying the ultimate price! Then there are people caught ‘Handling Stolen Goods’ where stolen goods have been traced and recovered by the Police/ Law Enforcement Agencies, which were not stolen by the ’Handlers’ but the original thief, and the ‘Handlers’ having refused to disclose them persons, have paid the ultimate price! People in some cases, have had affairs of the heart. Behind the backs of their partners, or loved ones, and in due course, have come a ‘Cropper’ (disastrous failure) and have been found out. In most of these situations, it’s always inevitable that mistakes are made under the mounting pressure of the deceit. This is the time of hurt and pain to either of the persons, or even both in some events, if it is the case that both are ‘playing away’. Often, if children are involved, then the arguments and tensions create break ups that normally follow such behaviour, it makes it all the more harder to endure. This is also seen as the ultimate price to pay, and unfortunately the payees are the cheats, and inadvertently, the children also, in the loss of a loving and stable family unit, (which has been scientifically proven) to be crucial to their welfare.

Devil's Advocate

Devil's Advocate

This saying, as heard many times before, is an awkward one to fully explain, where a description can be easily understood by the majority. Devils advocate can be seen as an argument or debate, between two parties to ascertain the truth. Each side’s statement of what they believe to be as pure facts. It is then, that each side will seek weaknesses and flaws in their opponents views and testimonies, by the way of agreeing to certain aspects (knowingly that they really disagree) as to determine their own views, on the trust of their opponent, and then seeking to justify their belief that their opponent is untrustworthy. A game of cat and mouse where one will act as in agreement of one who is after all, trustworthy and true, and the other one who is untrustworthy and false, both will then have an objective to win the argument in whatever way possible. Originally, the devil's advocate (Latin, Advocatus Diaboli) was a canon lawyer assigned by the Roman Catholic Church, the office was established in 1587 during the reign of Pope Sixtus V, to argue against canonization (The chief step to sainthood) specifically to avoid having petty or unworthy people as saints, beatified.The Devil's advocate opposed God's advocate (Latin: Advocatus Dei;) also known as the Promoter of the Cause), whose task was to make the argument in favor of canonization. During the investigation of a cause, this task is now performed by the Promoter of Justice (Promotor Iustitiae), who is in charge of examining the accuracy of the inquiry on the saintliness of the candidate. The Promoter of the Faith remains a figure in the Congregation of the Causes of Saints and is also known as the Prelate Theologian.

Speak of the Devil!

Speak of the Devil!

Could it be understood as a reference to someone who appears unexpectedly while being talked about?

This phrase is used to acknowledge the coincidence of someone arriving at a scene just at the time that they are being talked about. Clearly, nothing sinister is implied by this and it is just a jokey way of referring to the person's appearance. In fact, many people using the phrase might not be aware that, prior to the 20th century, the term wasn't meant lightheartedly at all. The full form goes like this - "speak of the Devil and he will appear". The phrase originated in England, where it was, and still is, more often given as 'talk of the Devil'. The phrase is old and appears in various Latin and Old English texts from the 16th century. The Italian writer Giovanni Torriano has the first recorded version in contemporary English, in Piazza Universale, 1666: "The English say, Talk of the Devil, and he's presently at your elbow." Also, in 'Cataplus, a mock Poem', 1672 - re-printed in Hazlitt's Proverbs "Talk of the Devil, and see his horns." These both imply that the term was widely known by the mid-17th century. It enshrined the superstitious belief that it was dangerous to mention the Devil by name. This prohibition was strong, like the prohibition on speaking the name of God. The numerous synonyms for the Devil - Old Nick, Prince of Darkness, and The Horned One etc. are no doubt a consequence of this. People may not have believed that the mention of the Devil would cause him to actually appear. Nevertheless, an open reference to the Devil or the occult was considered, at the very least, unlucky and best avoided ' “Talk of the devil and he is bound to appear" contains a very needful warning against curiosity about evil. This belief was reinforced by the clergy. Richard Chenevix Trench, Dean of Westminster, 1856-63, wrote the above sentence! The original phrase began to lose its power during the 19th century. By then it began to appear as a homily warning against eavesdropping, as here from the Stevens Point Journal, Wisconsin, February 1892: "No good of himself does a listener hear, Speak of the devil he's sure to appear"

So all in all be Warned!

Let the Devil take the hindmost!

Let the Devil take the hindmost!

This can be interpreted as ‘Something that you say to mean that you should only think about yourself and your own success and not care about other people’ This I suppose, would be very prevalent in people self driven for success in numerous things, such as business, money, wealth, careers, power, and yet it could be assumed, doubtless to say, that this wouldn’t be a good fit in the subject of love and happiness! However, it’s also true that there are many millions of ‘Singletons’ in this world who are happy and contented as being single and unattached, and they could, and should be excused of such an interpretation of selfishness in the sense of the word. One could, for instance, take the Parable of the ‘Rich Fool’ Luke 12 v 13-21 as told by Jesus in the New Testament as a perfect example of what consequences that could follow such course of action. I myself believe this to be a pretty good explanation of how to interpret a warning, and act on the advice given. I also believe that there are times in life that being a little ‘Selfish’ can be forgiven for example; when people who have worked hard all their lives, for their spouses and siblings, can be afforded a little recuperation time to rest and recharge their batteries. This in my opinion is acceptable, if not necessary, where the overall meaning of such a proverb “Goes out of the window” and no further action is required. I think the good Lord knows each and every time, when such actions of selfishness are apparent.

Devil may care!

Devil may care!

This saying turns up as an example of persons who have an attitude which can be seen as reckless, nonchalant, carefree, and even ignorant of life and its associated responsibilities. Of course it can also be assumed by many that the people of whom such an attitude prevails, “It’s the way they are made” or “It’s their Personality and not everyone’s cup of tea”! I suppose it is true there are many people in existence today who fall into this category, known and unbeknown to themselves’ I mean can anyone really look at themselves unbiased? There may have been a point in one’s life where this attitude has manifested itself through one, or a series of events, as it’s highly unlikely that such an attitude can be deemed as genetically made-up!. Can this be forgiven? Or indeed accepted? As normal and ordinary? On the first point, I think it can however, to points two and three, I don’t think they can, as will be revealed later on in this book. A few things I would like to add is that me personally, in a matter of speaking, think it’s a brave way to live life, but also a scary one. For the latter, let me explain what the scary aspect to me is, it is in my belief, going through life in such a manner has expensive costs, one that no-one on this plant can afford, irrespective of disposable wealth. We are here for a relatively short time. We were all given on entrance to this world, a value and currency to spend as WE see fit, I will repeat that, as WE see fit! That value and currency differs greatly, however it still all adds up in the end as you will understand later on in this blog.

Idle hands are the Devil's handiwork!

Idle hands are the Devil's handiwork!

Something that you say which means people who have no work or activity are more likely to do things they should not do, such as commit crimes and mischief. And that can be times where people who have nothing to do to challenge them selves, whether it’s a project, or a task, or even a duty, fall into the trap of being deemed ‘Idle’ and a slave to the Devil. When opportunities that free time can sometimes bring, depending on the persons and circumstances, can range from stealing cars, burglary, shoplifting, fraudulent activities, assault, growing illegal drugs, selling illegal drugs, watching pornography, selling pornography, selling illegal tobacco and alcohol, smuggling, the list can go on. As I did say earlier in the paragraph, depending on the person(s) and circumstances, would determine the level of the crime committed, and its severity. In my opinion, it is determined by the personality and resistive strength of the people concerned, as to what work their idle hands would engage them. One thing is certain, in the lists of crimes mentioned, is that all are crimes and therefore sins, irrespective of their classification. And as in later in this book, there will also be an explanation as to why as usual, a price may have to be paid, and that too could be an ultimate price.

If you lie down with the Devil, you will wake up in hell!

If you lie down with the Devil, you will wake up in hell!

I would ascertain this saying to mean if you indulge in the forbidden pleasures of the flesh, then that’s where you’ll end up ultimately, unless of course you come to repentance, and correct the error of your ways. I would have thought the correct meaning of this statement, would mean FORNICATION. I myself, don’t like the word and I am in truth scared of the word, don’t ask me why? I feel it has a strong and very coarse meaning, and one to avoid. In other words it’s certainly one thing you don’t need to be saddled with when your time comes to meet your maker.Some people would say that the word fornication is harsh and un-called for, as we humans have human instincts and it’s only being human. I know that in certain scriptures, in certain religions on this matter, there are conflicting views as to what’s right and wrong, and what’s acceptable, and what’s not acceptable. The sense of wrong doing in my opinion is manifested in the guilt and sense of shame within the person(s), post event. The scary thing I find is that there are people who don’t even think about it, as to whether it’s right or not. It’s that simple, it’s a choice made at that time. Can I add that there are billions of people in this world right now, guilty of this act, either presently, or have been in the past, myself included! And will be for the future also, whether known or unbeknown by themselves. Prostitution, Extra Marital Affairs, Rapists, and Abusers, and in certain religions, unmarried persons indulging in such, as deemed to be FORNICATION. A prostitute can be purchased for an agreed sum between the parties concerned, that’s true, but there is another price to pay which can be far more than either envisage, or even care to think about.

As previously been stated before, more on this subject will be addressed later in this blog.

Between the Devil and the deep blue sea!

Between the Devil and the deep blue sea!

This saying was originally 'Between the Devil and the deep sea'. The sea turned blue much later and the phrase became well-known via the title of a popular song, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.
CANOE, the Committee to Ascribe a Nautical Origin to Everything, would have us believe that it has a nautical origin (well, they would wouldn't they?). In a book, 'When a loose cannon flogs a dead horse there's the Devil to pay', The Authoress Olivia Isil attributes a nautical origin to the phrase, set against that, there's the explanation that this is from the usual meaning of Devil, i.e. the supreme spirit of evil. If it's that Devil we are talking about then the origin is straightforward - the Devil is bad and falling in the deep sea is bad, so when caught between the two we would be in difficulty. People who like that explanation can point back to Greek mythology for an earlier version of the idea of being caught between evil and the sea. Homer's Odyssey refers to Odysseus being caught between Scylla (a six-headed monster) and Charybdis (a whirlpool). I suppose you could also refer such a saying to be when someone is caught in two dangerous situations, and are offered a choice, or a chance of a lesser price to pay, at the time. Of course, the situation at that moment can vary from anything that this life throws up, whether self invited or not, and if also, one believes in such things as universal intervention by the way of one’s thought processes, in bringing such things to one’s self, through doubt and worry. This to me is like another saying, the ‘Lesser of two evil’s’ where the outcome is different in one aspect, but there’s still some price to pay also. And again that price can vary from small to the ultimate!

“Does the Devil really exist”?

"Does the Devil really exist”?

I suppose the question arises time and time again, “Does the Devil really exist”? Well I have also thought this too and after some of my own questioning and research, reading etc, I came to the conclusion is that YES he does and must exist. Simply if you look at these words in vocabularies, Plus and Minus, Positive and Negative, Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, Good and Evil to me they define opposites. Now I am not even going to say that removing a letter “o” from the word good, leaves “God” and adding a “d” to evil gives you “Devil” has anything to do with it, even though you could envisage nothing but coincidence, what I am saying and as to why I believe that the Devil exists is simply this. Scientists have for a long time, have advocated that the universe was the creation of a theoretical “Big Bang” but what they CANNOT disprove is that a “Supreme Being” or “God” was indeed the creator of such a unique eco system. I cannot however, plug the names of a few very interesting books that I have read on the subject of the universe, but would like to point you in the way of such a subject, as it is in my opinion, very extremely related, and thought provoking. For example, as is written in one of the books (unnamed) you can get a large scrap yard of cars and vehicles, machinery etc, in fact make it six scrap-yards of equal size, with the equivocal amount of scrap metals, then send a tornado or hurricane through it and when it has passed through, you would be left with a “Perfectly working Boeing 747” that is the chances of the “Big Bang” being correct! There are pointers to the ‘current’ layout of the planets in our solar system, being “Out of sync” or misaligned, on purpose to enable us humans to reach out and discover the facts behind these arrangements. I must admit, that after reading such articles, my overall perception of God has changed, but for the better and not the adverse. Scientists say we are all made of a universal substance, which can be found in the far reaches of our Galaxy (One of endless Galaxies) that substance being Carbon. The strange thing that cannot be found, other than here on Earth is DNA the building blocks of life as they address it. Hey I am no scientist, but to me it ‘Blows’ that big bang theory right out of the window. The other thing that is intrinsically amazing is that the balance of nature is harmonized by a “Special Relationship” between the Earth Sun and the Moon. I found some of the evidence really mind boggling to an extent, but also it came across as very clever and precise. For example, it had been revealed to me as a reader, that this planet of ours the Earth, is a well of unending resources, food, water, fuel reserves, precious metals, minerals you name it or want it, it is there. Now that will come to a lot of people as being nonsense, its not nonsense at all, the nonsense is the information given out by Governments of Nations, to frighten and scare people into thinking the resources are running out “Global warming” “Carbon emissions” “Greenhouse gases” etc all nonsense. What is really happening is this! There is a monumental imbalance of the world’s resources, and greedy people in power, who have these things in abundance. The majority of the population, or the poorer nations’ have very little, a breeding ground for greed, contempt, hatred, injustice, war, perfect scenarios for the Devil to get his oars in. The planet, as I see it is doing what it’s done periodically, since it was created, “cleansing itself”.

It can be researched online if the reader wants to indulge in a little searching themselves. I find it very beneficial to one’s own perceptions of life and the way things work in a sense of perspective.

In a nutshell, if as I perceive, the evidence that God does exist, then his adversary the Devil also exists. I will also take Jesus’ word for it, as he does mention the Devil a few times in the Bible, as also he was tempted by the Devil in the desert for 40 days. May I also mention that we as people are also tempted by the Devil and his advocates, every second of every minute, of every day of our lives’ it is how we handle them temptations that matters. Both God and the Devil know our own strengths and indeed weaknesses. We are of great value in the eyes of God and to some extent the Devil’s but not for the good on his behalf.

It is rather whom, and what, we value as most important in our own eyes that matters. We have a simple choice!

What is the ultimate price to pay?

What is the ultimate price to pay?

I did mention earlier in this blog in previous chapters, about the ultimate price and what it could and would entail.

If I compiled a list as I have done here would you know what it was without thinking a lot?

1. Pride

2. Greed

3. Envy

4. Anger

5. Lust

6. Gluttony

7. Sloth

Of course you do! It’s the Seven Deadly sins list. And I won’t go into it in detail as there is no point, you as the reader could no doubt research it online if you want or feel the need to. What I will say though, is that even just looking at one of two of these in the list brings to mind, what I said earlier about the overall imbalance of the natural and abundant resources this world has, not for the benefit of most, but rather the few, and the troubles it brings when such injustices prevail. Enough said on that!

What I will say is that back on the ultimate price subject, is that all the pointers in this book of how people are living and have indeed lived their life, but are no longer here (deceased) is that, unless when we as people have done a wrong, no matter how small that wrong is, and we are obviously aware of that wrong, then that is a good thing to be aware of a wrong doing. It is good because then we can go, and put that wrong right, if a person is ill they’ll go to, or if unable to, go to a doctor. He would then be in attendance to cure their ills. So it’s the same thing only in this case, God is in effect a “Soul Doctor” and he will cure that stain of sin on that soul, but here is the crux! The person seeking the cure of absolution has two things to consider! Firstly they have to submit freely, and willingly, to God by being contrite of heart, and open and honest to Gods loving mercy. Secondly, by truly repenting of their sins, they have to believe in Gods mercy and not get trapped in their guilt of previous sins, and to strive to being a better person for it, and to try in the future of things to be better in all aspects of their lives. I see that word in the verb sense turned up again? REPENT a key word in the existence of the human race and not mankind as for what may have been the selective word in the past. I have not in any way, tried to enforce my beliefs on anyone, by my statements in this book, but rather make people aware of in my opinions, the choices we make. I could go on and on and on with endless drivel, but thanks to the internet I don’t have to. I hope to have done one thing though, and that’s make the reader think more, and maybe wonder more of what lies ahead for us all, but them in particular.

Me, I look at it this way, but hopefully not in the wrong context. I look at having a faith in a God, my God, as a kind of Insurance Policy, but not an Insurance Policy, where it’s open to fraudulent abuse. Let me explain that in better detail, the fraudulent abuse, I would describe as being what I have said all along throughout this blog, the wrong doing, the sinning, the abusing of Gods principles and of his love, forgiveness, and graces. That would constitute having a policy, but where you are not adhering to its terms and conditions. On the other hand, where you are contrite, endeavour to change your ways, to be a better person, and to be good to others, better in your thoughts and actions, then that’s a Policy worth having and when the appointed time comes to make a claim, it pays out, and settles your claim in the best possible way. I am in no way having a go or patronising anyone, or I hope even God himself, I am just trying to explain as how I see having a faith in God works for me, and how I see it. In reality though, I personally, never ever see myself as worthy of his love and mercy, but I know that it is in abundance, as well as unconditional, and that’s the great thing about it, very reassuring.

I know that there are lots of things going on in this world at present that are wrong and seemingly unjustified there is no doubt about it. There are also a lot of good things that go on in this world that are unknown and don’t get the headlines, that the bad things get. We can all make the world a better place from within ourselves, and reaching out to others in need, less fortunate than ourselves. If and when we do these things, we are building up our own credibility before God himself as he teaches us to do such things. I relate to such a simple thing is that, God lets the sun shine on the righteous and the unrighteous, if he can do it then why can’t we? In other words, reach out to all, good and bad, learn to forgive and just try and do your best, simple things what will go a long, long way. Look after the elderly in your surroundings, respect your parents regardless of any past or current adverse events, look after your siblings, respect and be kind to others. On the parent issue, Jesus said “They who respect and look after their parents, it will serve as a repartition for their own sins”! Resist revenge, and you will be heaping coals on your aggressors head! I think by now you will have got the gist of things.I couldn’t really begin to think of what damnation could be like, I suppose no one can, but I bet its not going to be nice at all. The most frightening thing is the fact that it would be for all eternity, no release from the pain and torture God has set for all the ones not found in the “Book of Life” as mentioned in the Book of Revelations of the New Testament. Then again I can see why and understand why that is, Jesus Christ himself, suffered all the pain and anxieties for every sin of humankind, and he was descended into hell itself for three days. Wow! Unbelievable sacrifice he did for us all. I have however, watched from time to time on a famous website, excerpts from people who have died and came back to reveal frightening events that await, poor unfortunate and unrepenting souls. I will say two thing on this…very thought provoking to say the least, secondly God loves those who have faith and revere him, so its not all gloom and doom, have FAITH!

To all the readers of this blog, you will be in my prayers and that you find love, peace, and solace in your life and that if not already, God will find you in your life, through the works and actions of others.

May Glory, Honour, and Praise be to the Holy & One True God, Creator of the Universe For Ever and Ever…Amen

May God Bless You and Your Loved Ones always and keep you safe.

© 2016 Mr Anonymous


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