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Beyond Illusion

Updated on January 7, 2012
Eventually people see what they need to know. Jennifer Lynch
Eventually people see what they need to know. Jennifer Lynch | Source

We are living in a time where our perceptions of things are vastly changing. What may have been the concrete building blocks of what you considered to be "your existence" are suddenly thrown into question. What keeps us believing certain things? Are we ever going to wake up and see the bigger picture? The media has a large part to play in what we digest and how we are influenced through, dramas, fashion, advertising, news and on and on the list is endless. Think how influenced we are by sound and colour, noise, words, tones, frequencies. I once had a discussion with a friend who said to me that "culture was going along like a wave but none of it was real." I was completely perplexed by this thinking. But it is real! It is still a part of what is going on in Society. It didn't occur to me for one minute that things may be created not for our benefit as human beings but rather they may be created as part of an agenda of change which may have been planned for many years. Perhaps even wars are created for this reason. Everything being lined up for the period of time we are in. The changes being implemented silently and sometimes secretly over many years so that eventually we can be a united world with a one world government and one currency, united under who and by what rules? Isn't that a kind of dictatorship but a global one? Or will it make little difference in a world of illusion where we imagine we have power and control but when it comes down to it, we suddenly realise that we are bound tightly in red tape and our freedoms are something talked about rather than actualised. Freedom exists within. We can be completely free if we shift our perspective and re-connect to our personal power which can be about not even leaving your chair but accessing a much vaster part of you which connects you to all that is - rather than all that isn't! Simple as that. To imagine that freedom is outside of you. is akin to a false prophecy. It has to start with us as an individual. Freedom is our birthright yet it is our responsibility.

What about this "agenda of change". It could be pushing us towards a model society - an idea, a utopia or idealism where we are all players in a game. A game we did not chose, or did we? Are we ever allowed to see what this game is about, who the big players are and where we fit into this vision. Certainly during last year with uprisings in so many countries, we are beginning to understand that the world of money is being controlled not by the majority but rather a strong minority of global elitists or banking families. The rulers of the world!

It is clearly our choice now to understand the energy dynamics of this situation or stay where we are within a third dimension reality, a shoe which has become worn and beaten and which we really outgrew many years ago.

All matter is vibration. The ancient civilisations knew this and many of their practices are popular today one being meditation. The answer to us breaking through illusion is not to go outside of who we are and demand answers to questions. The answer is to connection to our inner power. Our power can be so easily accessed but it involves us being consciously aware and not in illusion. Once we are full conscious our former illusions in the way of idols, and false prophets begin to drop away akin to the perfect strike by a bowling ball. Once you are centered in who you are you energy is magnified to such a degree that anything which no longer fits with your current vibrations will just fall away - skittles may fly everywhere, in all directions but one thing is for sure, you will not be running to set them up again. There will be no need. You will chose what you want to be part of. You will create your own stage. You will be a co-creator rather than a powerless inidividual groping around in the dark using the latest episode of your favourite soap as your guiding light!

The energy is through the breath - the NOW moment. Slow down be present. Place your feet firmly on the ground and just for a few minutes two or three times a day take some long deep breaths and ask to be present and here now. It helps to say "everything in my life is here now". Nothing is real from the past, nor is the future real but we spend our lives projecting self made senarios about what if, rather that feeling the "is or now" of our existence. Listen to the sound nearest you, listen to the sound furthest away. Go inside your body, visually imagine seeing your lungs filling up with air and emptying again. This is the breath of life. This is our human spirit our essence, our being. Once we start to do this on a regular basis, we will no longer feel hooked into control dramas. We will not give our power away to an ideal which no longer serves us. We will not feel that we are just a pawn in a game of life which we have no part. We chose to be here now. Not only did we chose to be here now but we chose to be here at a very important time in Earth's evolution.

Many people say that we are now evolving to our next phase. We are increasing our own vibration at such a rate that we are activating our light bodies. Our light bodies are our soul of existence before the separation began. This gives us access to everything that has gone before our soul memories. While the earthings still had so much to experience and learn we may have made a contract that we would live within the realms of the third dimension so that we could grow and experience. This was not just for our learning, but it was also for others learning as well. We may have been engineered for this purpose, who knows? But now it is time to reclaim who we are on all levels. Part of this as explained about involves seeing things for the way they really are. Dorothy has gone along her path and wow what a journey it was but she is about to embark on the most shocking revelation of all, who is the wizard? Just who has been controlling her world and pulling her strings? Who is this power which has been guiding her and giving her the roles which she chose to live out sometimes to her gain and sometimes to her detriment. Who is behind the curtain? Who or what what is lurking and does she really need to keep digging down rabbit holes in order to find out?

Personally I believe that by raising our vibrations through meditation we are stepping into a greater sense of reality where the illusions will just fall away. Is it up to each of us to give them a push. Well, that is up to each one of us as individuals to make these choices but one thing is for sure, there are going to be a lot of surprises in store for us in the coming months. We may gasp and say "you have got to be kidding!". Stay grounded and rooted now because the stronger connection we have with the earth the more we meditate, use or breath to control our emotions the greater our discernment about all the information flying our way. It will be a far less bumpy ride. Humpty Dumpty may well fall off the wall but by the time he shatters, some of us who chose the path of light and spirituality may find that it makes very little impact, while others, will still be running to buy the last pair of size 5 shoes in red!


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    • Universal Laws profile image

      Linda Joslin 

      7 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Great article. Thanks for sharing this. Namaste Linda


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